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    Back in 2011 Lotus unveiled the T125. This was a near-F1 spec’ single-seater, whose million-dollar price tag bought you not just the car, but entry into a kind of private racing league, a team of mechanics and a driving coach.

    The project was a spectacular failure, with only a few cars built and delivered before everything went a bit Pete Tong. But now the T125 is back, thanks to a New Zealand-based company called Rodin Cars.

    It’s taken the T125 and improved upon it, adding its own (often 3D-printed) components such as a new titanium exhaust, titanium steering wheel and composite seats. The first five cars are currently being assembled.

    Prices start at $650,000. Which isn’t too bad, considering what you’re getting. The FZED uses a 3.8-litre Cosworth V8 making 675bhp and 9,600rpm, which Rodin claims can run for over 3,000 miles on regular, 98-octane petrol before it needs a rebuild. It can reach 100mph from rest in just five seconds, and weighs just 610kg thanks to liberal use of composites and fancy metals.

  2. An interesting article; about 911 though.


    I used to subscribe to the belief that so long as the success of the Cayenne and its ilk funded the development of great 911s and enabled Porsche to race at Le Mans, it was all good. That theory is still sound, but now that those outliers have become Porsche’s enormously lucrative bread and butter, the customer profile has morphed to such a degree that the 911 now has to look, feel, behave and be equipped in a way that feels familiar to customers who might have owned Cayennes, but have never owned a 911. Much as it pains me to say so, the 911s that I have known and loved are now some kind of genetic throwback; the notion of such a quirky, challenging, individual and unapologetically straightforward sports car sitting as comfortably in Porsche’s 2019 model range as a square peg in a round hole.

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