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  1. NA Sports Racer recently been advertised on seloc for anyone in the market....
  2. Whilst we were in the queue to get on the Lotus stand a very knowledgeable chap behind us referred to the Evija as the Evita 😁
  3. You're welcome, maybe touch up the blue first, then a few light coats of lacquer should bring back the brightness in the red. Ideally remove the badges to spray them but you could easily mask and do them in situ too. 👍
  4. Phil S1

    Lotus Emira

    Is anyone else wondering whether the V6 might actually be the sub £60k entry level car?
  5. Phil S1

    Lotus Emira

    Nice one Dunc, what's it going to be? i4 or V6?
  6. Mine have stayed fresh so far but yes spraying a coat of lacquer would increase durability.
  7. I thought my badges looked a little faded but I found polishing them brought the colour back again. Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose and it might save you a few quid in the process.
  8. Just received notification that the courier will be delivering my tickets tomorrow....doesn't guarantee it's happening of course but it made me feel better all the same 🙂
  9. A smoked chrome wheel on a Sports Racer....
  10. There's a lovely looking black NA just been advertised on Seloc for anyone in the market. 2011 with 47k miles.
  11. I can't really see either car selling at those prices, but you never know I guess. The crazy thing is if they do then that's potentially on a par with the supposed £50k entry level price for an Emira!
  12. A second low mileage Evora S sports racer has just come on the market for the best part of £50K! Is the Evora market really heading North now or are they just trying it on? New&onesearchad=New
  13. An Emira would most likely ever be a secondhand proposition for me but if a 4 cylinder with options was sub £60k then that could well sway me. I'm perfectly content with the performance of my NA Evora so 300bhp in a lighter Emira would be plenty fast enough for road use, so long as it had a similarly epic soundtrack to go with it. The biggest stumbling block on the 4 cylinder for me personally though would be the lack of a manual gearbox. If it ticked boxes in every other area and also had the bonus of a removable roof panel I could probably live with the dct I guess.
  14. Tickets for FOS are still available, I booked some for the Friday last night..... can't wait 🙂
  15. Thanks, I'm really pleased with how it turned out too. I'll have to treat my wife to some new needles now 😁
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