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  1. If it's just the LCD screen that you need, I have the ones out of my car that I'm not using. I had purchased one of those KPH units from Motorsport Auctions in order to disect for my anti-red backlight mod, and ended up swapping the LCD screens over to my cluster since they're matte instead of glossy. But to swap it out you'd need to remove the gauge cluster and separate the halves. It's also possible that the ribbon cable is just slightly misaligned, and is preventing that area from drawing pixels. But that too would require you to remove the cluster and open to inspect.
  2. Could be bad audio processor, or bad pre-outs, or bad wiring. The amp is located in the rear of the car, behind the b-pillar cover on the RHS, above the subwoofer.
  3. While not exactly scissor/Lambo doors, it seems that Lotus knows people want "billionaire doors", as evidenced on the Evija. Hopefully they consider that for their other future cars targeted at more 'average' people.
  4. Stainless steel? I don't think I've seen an OEM one of those before. I have the aluminum knob from Elise-shop on mine. I like the heft vs the leather OE one, and it came with everything necessary for the swap.
  5. Yes, my bad. I was looking at the diagram from the wrong perspective. 17 is the one from the bank closest to the bulkhead.
  6. I plan on also doing the steering wheel, just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  7. The steering wheel piece is actually a replacement, not an overlay. You disassemble the wheel to remove the buttons (or blanks) and attach them to the carbon fiber piece. As for the other interior pieces, there's a very small amount of visible aluminum once mounted, but seeing it depends on the angle of view.
  8. Fit great on my 11. It would be nice if they were just replacement pieces instead of overlays, but that would probably be significantly more $$$.
  9. Ventilation hose. #18 But you can just replace it with any vacuum hose of similar inner diameter. The foam cover is likely for abrasion and maybe heat protection.
  10. Hethelsport used to carry these, but I don't believe they're available any longer.
  11. The 4xx parts should be cheaper. I just did a quick comparison of S1 S parts vs 4xx parts (clutch disc, cover, and flywheel) and the prior came out to 1104.10 vs 526.77. These were based on prices from DeRoure.
  12. There's a few over on our side of the pond that have used 4xx clutch parts in the S1s. I've seen nothing but positive posts on LT about using those bits, so that'll likely be the route I take when it's time for a clutch job.
  13. I had this happen on my driver's window this past winter during the rainy season. I assume the regulator allowed water to ingress. To close the window, I just repeatedly pulled up on the window switch as fast as I could. It would inch the window up a little bit at a time, until it was finally all the way up. But on occasion, it would move the window up, and then the window would drop back down to the fully open position and I'd have to start over. Once it dried up, it seems to be back to normal. But I did end up ordering what I think is a compatible replacement regulator and will keep it on hand in case I have issues with it again.
  14. It would be had Lotus made that a separate, orderable part #, but they included it as part of the entire headlight assembly (same as the turn signals). So Silverstone had to replicate the existing LED disc design and send out for small batch production, which isn't as cheap as large volume.
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