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  1. With not all that many Evora 400 YouTube vids about I can honestly so I really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing and I look forward to watching more updates!
  2. That looks a great buy, would be interested to hear how you get on!
  3. Sorry not got the link but a lovely looking S available at what seems a great price with JCT600 in Leeds. Interior looks a bit rough but could just need a clean up perhaps (32,990)
  4. Don't forget about the pics, looking forward to seeing the results!
  5. I completely understand peoples reservations about carbon wrapping the dash trim parts but I'd sure like to see if someone has done it. I would of thought the brushed metal trim parts of the evora would have been available in real carbon fibre anyway by now but I can't say I've ever seen anything. For that matter I haven't seen the sports racer black facial parts either but surely they must be available for enthusiasts wanting a different look. Does anybody know just how much effort would be required to change these trim parts on the dashboard and centre console?
  6. The steering wheel looks really good and I have to agree that it looks like a fantastic mod. Out of curiosity how easy is it to carbon wrap the silver center of the steering wheel and other dashboard parts so they all match, not a fan of the silver after seeing the darker sports racer interiors.
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