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  1. If you are not satisfied,i understand.But don't call it another exige with options.It is not.You are confusing it with Carrera / Carrera S / Carrera GTS.
  2. Anyone knows anything about this wind tunnel?
  3. As i know exige's engine heats more because of lack of chargecooling.It probably affects gearbox.
  4. That is just a guess though.
  6. Jokke,you are lucky that you were not banned for the noise The Pits had experienced this.
  8. I can't see it Jokke.Is it only me?
  9. (380's standart roof means soft top) which means the carbon roof is probably 8 kg lighter than the standart hard top.
  10. nerobi

    Lotus Evora 400

    250k €.
  11. For the roof;never mind.Take the roof of(at your dealer) and enjoy it.Congrats.
  12. Unlike Bahar,JMG knows the limits of the company.He is precautionary.
  13. They understand simplicity as just manual gearbox and na engine.They should dig a bit more to find Lotus.
  14. ISIS obviously.It has been one year exactly.
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