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  1. To be fair, the 993 is not a modern porsche as it's the last of the air cooled one's and before the 996 cars (do you know you could buy two '99 996 cars for the price of one '98 993? Such is the love for those first water cooled cars). That said, i am a full of crap, but i won't hold myself or be forced to stand by anything i have said or done, life is very stress free and easy that way. Once you have tried sausage there's no going back.
  2. I loved that car, a real classic car again, just like my G-esprit. I was prepared to do the right work on it, bodywise, and had the quotes together from the best Porsche people for the neccesary work (wings, bumpers, inner sills, kidney bowls, glass out, strip to shell, respray etc). VERY labour heavy work (five figures labour) and i was absolutely not doing it myself It would have come back to me mint, and i had agreed insurance ready at £26,000, the restored 3.2's are actually selling at that. Thing is, it would have been show quality and only worth top money kept that way. I would have been afraid to take it out and thrash it about. And i did not want to keep it and have a 'needy' car. I enjoyed my time with it and had some great drives so i can tick it of the 'owned' list as a good experience. This tight and superb 993 cost me less than i'd have spent just on the work on the older car. Just been out in it again, feels like i could floor it into doing wheelies, power delivery is incredible and yet high up the 'box i can get 100mph at under 3000 revs - top cruising! I truely understand what it's all about, now. Obviously like everything else i say, that means bugger all.
  3. Christ how right are you!!! This car i amazing. The very last of the air cooled cars, 3.6 and 6 speed, the nicest gearbox i've ever had and cracking power delivery. It would be nice if i could afford to own more than one car but i can't. Truely the bestest thing i've done for years is go to the sportscar sweetshop, not do the same again, and try another flavour. I have suprised myself. 993 owner. Thank f**** grandma is not alive to see it.
  4. Another 'state of the country thread' with the same people, all hopping over from another 6 pager thread of multiple paragraph posts of putting the world to rights and bickering, always the same gang, drifting from thread to thread and posting hourly to the point that "If you don't like it, don't read it" essentially means - i'd need to avoid the whole forum! You have killed it for me by turning general chat into a sad social club. Click back to the first page of general chat and now look at it today, look what you have done, who would desire to log on and read this stuff, why would anyone want to? it's only you same guys that reply to it. Maybe you have no-one outside the internet that wants to hear it hence it's here in such abundance? All i know is it's better not logging on now - because of you. My first log on for days/weeks and i'm off for ages again. You have sucked the fun and interest out of it for me almost totally. You guys have a HUGE part in me not being here so often over the past year or so, and therefore, by making ownership less appealing and less important you all equally have a part in me not having a lotus anymore. Tough but that really is the truth of it for me, well done.
  5. Paul C

    London Riots

    We were in brixton last night, the academy cleared out to the tube ok, tons of riot vans before the gig so was not sure what we'd be coming out to... Turns out only the folk that stayed for the aftershow party hit trouble with one guy kicked to the floor and his knee busted. The trick to rioting is to be with me and vic, we avoided Brixton by minutes and passed through oxford circus just as the first sportshop was being smashed into. ) Parts of london are such shithole no go's that i'm constantly suprised the people boxed in to fail, f**k, breed, fight and fester in such places are not always in a state of riot, i'd be, i mean if you are not worth jack sh1t without the trainers that you don't have jack sh1t to buy then why not smash a window you don't care jack sh1t about and just grab em? It's that or spend the eveninng hanging round doing jack sh1t again after all. Over and over Like i say, it's odd to me there are not more riots more often.
  6. First band i saw live, Wembley Arena, December 1988 on the 'Seventh Tour'. I love the first seven albums, they were huge to me when i was at school. Had i been dumb enough to get tattooed in my teens then i'd be covered in maiden stuff. Not a fan of the stuff they did after seventh son, so REALLY kicked myself not keeping up to date with what was going on and missing them in '09 when they played the '85 world slavery tour set.
  7. Not coming now. was never coming up for the show (been doing that since 1999 and have seen it plenty) but we planned to just come up for the meal, drinks, see you guys, some drinks, banter, breakie and home. We love weekends away (was at Bib's this weekend (lovely meal Laura), and we are in London all next weekend) but Vicki can't make donington now so i'll keep the £150+ petrol and hotel and chuck it away it on another weekend doing something we both can do. Cancelled the room so if it was 'full' on the lotus allocation there is a free double now. Enjoy the show guys. 1 & 2. Bibs & Laura (2 x meals) 3 & 4 Bryan & Sharon Barker. (2 x meals) 6 joaovc (1x meal) 7 & 8 Paul & Sarah (2 x meals) 9 & 10 Dave & Ann (2 x meals) 11 Yasuo (1 x meals) 12 & 13 Sissi & Jukka (2x meals) 14 & 15 Alan & Evi (2 x meals) Hotel Sat night only 16 Martyn (2 x meals) 17 Victor Hollnagel (1 x meal) 18 & 19 Barrie & Emma (2x Meals) 20 David Wiltshire (2 meals pre booked with room Friday and Saturday) 21 David Darling (1x meal) 22 Andrew Laing (1x meal) 23 Alan Ferguson (1x meal) 24 & 25 Alan & John (2 meals for Saturday evening) 26 & 27 Bob and Janet Dickson for the meal on Saturday (not staying in hotel) 28 Ronald Ringma (1x meal, not staying in hotel)
  8. Your view. it's just an expression of your view, not 'the view'. The world of safe role models for your kids will never exist, it's sad, but they will have to work it out for themselves like everyone else, and in doing so choose the odd wrong role model like we all do. As you rightly point out, there will be a time when you are not there to tell them how the world is. Have you never taken amphetamines and danced the night away hours after your body would have otherwise given up? Ever spent a wet November in wales camping with what have become lifelong friends, pissing yourself laughing on freshly picked magic mushrooms? Ever got lost in a warehouse rave ripped to the tits on acid and unable to find your friends, terrified!? Ever crashed out stoned on the festival grass and watched jimmy page on stage playing the intro to 'ramble on' to perfection? It's easy to pass off the things you fear your kids may try as misguided and lazy, but's lets be real here, everyone of the people i shared the above with has good jobs, nice houses, cars, and great kids. I'm not chuffing away on a mansize bong as i type. My kitchen is not littered with burnt spoons and tin foil, and (unless they clean up when i go round) none of my friends share this supposed lazy misguided and baised assumption of a lifestyle. I can only speak for them and myself. You cannot speak for them or myself. You cannot claim them to be misguided or baised, Thats how it goes. I'll have what he's smoking! Man.
  9. Good luck with that list mate, am sure you will spend hours, if not weeks, if not months, if not years, if not decades filling a list of straight and sensible people that are very good at what they do. Find a million of them but... Take that list and compare to a list of Just 50 of the ones that over the last few hundred years that have drunk themselves to death, smoked themselves to death, screwed themselves to death by sexual disease, overdosed on drugs, choked to death on their own vomit, hung themselves, shot themselves, drown themselves, died bloated on the toilet etc... And your list of James Blunts and chuffing Dido's,and Cliff Richards, well, it looks like a list of deputy headmasters. Its the wild and remarkable and even repulsive things that stand out, in anything.
  10. I've been watching Shane drink himself to death for years, to be honest, if he cleaned up his act the pogues would not be the same. The very best artists, past/present, in music/art have been fragile, self destructive and mentally unstable, it's been that way since artforms began.. Had they not been, they would have been just like us and in being so, unremarkable.
  11. The 27 thing baffles me, why has the media gone to town on that, the list they keep reading out is a dozen or so famous people long. I googled famous people that died at 26 and then ones that died at 28 and i had equally impressive lists of really big stars that all also died equally tragically young. What a daft thing to pick up on, whats next? How tall she was tragic club? Or maybe the people with beehives tragic club? Other people that died on the same day club? And they always manage to mention 'Diana', how inane is that???? It can't be just tragic anymore, it has to be the most tragic since, or tragic in the same way as, etc...
  12. Might pop up to this tomorrow, or simply add it to the list of things i think about but bin in the end to happily do something non car releated instead! Will look out for you guys if we go. If this is of any help to anyone, the CLA Game fair is at Woodstock this weekend and the roads around the A34 Oxford and A40 Oxford can be bad morning and evening during this time, i mention this as my route to silverstone would normally be past this.
  13. Good God! My first Esprit pops up after ages! How are you Tel? Hows my engine rebuild doing ten years down the line?
  14. Glad you guys had a good day, stayed crap all day here, who would know! Is that a Maserati or a bitter Mark? Spent the money i would have on petrol by going for coffee and cake, having sunday lunch, baking cookies,an afternoon in the pub, and ate out for tea tonight, Fat beery and happy, so all's good.
  15. NO. I'm a definate no now, my window of time i had to leave by has gone. Up showered, bit of breakie, been out to car and got sat nav, looked up felix's house on satelite images to make sure i have the right one, added it to sat nav, grabbed trainers to drive in and my fully immersable 'Explorer trail light' berghaus boots, fleece, and waterproof coat. Folding chair, umbrella and suntan lotion are already in the car. Grabbed Vicki's keys to go back out and move her car out the way. Pissing it down. Came back inside and thought 'for f***s sake, i'm stood here dress like i'm going sea fishing', checked uxbridge weather, clicked on the show webcam and saw: I'm out, like i said, i like a good show and uxbridge really is, bi'm pretty sure how it's going to be and it's not how i want to spend today. I sincerely hope i'm wrong and you have a few hours of good sun, some enjoyable dry driving miles and that the show is well attended. And cheers for the coffee offer Mr Felix. Have fun.
  16. Looks like you'll be able to swim there tomorrow. Really looking forward to this show, thats why being 'on show' or in the joe public carpark matters not to me, i'm going not to sit in a gazebo or to stand by or look at my own car, i'm going to walk around the show as it's normally vast and well attended. If it a monsoon tomorrow expect me not.
  17. Paul C

    I'm back!

    Welcome back! I join you and many other hundreds of forum members in having, or about to have a happy holiday this year.
  18. I'm with you Jez! Anyone else want to join our 'F**cking rust coloured sh1t bucket' appreciation society?
  19. Paul C


    Me and Vicki got 160mph from my '89 Esprit SE. And that was with a knackered chargecooler pump and no fins on the impellor! Agreed it needs to be legally done, as if you got caught doing that kind of speed, even on an empty motorway, then your court case would make every newspaper in the land and the TV news, you would go to prison too. Basically all the media coverage they would give a child sex pervert, and a similar sentence. So true, there are some bumps on the M40 between Oxford and the M25 that are enough to make mine leap up and swap ends, especially the ones on the downhill bend before beakonsfield.
  20. Hi Dave! You bet a lot's changed, i've started dating men and i now drive a dub.
  21. Can anyone remember the one of these that was 'keyed' at donnington a few years back, have searched the forum as i know we talked about it but cannot find it. It was a dealer car (Paul Matty?) and it was keyed overnight in the hall IIRC. You guys after the old tyres? Do you use them or are they for show? Even the makers say the rubber compound starts turning to junk after four years, bugger 100mph+, i've changed five year old tyres with plenty of tread just because of the age... You've seen how old elastic bands go. Take care.
  22. Hey, have been to Felix's but think the address was on old satnav so please pm me too. Other thing, is your stand full? If so i need to know as i'll obviously not be at the pre meet and will be turning up later at opening time for joe public. :5
  23. Half right with me mate! Kept an eye on the thread but already have 500 miles on the Porker this month with it being busy the last two weekends and the next three as well. using it tons more than the Elise. Brighton and back, if i spend the time i want with you guys, is the whole day gone, a chunk of miles on mostly naff roads, possibly in the rain, and £120 in the tank with it being empty when i get home. Had a run of busy sundays so went with the easy option of lay in, sunday roast in town and a pub quiz.
  24. The main roads in and the A43 get closed and some are one way only. (don't expect sat nav or maps to help once you are 15 miles from circuit) It's not too bad, but as a local i avoid it like the plague when anything at Silverstone (or milton keynes bowl) empties.
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