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  1. Bibs, I have taken your "Always wear a crash helmet" advice to heart and have been wearing a crash helmet for the whole of today. Granted i got a few funny looks on my drive to work in the van, and in the coffee shop, and walking round the college. Only one guy had a go at me, telling me i was being stupid and that i had to take it off. He's a right twat my dentist.
  2. Good find Ian! It has a club Lotus badge on it, any idea why it ended up with a dealer? Was obviously someones pride and joy, did nobody see it up for sale anywhere? I hate seeing classic cars with those cheap and naff irish number plates, daft 'hiding the year' on an obvious Eighties classic.
  3. I'm a pug nosed shortarse, thats what you're trying to say right?
  4. Went today. Very, very interesting place but by god do they need money, it's falling apart. Be great venue if it raised money for them, this place has buildings that are literally 'just' there. They have a very sad looking Harrier that i took the time to look up it's number today to see what it did before it was untidy and dead. They can host big events, there is a big mansion and it was all set up from a wedding the night before. You could actually do some good if the cause was clear to people as i think most would be up for a day out here and price would not be too much of an issue if it went to keeping it all together.
  5. Re-wax? You have the disadvantage of not knowing me mate, ask Bibs, waxing,detailing and the like is the same as pipe smoking or fishing to me, and equally as much fun. Have not waxed a car for at least a decade. They still shine and look ace, They don't turn to rubbish, the paint does not peel and fall off, the dead flies don't stick like glue - it's all a lie. It comes down to how you want to spend your time with your car, what you enjoy doing with that time, and if it involves actually turning the key or not. Some guys love to polish stuff, always have. Nothing wrong with that, or pipe smoking, or fishing come to that, it's just not for me.
  6. It would be, but you can do your washing up and then use the water to wash the car. Nobody washes their plates with car shampoo so once again, Fairy wins! And i'm carbon neutral in a way too. (Obviously i rinse all my plates clean before i wash up, so it's not like my car dries and it's like 'yeah mate, there's half a pea stuck on your windscreen' and some chicken skin on the spoiler, that would look as bad as racing stripes IMO) I'm currently collecting loads of rainwater and have honestly considered using that too, it contains none of the chlorine that the makers of Turtlewax say can eat your paintwork to bare metal, and it's cheaper than buying the Autoglym 'Water for washing cars with'. Off topic: Top tip, if you are a non smoker like me, don't buy the Autoglym fag ash to put in your ashtray, ask a friend that smokes to save you some of theirs and use that, it's exactly the same stuff, smells the same, everything, and providing your mate stays healthy you will have an endless supply, for free.
  7. Thats bizarre, we are actually going to Bletchley Park tomorrow! It's part of our ongoing Places on our doorstep we have not been to but people travel thousands of miles to see tour. I'd just say if you are planning MK area then try to avoid a weekend when there is something at Silverstone as the M40/M1 and especially A43 can make for an unenjoyable drive.
  8. Ok mate, if you have any non Lotus space then i'll come early with you guys and park up on the stand.
  9. I've been using fairy liquid for the last 20 years, it's ace. People jump out of their boxes and tell you it will 'destroy' bits on your car. This is just a myth invented and spread by the companies that will sell you a bottle of car shampoo for a tenner, where is the proof other than the claims made by people that either make or buy the expensive alternative? Twenty years on nothing on any of my cars has 'melted', 'discoloured' or whatever. And my hands have not melted off into boney stumps either. Same with that other thread about interior cleaners, i use a kitchen cleaner, you would have to have jelly for brains to let Autoglym tell you your black plastic dash is a special plastic and nothing like the black plastic your oven door handle is made of, i mean, come on!!!! Car cleaning products are like the Emperors new clothes. Don't use Vim for tar spots mind. Or green pads come to that.
  10. 1/ Trevsked 2/ fsrowsell 3/ sparky 4/ Mark B 5/Bazza 6/Bibs 7) Jezza 8/ Rocket 63 9/ internets 10/ Phil Trevor, have deleted myself out and added Phil as it was not my intention to whack a porsche on your lotus stand and if you have ten places then it should be ten Lotus's. I'll be in the general carpark and at the show as a regular spectator mate. Got my big camera for the 'Miss 205 Dimma owners GF wet Tshirt blowout' and the 'Rover SD1 owners 'The Human League' fancy dress stand'. Don't expect me to stand there going 'wow' and taking pictures of your cars though.
  11. I'll be coming to this too, it's a great show. Supercar,supercar, supercar, Performance car, Performance car, Performance car, over and over can get boring, especially when it's the same cars each year. This Uxbridge show is not that. It has has such a mix of interesting and diverse stuff that it really can be a whole day out. Have been coming to this show before i had ever used a PC and way before Forums.
  12. Take them mate! those S4/GT3 wheels are the most ghastly things ever fitted to an esprit (unless you want it to actually look like an MX5 that it) the most bland bulbous and style free generic five spoke wheel you can imagine. In interesting five spoke ronal 'teddybear' alloy circa 1882. Ok they look very similar to the GT3/S4 wheel but if you look close there is actually some effort made in the design - it's in the shape of a teddy! The very similar lotus 'design free' five spoke, almost unworthy of any comment or interest, and only valuable for being 'original' to the model. Lets be honest, if lotus had not fitted them then NOBODY would have ever fitted them aftermarket as they look sh1te. I mean LOOK at them, nobody would buy them and fit them to an esprit, it's only originality that keeps them on there, and then every wheel is crapping itself because it knows that once some nice V8 wheels come up, it's off to Ebay More disturbing though, if you can tell the BMW by a picture of the dash?
  13. His Columbo character, albeit fictional, was a better man than anyone i have, and ever will meet, in my entire life. I've put all my grandparents underground without a frown, but for Fred Dibnah, and now Peter Falk, i could weep. Oh, and for our last cat Clarky, obvously.
  14. Christ i honestly thought they had gone anyway. If i had a pet that was that sick in 2009 it would have been put down then, not kept alive even though i knew it was going to die, just because it was healthy once and it's a shame. I'm not kidding, i really am being genuine here, i REALLY thought that they had folded at the time of this 2009 thread, they are that un-noticeable on the road. Melt the tooling and remember the classics.
  15. Mate, i have not even peaked. In 2014 (less than three years time) the various lotus forums will have produced ten years of 'New Esprit' threads. Many of these use so many of same quotes, by the same people, and the same autocar sketches/test mules/photoshopped lambo pictures, that i will easily be able to merge them all together. Each time someone is quoted 'i like it' or 'i'd buy one' i'll merge it mid thread with another near identical post until i have merged the hundreds of threads and thousands of posts into one giant endless (and equally fruitless) loop. Of course there may be 'joins' but i can paste over them using a sub loop made of the many 'engine for the new esprit' threads. I'm not fffing around here, it will be like crossing the beams on ghostbusters.
  16. There's more here mate: Snakes and ladders
  17. Arrg! it's coming again!!! In November 2007 i asked the same thing: headlights Also in november 2007 i also asked if i drove as fast as a bullet then fired a gun: Gun Both threads were born from this one: Take off I love stuff like this, it's like the Essex prices and 007 related threads, they start as a question, carry on as a debate, end up full of so much information they become as resource, then, years later, someone new asks a question, starts a debate, gets shown the original thread, adds information to it, then, years later, someone else new asks another question, starts a debate, gets shown the original thread, adds information to it, then, even more years later, someone new asks a question, starts a debate, gets shown the original thread by last years new guy, adds information to it, and so on, until... the original replies become accepted as fact?
  18. Editing to add meals, der, like we were going to eat a packed lunch in our room... 1 & 2. Bibs & Laura (2 x meals) 3 & 4 Bryan & Sharon Barker. (2 x meals) 5 & 6 Graham & Louise (2 x meals) 7 joaovc (1x meal) 8 & 9 Paul & Sarah (2 x meals) 10 & 11 Dave & Ann (2 x meals) 12 Yasuo (1 x meals) 13 & 14 Sissi & Jukka (2x meals) 15 & 16 Alan & Evi (2 x meals) Hotel Sat night only 17 Martyn (2 x meals) 18 &19 Paul C & Vicki ( 2 x meals) 20 Victor Hollnagel (1 x meal) 21 & 22 Barrie & Emma (2x Meals)
  19. Slightly off topic guys but i'm ready to pull the trigger on that bulk buy of black shirts... Remember to quote the discount code from either the Sun or The News of the World's 'climate of fear' reader offer. You get a futher 50% if you actually know (without looking up on the internet) the 2nd and 3rd verse of the national anthem of the country you live in. Free home delivery if you have a neck tattoo or overly tanned wife. Cheers.
  20. Well i think your a real hero Kimbers. This country is a safer place today, all thanks to you for wrestling a malnourished 12 year old escaped slave to the floor, and having him arrested. Take it from me, it's the only language these people understand, and i should know, i'm in the Daily Mail melting pot that is rural Oxfordshire. I salute you sir! We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in broad daylight, we shall fight at the window and doorstep, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength on the driveway, we shall defend our car, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the block paving, we shall fight at the garden gate, we shall fight on the lawn and in the streets, we shall fight on the rockery. we shall never surrender
  21. Oh bugger, thats it mate, we are literally in bed now, going at it like rabbits, this thread might just be the most erotic moment of my entire life. You have one last chance: Tell me this Bora is not a contender for your list. If it is then i'm totally prepared to be the taker.
  22. Christ, i could have written that exact same list. May i bet that you also like the detomaso longchamp? Lets never meet face to face or we'll end up kissing.
  23. Bang on Kimbers. They are all the same tubby sargent major wannabe's that were too gutless to join the army but act like they are actually in it. Bizzarely i have found the same type of guys tend to run paintball events too. Plastic FFFing Rambos, every last one. Am well calm about it mind. Have decided the best approach is to carry a replica firearm. Then, next time i'm stopped, i'll make them do things to each other while i film it on my phone. :5
  24. Not the case, i live in town and all my mates have kids in town, i neither drive around in it or speed in it, at the end of the day two minutes in any direction and i've got the cotswolds. They were parked up in a layby ready to pull cars in. I had not used the 911 since Castle Combe so i'm sure they were not waiting for me specifically. Am thinking that bored of slow moving traffic they pulled me out of interest and thats it, i figure he would not show me the speed gun result due to it being either 25mph or simply not even turned on. The boy racers in my town hang out in sainsburys carpark, passing joints from car to car and taking it in turns to race round the estates on friday and saturday night, it's safe then as the police are all parked up in town eyeing up the totty. It's been like that for ten years and seems to work for both parties. I know where they are from, the local nick. I regard the local police as a Lazy boys club at the best of times, make a complaint and make myself known and they will 100% be on the lookout in future to waste my time at the expense of doing something useful. We all know thats exactly what will happen. Honestly, they should sack, say, five of them and use all the money saved to give me a bigger wheelie bin, hell i'd chip in if it was not enough!
  25. Just hope no-one saw me. The 911 is a great car, but it's a Porsche and it's german. I've not exactly told people about it. My mate Phil has to endure YEARS of me ranting at him for endlessly buying german cars, i've always gone for the throat each time he gets another one, i've made such a twat of myself by never giving up on it, never letting go, always on about him driving over the landing beaches in his big bosch tank, etc, etc. I was drinking with him last friday and was thinking 'sooner or later he'll find out', this kind of thing won't help, Red porsche, Police car, Me, centre of town at rush hour. Christ i did not even have my shades on.
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