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  1. I fitted a replacement trim myself and that has lifted. I need to have another go at it sometime. I think the problem lies with the spigot location at the top where the trim slots under the roof panel. This spigot location imparts a bending force into the trim itself which over time causes the tape to debond, particularly so when it's hot. I reckon the 'mod' would be to remove some of the spigot, that's what I plan to do next time anyhow
  2. Hi @trcm, sorry to hear that. I'm very pleased to say I've had no problems since the master cylinder was replaced and race spec fluid used, that said I've only done a couple of thousand miles since so maybe not the most exhaustive of tests. Hopefully Lotus will be similarly sympathetic with you. All the best Phil
  3. As great as those ducts look on the GT410/430 from the outset they were always going to result in severe gravel rash of the inner surfaces. I reckon you've done a top job there, if I had a GT410 I'd being doing the same for sure
  4. Finally got my PS4S's fitted and am most impressed so far. Noticeably quieter and the ride feels softer too. I also haven't encountered the 'skipping' that would occur with the Pirellis when manoeuvring on full lock at low speeds. I have no intent of using them on track but for road use they certainly get my vote
  5. Thanks for confirming Gareth, The std width 275s are available with Camskills at present so I think I will stick with those like the OP. By my reckoning though, changing to 285s should make less than 1% difference in speedo reading so that wouldn't explain the 9mph difference you're seeing, unless you're travelling at supersonic speeds Maybe it was already like that as you say.
  6. My Pzero fronts need replacing but I've decided to take the opportunity to change over to the Michelins all round. Is the consensus now to go for the wider 285 rears (as per the 400) and if so could someone confirm these are the correct tyres please? Fronts - 235/35R19 (91Y) XL TL Michelin Pilot Sport 4S PS4S Fronts from Camskill Rears - 285/30R20 (99Y) XL TL Michelin Pilot Sport 4S PS4S Rears from Camskill Thanks in advance
  7. The badges are just stuck on with double-sided tape. There are 2 pins at the 3 o'clock / 9 o'clock position that locate in holes in the clam but they are purely for location, there are no threads or nuts. As already mentioned you just need a little fishing line to cut through the tape.
  8. I'm sure I read somewhere that they were made by a company called Pektron in Derby?
  9. There's quite a while yet before we'll know the answer to that one The Jim Clark Trust is delighted to offer this incredible sports car as an amazing competition prize to help support plans for a new Jim Clark Museum. The winner will be announced at the opening of the new museum in summer 2019.
  10. It looks like it could be a self-adhesive trim moulding, something like this...
  11. A couple of good places you could maybe try if near Burton on Trent... Paul Shipley at PJS Sportscars who are a Lotus approved service centre (and where I take my Evora). Or Gav at Unit 4 who is a very well respected independent.
  12. Trying to park up 1500 Lotus in a 90 minute window....I reckon you might get to experience it all over again
  13. A big thanks must go to Paul Shipley of PJS Sports Cars who pleaded my case with Lotus who then did after all show significant goodwill by offering to cover the cost of the replacement master cylinder, it's associated hoses, fluids and 2/3 of the labour cost so I am well pleased with that. Of course when the clam was removed it soon became apparent that the other failing - the mud flap brackets also required attention. They were rusting badly and a few of the fixings were compromised so I took the opportunity to have some stainless replacement ones fitted at the same time. Given that the new plastic master cylinder is presumably exactly the same as the old plastic one I'm hoping the same problem will not occur again anytime soon. The main thing though is that it's back and just in time for Lotus70!
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