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  2. You can't consider only weight/hp rate.GT4 is the purest Porsche they say,yet it is full of electronics;from steering to the 'pure' manual gearbox.The lap times differences may exist because of that.
  4. From the Evo interview with Gales:
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  8. How is the route? You will pass through Izmir won't you?
  9. Turkey is a great country only when you are travelling If you come again,let me know please.
  10. Very nice.I wish i was in Istanbul. I hope that you can take some pictures?
  11. Sorry for these people. I know to tell these things is quite rude right now,but i just wanted to inform you about Turkey. Such a coindience that whenever our heil dictator talks mysterious,something happens. It happened before Paris attack,he talked mysteriously again. European leaders aren't brave enoguh to stand against that dictator just because refugee invasion.
  12. Taxes are high,not for only luxury. A picture from 2013. It was this way when 1 Dollar is 1.75 Turkish Lira.Now 1 Dollar is almost 2,86 Turkish Lira.
  13. Would you want Lotus to sell cars as much as Porsche does?
  14. Taxes are high,and when you sell your car,about 2/3 of money goes to the state,so no point to sell the car to here Very few Lotus owners.Unfortunately our people think so simple that they say:' for 4 cylinders car?they must be kidding' And there are 3 circuits only,2 of them are miserable,one of them ,Istanbul Park F1 Track, has very long straights,not ideal for a Lotus. Evora Na with GTE spoiler here is the prices to enter the track(1 £ ,4.1 TL) Thanks to the government,there is no car culture at all except for ultra rich people.
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