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  1. Ok... As it was the last nice day until the middle of next week, i got home from work and went out for a drive. 100 yards from my house there is a school crossing so i was doing no more than 20mph as i passed it. I was in a row of about six other cars slowing for a car at the front to turn right. I could see two coppers and a car in the layby just up the road, at this point i was trying to keep it rolling at about 5mph in second (first is a bitch to get when moving). So i drove in line with all the cars in front of me towards the coppers and their empty layby. I was 200 yards from home in the early rush hour and had not seen 30mph on the speedo yet. For the record, the porsche speedo shows 5mph too much, have been meaning to take the needle of and reposition but i also kind of like knowing that if i see 30mph on the speedo i'm doing less. The copper lets all the cars past, but pulls me over. After taking my details and address he said he pulled me as i was going 'a bit too fast', I was flabergasted as until that point i was wondering what kind of random test/reason had led them to pick me out of a line of slow moving traffic. I asked 'how fast did you clock me?' and he said he was not required to tell me as i was neither being cautioned or charged. I did not argue as i was not 'being done' and i know what these guys are like - thick as thieves - i'd be pulled all the time. I honestly think they pulled me over just to have the car in the Layby for five minutes for everyone to sneer at. Is it a Porsche thing?
  2. 4 months ago i'd have answered 'A Porsche 911', and told you that it was because it's an iconic 80's car like my Esprits, but that it had an image that prevented me from owning one... Always wanted an XJS, nearly bought one 15 years ago just before i bought my first Esprit. Incredibly, the XJS was longer than my garage! They are so cheap now i could get one anytime and drive it until it dies, which many of them will, but when a car with a 5.3 litre V12 costs £1000 it is never going to get fixed when the engine pops... And we'd both love a DS Truth is, based on what i've just done, i have no idea what i'll be driving in the future. I smoked for ten years and gave up 'snap' just like that, i'd had enough. I had long hair since school, i had not had my hair cut for 16 years and one day i just went out and had it all chopped off, i don't discuss it with Vicki, just do it. Same with the Porsche, everything was Lotus, Lotus, Lotus, i'd seen ten Doningtons, ten Castle Combes, my toy cabinet has Lotus cars in it, and i thought it was ongoing. Then i realised i'd done all i wanted with Lotus, owned the models i wanted, had no interest in the new models or how the company was going, thought 'F-it!' and i bought Porsche. I'm willing to bet several of you guys end up buying the cars you are mentioning here, not everybody can have the same over and over again without going off for something daftly different.
  3. It's disgusting. But it gives me an idea: Next time i'm about to by a LWB transit, i'll just buy a people carrier have it stretched instead. Is that a toilet in the back?
  4. This guys site is very good: Free lessons, and it's been visitied and endorsed by Brian May, this guy Justin is very good and i like his style in that he assumes you will have trouble and guesses well at what that will be, even offering cheats... Am dying on my arse with bar chords myself, makes me feel like i've got sausages for fingers, but i am finally getting some speed on my pinky which i had deemed impossible, so there be hope.
  5. Not 100% sure what you wanted then mate. These UK two tone HC's were factory made and individually numbered ltd edition G-cars. Did you mean you just wanted federal ltd edition cars? Am sure someone on here has one of these UK ltd two tone one's in silver, i thought they would chirp in TBH.
  6. "...however it has been garaged unused and a bit neglected over the last few years due to me receiving a company car" I'm just the same as this guy, whenever i get given a company car, i just lock my sportscar away in garage... ...but not without smashing at least one window first, and butchering the doors, but that goes without saying obviously.
  7. Paul C


    No, just an old banger...
  8. I did a huge emergency lighting contract at a very large and famous UK hospital about 10 years ago. Ironically Hospitals are the most likely place to see this stuff, the ceiling tiles in the corridors and wards are made of it. Steel girders are coated with it. fire breaks above doorways are made of it. Pipework is clad in it. Anyhow, i needed ceiling tiles out in their hundreds for me to wire the system. What happened is i'd go to a phone, call estates, and two guys would come with a trolly, steps, and a bin bag. They would carefully unscrew the tile, bag it up, fit a new (non asbestos one), then take the old one away. This process was carried out for me literally hundreds of times. A couple of years later i was working on a ventilation system in the same hospital. I went to a plant room and was staggered to see in the corner... A trolley. A bin bag (used). And several hundred unbagged asbestos tiles. So thats where they went! :thumbsup: Further: In the seventies asbestos came to be relaced with a substance called asbestolux. This is now treated the same way as asbestos and has the same danger and notification period. However i have been on sites where the foreman has said "It's not asbestos, it's asbestolux" and gone on to have it all smashed out and chucked on the skip. The thing is, it has the word 'asbestolux' stamped on the sheeting so this had led people to assume it's not asbestos - despite the fact it's actually MADE of it! Like i said, internet advise is useless if not deadly, heres someone on pistonhead giving advice: "The Lets get one thing clear, its asbestolux, not asbestos. Its perfectly safe and to dump in a skip or take it to your local tip.We've used it in construction for many years now and there's no problems with it." Here's goverment information on the same stuff: "Insulating boards (trade names ‘Asbestolux’ and ‘Marinite’) weigh around 700kg/m3 and contain from 16-40% amosite (brown asbestos) or a mixture of amosite and chrysotile (white asbestos.) Crocidolite (blue asbestos) was also used in some boards up to 1965." Mind you another guy on the same pistonheads thread says the "death toll in Iraq reached 300 in november after two years of fighting; that is a hell of a lot less than people to die from asbestos related diseases", so smash away dude!
  9. Cheers for that Mark, always wondered why (when just about every Esprit is worth less than it cost new) it was refered to as the investor edition! Nice gift for the investors. Have you photo's of the red one? have only seen one and it was identical to the silver grey, i think it was a daft price on UKSC's site about 6 years ago or so.
  10. Does that cover the two tone ltd editions? Have seen these and they are legit editions Silver/grey and red/burgundy, although i've only seen pictures of the red one.
  11. Am so with you on this. My Esprits always had stock alloys, but the Bosch came with these fitted: They were 17" rims 7.5" front and 9" back. The front of the car was very heavy, they scrubbed and they tramlined like nobodies business. I quickly got some original 16" rims 6" front and 7" back. Transformed the car. The owner who put the big wheels on (8 years ago) was either a total cock or he simply did not care how bad his car drove as long as it looked nice. I just can't believe that one day he drove it into a garage on original rims, drove out with big wheels and thought "this is great". With the originals on it's Sooooooo like the Esprit in terms of front end feel. I think you have to be Honest and think like this: Porsche (or especially Lotus) are sportscar makers who made an iconic car and have the choice of what ever wheel was best, and they made that choice. What do i do for a living? (in my case an electrician) why would i know better? if that were the case they would not bother with road tests and designers, they would just call up some cotswold bumkin, get him to flick through a wheel catalogue and say 'they look mean'. Then, just to make sure the entire feel of the car is lost they would ask me to find some aftermarket shocks 'that will fit' and lower the thing to the point it's a showcar first and a sportscar last. And finally, to put the cherry on the cake i'd fit a smaller steering wheel, just so the very essence of the original car is entirely gone. Then, the evening before it's launch at geneva, i'd poo under the bonnet.
  12. Thats not a Lotus! Whats the idea? park in the middle and ruin the obligatory 'line of Esprits at a meet' photograph? I might be up for that too mate, will upgrade from a 'might' once i know the actual date... 1/. Trevsked (Trevor, probably Sport 350 unless I can find a Sport 300) 2/. Sparky. (98 GT3) - Croydon 3/. Gasmangt3 (96 GT3) 4/. Bazza (Essex or S3) 5/. Bibs (Who knows...) - Swindon 6/. Alan & Evi (S3 Turbo) - Oxfordshire 7/. nigeninja (s4s) 8/. Moxie ('77 S1 & '83 Turbo, but leaving them at home for obvious reasons) 9/. Dodge19779 (S4) 10/. Dodgy ('81 S3 Turbo) 11/. Mattwatts S1 12/ internets (98 GT3) 13/ Skiing (NA S3 - most likely with new / rebuilt engine by this point...) 14/. Hopo S3 ...... probably now the Turbo........- Ealing 15/. Nelly9000 (79 S2) - Southampton 16/. fsrowsell (92 Highwing) - Uxbridge 17/. Wookie (Mantis/Mantula) 18/. obione (91 Turbo) 19/. Alex --GT3-- 20/. PaulEspritGT3 (GT3) - Redditch, Worcestershire. 21/. Hopo's mate in the other car..... S3 Na most likley - Ealing 22/. Rich H S4 23/. Jez S4s 24/. Paul C (Bosch) - Oxfordshire
  13. I remember when we had the chat with Brian Angus at the factory, all the V8 and GT3 guys getting upset as they swore the leather conditioners they used made a difference despite the fact being told that by that year the leather hide was sealed and they might as well have been conditoning plastic... However, despite the vast array of fancy products you can get for seats/dash/glass/upholstery/plastic/carpet etc (probably all a different colour of the exact same thing)... ...I just carry some kitchen roll and whatever kitchen spray we have and do it with (mr muscle multi task kitchen at the moment, just went to check). Sure guys take the piss but at the end of the day the similar unidentified clear liquid they spray on their plastic and wipe away? Whats actually so special about it? Is it bought purely as it made by the same guys that make the wax they use? Autoglym would sucker you into buying a seperate spray to polish your gearknob and handbrake, both being the same non greasy wet detergent you could get for a couple of quid at sainsburys. That's just my opinion of course, i'm sure some 'micro-wax-new-car-smell-interior-spray' for £10 is just as good as shining up a bit of black plastic thats actually no different to the black plastic my frying pan handle is made of... Use some vim on it mate.
  14. Being a fan of the SE (as it's the last groundbreaking Esprit they made, once they made sub 5 seconds with the chargecooler every Esprit they made from then on was an SE variant IMO)), i can tell you i have seen with my own eyes: Highwings with leyland doorhandles. Highwings with S4 doorhandles. Highwings with SE door cards. Highwings with S4 door cards. Highwings with SE sills. Highwings with S4 sills. And even a highwing with instrument pods in the A pillar as a factory S4 prototype idea. Very much like the sport 300, some have more SE parts and some more S4 bits. Like the man says, only the chassis number fired back at the factory will 100% confirm it.
  15. Am well aware mate. I accepeted long ago that someone can't be a genius at everything. I've been working in the Colleges for 24 years now and sometimes it seems that with some folk, being very clever at one thing is at the expense of being dimmer than the average guy at something else. I've seen beefburgers and sausage rolls put in toasters and empty whole buildings out. I've seen washing machines started with the powder drawer full of fairy liquid. There are professors that i see on TV who are regarded as geniuses in their field, i've seen these same people leave the bath running and flood buildings, or deciding to go out and leave the rice on the boil, for an hour. And they ride bikes everywhere. They are just like everyone else at most stuff, just a lot cleverer at stuff everyone else is largely unconcerned with...
  16. Yeah, same as if i drive abroad. It's crazy isn't it? If i took a driving test in france/germany/holland/spain/italy etc then i 100% would fail, no doubt at all. Yet i can drive there...
  17. Another factor for oxford: It has a huge number of cyclists, mainly students. These are young people from countries all over the world, most of which will not have passed a driving test in their own country yet. Many of which will have never seen a copy of the uk's Highway code. And for many the first time they get on the bike it will be the first time they have even seen the british road system. And none of them wear helmets. And none of them have lights. But for some reason thats perfectly fine. The univerity makes it ok. I'm not kidding, if 20 of us guys on the forum met up in an oxford park during the week and spent the whole night getting drunk, then we left all the bottles and rubbish behind and went into mcdonalds at 7am, absolutely hammered, loud and antisocial, to have breakfast? Thats right, the police would be called. BUT if we had university gowns on, deep voices, curly hair and bumfluff beards? Fine, absolutely fine. But seriously i think it's mental you can come from another country, hop on a bike and hit the road. A few years back a guy from Japan was injured and it transpired he had been trying to ride between the double yellow lines, thinking they were a cycle lane...
  18. Is cycling on the road just too dangerous now? Yes. The students throw out and leave behind just about anything (only yesterday i was given a 30GB ipod left behind by a student, no lie!). When they have finshed their time at oxford there are bike racks full of bikes they just leave behind (no point taking a bike back to japan or america, even if it cost £500 and you only used it twice) besides, they did not work for the money to buy it so it's not an issue (see ipod above). Anyhow, we have a 'bike cull' and you put a bid in for whatever one you want, the money goes to the porters. I got a suspension bike, ace nick, for £25 last year. I had not owned a bike for about ten years. Got it home and went out on the roads for a ride. I felt as fragile as a F***ing Egg!!!!!!! Sod that forever! To many drivers like me about. By that i mean that i think cyclists are 'road lice'. There is a ten mile B road into oxford i use, one cyclist in the morning is responsible for hundreds of cars slowing, going down through their gears, waiting to pass, pulling out, accelerating, going up through the gears. literally hundreds of cars every day that would otherwise have stayed in the same gear. Lets be honest, that guy on the bike would cause less polutuion if he was in a car as well. Not his fault - there is no path or cycle lane - but if there was... You'd get this: the main roads out of oxford have cycle lanes in green on the path next to them. But the cyclists still use the road as they dont have to stop and give way as they cross side roads. On a daily basis i'm stuck behind a cyclist, waiting for a gap in traffic to overtake, while all the time there is a cycle lane next to them, empty. Like i say, my attitude to cyclists is mirrored back at me when i went out on a bike, i felt like no-one gave a stuff about me.
  19. Find it all the time in buildings i work in. The HSE has a 14 day notification period once it's discovered. I have had to walk off site and wait three weeks to get my tools and drills back. Letters are then issued and you then take them to you doctor for them to put in your file to show exposure to asbestos, as one single exposure is enough. (in my case exposure from one individual incident could never be proved as i'v been around it so much over the past 25 years, so the letter serves no useful purpose) The HSE then, about four weeks too late, ask you to return the work clothes you were wearing at the time. The guys that professionally remove this stuff cannot tell exactly how harmful it is without sending it off for testing. Unprofessional internet advise is entirely useless. There is a (grim) plus side. The real fuss at the moment is the high death rate. this is due to the guys that worked with it are all dying of it. The laggers that mixed it up like powdery plastercast in airless rooms to coat heating pipes, the guys that cut it up in tile form for roof materials and ceiling tiles (espescially in hospitals). The guys that spayed it over RSG's in the 60's. They are all sadly dying of it now, and this death rate will fall as a generation moves on and those that were made aware of the risk move up. The staistics will fall away to the point that the DIY'er that breaks it out and bags it up while killing himself in the process, won't be any more remarkable than if he'd fell of his ladder.
  20. I was happy and enjoyed my first Esprit... ...5 years later felt like a change and sold it to get my second Esprit... ...5 years later felt like a change from esprits and got an Elise... ...2 1/2 years later shocked myself by sniffing round 80's Porsche 911's, felt like a change... one of them. For me anyway, the trick is to sell while i still enjoy the car but feel like a change. That way i'll always be in a car i want rather than cursing a big bill on a car i was thinking of selling. I know some guys on here claim to have signed up for always having the same marque (in some case model) car until they die, and i honestly think they will be happy. But for me sometimes, even though it's your favorite, having the same thing for dinner every day does make you want something else. Has worked for me for the last 20 years. Can you see yourself in that Esprit in two years time? If so keep it. If not get a seven, as it happens the 7 is one of my 'will own at some point' cars.
  21. The year before was great! Missed last year as i blew up my Elise on the way to snetterton, trying to beat a 911 at the lights ironically enough... Seloc's great if you have an elise though, i was 'spotted' once in the Elise, driving in a rain storm on the M6, in December. I was called a 'pussy' for having the roof on. When i pointed out we'd have got soaked, one of the regular posters (with a really funny but wise sig and a post count so high everything he says is 'word') told me to 'man up', then all the guys that follow him from thread to thread agreeing with everything he says joined in. Thankfully once it reached 9 pages they were so busy quoting each others replies and posting links to other stuff, i was able to sneak off. By then the sun was out and i took the roof off and went out for a drive, only to get spotted again and slagged off for having air scoops. Ace!
  22. Alan, i've recieved several PM's from members of this forum and we all agree that what would make this years lotus festival different would be to have an '86 Porsche 911 smack bang in the middle of the hall. If he can afford it! I'm with Alan on this. I go down to castle Combe a lot to watch racing. the whole circuit is full, you park on the grass carparks at the other end of the circuits and the whole paddock, including the paddock on the way to quarrey is full of the teams and cars. There are people parked up around the whole perimeter of the track, food and drink vendors at all the major corners, race programmes, practice, qualifying and several races. Big money stuff that books the whole track all day, requires the whole race package and all it's staff, stays over and books the next day as well. Plus it brings people (20+ times the amount you get on the free to attend CL day) coming though the gate paying £15-£25 a go. Booking it for the day so people can drive in for free and park in the paddock because the whole facility is otherwise unused is never going to happen (without costing a fortune) on a nice sunny summer weekend. Here's a selection of events at the circuit this year, it does not need a non race weekend where people walk in for free, i think Alan is lucky he gets a slot at all, especially a saturday on BH weekend. Saturday, November 26, 2011 Saturday, October 22, 2011 Saturday, October 15, 2011 Saturday, October 08, 2011 Sunday, October 02, 2011 Saturday, October 01, 2011 Saturday, September 24, 2011 Saturday, September 17, 2011 Saturday, September 10, 2011 Saturday, September 03, 2011 Monday, August 29, 2011 Saturday, August 20, 2011 Saturday, August 13, 2011/14/08/2011 Saturday, August 06, 2011 Saturday, July 30, 2011 Saturday, July 23, 2011/24/07/2011 Saturday, July 16, 2011 Saturday, July 02, 2011 Saturday, June 18, 2011/19/06/2011 Saturday, June 25, 2011/26/06/2011 Saturday, June 11, 2011 Saturday, June 04, 2011 Monday, May 30, 2011 So it's May or november basically, hand me that sun tan lotion!!!
  23. Was a V8/S4s i think, (or another model Stevens with a later wing stuck on), was not slow enough to see door handles/wheels etc to know. Heading towards the deddington roundabout on the A43 from the Finmere direction.
  24. A reg i think, coming into Mk from buckingham. I'd just popped into Ikea for some sweedish meatballs...
  25. Blimey! After 11 years of CL days at Castle Combe i tend not to stay long, even when i still had a Lotus, but i've not seen anything like that! Normally (as it's not a race day) the whole paddock is parking and it's a sea of Lotus cars with the whole circuit being a Lotus based day, being hired out by Club Lotus. But today... The whole paddock full of the lorries and race teams from yesterdays jap trackday all ready for this weekends MX5 series, and a really low turn out of Lotus owners, confused, parking where they can. I heard Alan from Club Lotus was furious. Nice to see some of you folk though.
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