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  1. I dunno mate, no lie, there is actually a 007 in the chassis plate and there are guys here that would go nuts over that kind of thing! I'm not really going to park in you guys bit BTW.
  2. I'm already halfway there, i'm in wootton bassett for the night so see you guys there tomorrow. No-one will notice my car in that big red parking area, right?
  3. Paul C


    The batteries for my work Makita 24v are half the cost of a new drill! It cost £600 with two batteries and has lasted with daily use for a staggering 8 years on site, including many 25mm holes through concrete and many hours with a chisel bit as a breaker. It's earned it's money. Word of warning, i had three packs for this drill originally, two years ago one of them started 'hissing' and then smoking while i was using the drill. I'm well used to getting drills red hot and then letting them cool before i melt the motor, so i put this battery outside to cool. An hour later i went back to it and it was smoking with a big crack down the side and making popping noises. I put it into a bucket of water to short itself to death in the end. Take care.
  4. Talking about race days i was planning to go to Prescott on the sunday. Mind you the weather looks pretty poor this weekend and two £18 tickets for a day event is a bit different from a free Castle Combe you can run away from.
  5. Ok, not Lotus F1 related but at the end of the day it's this witney based renault F1 team that moved to Enstone and still has many of the same staff and engineers from the time. Dad worked for benneton for years and gave me this the other week, i know nothing about champagne, but this must be pretty special as they only went out to the team. 1995 is back in the era i watched every second of every race, a really good schumacher year when despite failing to finsh 4 of the 17 races he went on to win 9 of them and the world championship. Do you think this kind of thing has any value? It's interesting to note that the Schumacher Omega Speedmaster models held quite a high price until he carried on as an 'also ran'...
  6. Mate, just remembered i'm staying over at a hotel wedding reception friday night so will possibly not be there early for breakie unless we are up mega early and skip the hotel fodder. Bugger really, as the last few years i've only done the Lotus day at CC for the enjoyable early morning drive down for 8ish, breakie with yourself, then shoot back home mid morning. Will have to hook up for breakie on one of the other (proper race) days we meet up down there during the year?
  7. First race i've sat down to watch this year. After 30 minutes i stuck the laptop on, 30 minutes more and i wandered off into town to get something to eat... I used to plan my day around seeing the F1 race, in fact my whole family did as my dad worked for benneton for years. But now i've gone from waiting to find out new rules each year to simply not being interested with whatever they have changed/ limited/ enforced this time. I know that 90% of it all is in the name of safety/keeping speeds down and i can't argue with that, i'm just glad i'm old enough to remember more interesting, diverse and exciting F1 seasons with drivers that were real characters both on and off the track. I never thought i'd say this, but i'm now more likely to watch a game of football than an F1 race, and i don't support any team!
  8. Blimey! He's gone a long way from being the gobshite ginger mate of danny baker, all washed out and in some loser clinic because he's not on the radio or telly anymore, but living it up on money he made when he was popular, sunning himself with a teenage pop wife. He's one of my hero's, he's clawed his way back to a position where he can tow the line with his employer and kiss the arse of anyone who will go on air with him. It takes real dignity to take it on the chin like that and stay cool. It's only a matter of time before he's on the telly again i'm sure. Remember TFI friday, the way he interviewed all those folk without sucking up to then was incredible, if that had been me i'd have been gushing bigtime and making myself look daft by laughing fakely at everything they said.
  9. I thought you were all very kind, and barely a finger was raised when me and Vic rolled up in the Bosch. For the record, the round trip was 150 miles and that worked out just under £50 in petrol, so not as bad as i thought. I think the snail paced fast lane on the M25/M40 saved me some too. GKP, your leaning in and fumbling and messing with my electric seat buttons managed to produce the most comfortable driving position it the world!!!!
  10. 1. Bibs 2. Sparky 3. Spud 4. GKP 5. MPx 6. Dunc 7. Mattwatts 8. Martyn 9. Mark B 10. Vulcan Grey 11. Mayesprit 12. Paul C My plan is to be there mate, unless it's pissing it down in which case i will 100% crash on the way down. Be nice for you to see it prior to bodyshop in august, i'm very excited about all the bit's i'm having done and i like the fact i've got a couple of months pratting round in the car (learning how to change gear??!!) before i hand it over to be minted.
  11. This hydrolic/oil feed was to an actuator thing on the outside of the VVC that operates the internals, we think this is what failed on mine. As above mate, if i understand the unit correctly, not all oil feeds to the VVC are for the inner bits you can see, it needs oil to operate the VVC mechanism itself too. Like i said, the wisest thing is not to drive it before you get the VVC checked by someone that knows? Sure you might need a new engine if you run it and it blows itself to bits, but if it just needs a few VVC parts why not find out? Then spend the money you have saved on a set of tyres and a tank of petrol!
  12. Hi there, In a ideal world we have a cambelt that (as long as it does not break) stops all our valve gear and pistons making contact with each other. A VVC unit takes that simple perfection away and VVC failure can have your pistons and valves making love loudly as you clutter to an expensive halt. This was my case. The oil hydrolic feed to the unit had failed and it self destructed at high revs busting so much stuff inside that the exact cause is a best guess. If you engine is running fine mate, I'd get the VVC sorted before driving again as I can tell you from personal experience if it fails on the road it will knacker bits equal to it's value. Steve Williams fitted a new VVC for me and rebuilt my shagged enginehead for about £1500. HTH
  13. Today, followed it out of the city and saw it turn off into the hand car wash on the woodstock road. Was odd to see a new car in BRG, a few years ago there were loads of BRG cars about, even Rovers, but now it's quite a rare car colour?
  14. F**k me! Tis a rare thing for me to agree with Kimbers on something or to take his advice, either i'm getting older or he's getting dafter... But there is a very good chance i'll stay in one of those hotels he listed. Good links mate. Oh and bazza, chances are the next pic you see of my porker it (it's not a she yet) will be skinned of it's panels and pampered underneath with new metally bits.
  15. Booked! And hey! Don't forget to ask for the promo code at the end, it gives you 10% off any future stay at any other thistle hotel. 1 & 2. Bibs & Laura (2 x meals) 3 & 4 Bryan & Sharon Barker. (2 x meals) 5 & 6 Graham & Louise (2 x meals) 7 joaovc (1x meal) 8 & 9 Paul & Sarah (2 x meals) 10 & 11 Dave & Ann (2 x meals) 12 Yasuo (1 x meals) 13 & 14 Sissi & Jukka (2x meals) 15 & 16 Alan & Evi (2 x meals) Hotel Sat night only 17 Martyn (2 x meals) 18 Paul C & Vicki
  16. Christ I did not need that, but it's proof again that the world hates you when you have a german car. I guess the Skoda is there due to the VW link making it as good as german? Personally, as there are so many newer ones about, I'm suprised there are no porsche in there.
  17. Me too, and the 928, but owning a german car was a real tough thing to do and it could only be an impact bumper 911. You can double the cost for a 930 turbo mate, if it was more accesable maybe. After the Elise and to some extent the Esprit, it's weird to travel totally comfortable and be able to hear each other talk, and get out without rubbing my back, i'd actually forgot that was possible. Plenty of other day trips planned as i get used to the most quirky thing i have ever driven, i lit up the rears pulling out of stonehenge, by accident, which was scarey...
  18. Yep, all places i've never been but people fly thousands of miles to visit! True you can get cheap flights to some countries, but that's not going to help you see things you have not seen in the UK... Giants cauesway, thats another one i've just thought of! For once i'm actually being genuine mate: I wanted to change cars and the 'But it must have a Lotus badge' rule had to go as it's stupidly limiting and i don't owe them a keyfob at the end of the day, i considered an S2 Exige a lot but i honestly had what i consider to be the best Elise variant in the S1 111s and it was not a big enough change for the money i'd be spending. So i went on the same 80's icon trip that first nibbled me 14 years ago when i was looking for my first Esprit, and got the 911. It's a nice change and even with the £6k i'll be lavishing on it in the bodyshop on paint and perfection, it will still be within the budget i'd have spent on another Elige type.
  19. I've also not seen the highlands, which i'm sure would make a good driving holiday. And i've not been up snowdon. Or had a Boating holiday. My work in the oxford colleges has me surrounded by people travelling from all over the world to see what i've stopped even glancing at, it just struck me yesterday that we were surrounded by voices from all over the world at Stonehenge, and it took us just over an hours drive. Which included going though the avebury stones and past a couple of white horses and a medievel barrow on the way there and back. I think a UK break is in order, we have so much stuff and the money goes further.
  20. Too late mate! I won!!!! I'm going to by the rights to something with the Lotus name on it! Christ!, the scratchcards are winners too! I'm going to start an epic AV/state of the country thread before anyone else thinks about it! Where the f**k are those fortune cookies? I must have won something!
  21. Last night we figured that neither of us had seen stonehenge, so early this morning we fired up the porker and went entirely cross country to the 'henge, rural wiltshire is lovely, in fact if it was not for swindon it would be a half pleasant county. PS, it's well windy, it think i saw 200 people and only one other guy in shorts.... Was thinking what parts of your country have you not seen and would like too?
  22. Christ, i must have woken up psychic this morning! I saw the title of this thread, guessed who would be on it, and what their opinions would be... ...and i was 100% right! I'm off to buy a lottery ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Having just sold and test driven cars in this country... I can confirm that there is unbelieveably still a mass of wooden headed, vacant and naive people that think 'I'm insured fully comp so i'm insured 3rd party on your car'. When you say 'do you have an any car policy?' they either look at you like you are mad, or lie. I think there was a time, back when we were sweeping up hitlers mess, that a third party policy meant you could drive any car third party. That has seeped it's way into popular culture to the point there are still some folk that know 'f' all about insurance that think thats still true. When i tried to put Rob on my esprit for the day as a suprise, i needed his wifes help to get: driving license number, history of endorsements, current insurer, date of birth, date passed test etc,,, even though he was fully comp on his policy. If the car you are driving is not mentioned to your insurer then you are simply not insured. The simple truth is that every car i have ever test driven has been me driving with no insurance, and thats the same for many of us..
  24. Hopefully mate! Providing i'm legal to drive, if not i'll get in the back and Vic can take us out. By the way, i have absolutely no idea how to pronounce 'Fuchs' other than the rude obvious i'm guessing its 'foossh' or something?
  25. Cool. The big 12,000 mile service, a few bits here and there and an MOT for £700, not too bad. Sourced some near mint original Fuchs too, which makes it the exact "Red, Coupe, 3.0 or 3.2, whale tail, Fuchs. impact bumpers" i said i wanted on the first page of this thread. Next to the bodyshop for a bit of TLC. It's nice to have something old and interesting again, it really is exactly like when i got my '83 Esprit, finding out about a car i don't know, discovering it's quirks etc. It is Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the change i needed i cannot tell you.
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