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  1. My Evora N/A IPS is a daily and has been absolutely faultless. It's never let me down (except flat battery) is super comfortable and rides better than pretty much anything going. I'm probably one of the worst Lotus owners out there though, I love the brand (my 5th Lotus) but I haven't done any track days and manage all of about 4k miles a year or there abouts pootling around in mainly 30mph zones lol and stretching it's legs occasionally.  I love the look of the Evora and it makes me feel good. I'm probably letting it go soon, I'm faced with the dilemma of either getting into a 400 or going in the complete opposite direction and getting myself a dirt cheap runaround.

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  2. Had the dreaded engine check light fire up a code P0140 stating it's an O2 sensor (Bank 1, sensor 2). Has anyone else had this before? car is running fine but want to get it sorted without driving it any further.


    I think this is the part I need, can anyone confirm if this would do the job?  Any advice would be much appreciated if any of you guys have had this problem.

  3. I think my first initial faulty latch was the microswitch and why it got replaced, this time its the actual latch that appears to be the issue. So annoying these latches appear to be so fragile.  I did get a reply from Deroure stating a 6-8 week estimated arrival for the part.

    I also did some digging online to see if anyone had converted their door with the new, improved part which was revised for the 2012 cars (no door button) but any info appears to be a scarce. I was tempted to do what a previous owner had successfully managed and that was to soak the old latch in electrical fluid and replace to see if it fixed the microswitch problem like it did his but I have ultimately decided just to wait it out with me being hopeless with the spanners lol. 

  4. So I've got a new door latch on order which is estimated to be between 6-8 weeks. Its the first time whilst in my Lotus ownership where I've had to wait an significant amount of time for a new part so I guess I shouldn't moan to much but its still a pain as my Evora is my only everyday car. 

    Just a quick question though, I now have two lh latches with different faults, I'm told that the latches can't be opened up to make one good latch. Can anyone confirm if this is correct?  Also do you have to be pretty handy with the spanners to attempt removing my current latch or is it a fairly simple job? And finally, I've done some searching and I've seen some people discussing updating their early doors with the later latch mechanism. Has anyone since tried this route?  Any help or advice is much appreciated, thanks everyone. 

  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply guys I really appreciate it.  With the waiting time and no real Eta time for these latches I'm now hoping even more so its an alignment issue that can be rectified rather than a replacement job. 


    A little update, I've tweaked the Striker pin many times to no avail yet I can quite easily get the car to think the door is shut by using a screwdriver immatating the striker to trick the latch into thinking its shut. The window goes up and down to clear the sill like it should when I do this which is why I believe there could be hope that I don't need a replacement. Anyway it's booked into the same garage who fitted this mechanism only 7 months ago to see what he can do. 


    Thanks again. 

  6. Sorry if I've put this in the wrong section but was wandering if someone could throw me some advice on an issue that's happened tonight with my passenger door. 

    When I shut the door it stays registered as being open on the dash meaning the footwell and interior lights stay on. A little pressure against the door from the outside sorts the problem (until I let go) so I'm assuming it's just a loose connection somewhere. Anybody had this problem that can help. 


    Btw, I've had the Evora 18 months now with little to no problem except the door latch being replaced under warranty (funnily enough) a while back. Brilliant cars! 


  7. I had a similar problem, lamp still didn't go out after inflating it back or even over the recommended pressure.  I read on Lotus talk that someone said to significantly let some pressure out before inflating and this has now worked for me on the last two occasions.  As said previously you need to go for a drive just for a bit but hopefully as the pressure readjusts the warning lamp should stop flashing with a bit of luck.

  8. I like the fact that James is happy to express what he sees as flaws in some of the cars within the Lotus range.  You don't have to take his opinion as gospel its simply just his opinion and not fact and I think he makes that very clear.

    I'm happy to admit I'm a Lotus fanboy and I believe James is too but he's not shortsighted enough to believe every product Lotus releases is perfect.  I'm also fairly convinced he'd like to see all the 410's sold regardless of whether he likes the car or not. The fact he currently owns an Evora 400 makes him the ideal person to have an opinion and I for one am happy he's willing to share his thoughts with us.



  9. 1 hour ago, Gashead1105 said:

    Allow me to explain how this works:

    I have 25k budget for an Evora. Ah, bugger, I'm at the high mileage/TVRGlen end of the market, better up the budget to 30k. That should get me a reasonable NA, although top of the market (esp the rare NA SRs) are more. In any event, 30k sounds good. Mmm, it's a really nice thing to drive, but lacks a little power out of roundabouts. In any event, I'm now in touching distance of the supercharged version, I can get a good one of those for 35k. But I know the MY12 made a whole load of significant alterations, I should definitely get one of those. Better up the budget to 40k or so....

    Hold on, Lotus will flog me a 400 for c35k down and 2yrs at 0% if I haggle hard.

    Et voila. Buy a brand new 400 and save money!


    This is exactly how it goes, brilliant post!

  10. Finally another video review of the Evora 410.  Looks fantastic on the move and sounds great as we all would expect.

    Is it just me or has this amazing car from Lotus been seriously neglected by the media??  To me it seems like this is Lotus's very credible answer to the GT4 but despite the clamour for just about every journalist to talk about and mention the (unavailable new) GT4 at any given time this Lotus product once again is probably only going to be ever known about by the very few.

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