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  1. The endlinks for the ARB can get worn over time too. I plan on replacing mine in the spring with aftermarket ones (the stock Lotus ones are hard to come by apparently).
  2. I did, but need to redo them when it's warmer. I was rather rushed in my prep, and ended up sanding too deeply into the plastic, so there's some circular scuffs that the clear didn't fill properly. While they don't look perfect, it's definitely an improvement over the peeling look, so it's fine until the spring.
  3. The stalling isn't overly common, but it does seem to happen to some. Try cleaning the MAF with MAF-specific cleaner, and the throttle body electrical connections with contact cleaner. Not sure about the stuck 5th gear though. Could be mechanical issue, or possibly clutch/hydraulic related.
  4. I believe it was the previous episode (or maybe 2 before?). Either way, I did this work this weekend, so to describe the steps: Get front end of car in the air Remove front wheels Remove wheel well liners Unplug headlamp connector Unfasten headlamp bolts (3x; 1 at the very front, 2 at the rear) Unfasten the headlamp washer hose (has a quick-release fitting; just press in on the knurled part and pull) Unfasten the rear headlamp bracket (2x bolts/nuts) Withdraw headlamp towards rear of car, rotating as needed to extract Unfortunately for me, th
  5. Check out the B is for Build videos on Youtube. Chris recently had an episode where he refurbished the headlights, and it shows the installation and removal steps, in addition to the sanding and respraying. I'm off to get the supplies to do this as well.
  6. William48151623 over on LT is trying to compile this data based on Certificate of Provenance info. You should definitely look into getting yours if you're looking for info specific to your individual vehicle.
  7. If you plan on adjusting it at the lever end, you'll likely have to remove the center console top and side trims. I suppose you could get away with removing just one side. Either way, removing the seat(s) makes this process much easier. It's not too hard or time-consuming to do; I wrote a quick how-to a while back.
  8. The ebrake cable exits near the front of rear undertray, and splits into separate directions for each rear wheel. I believe it can be adjusted there, and also at each individual wheel through an access hole.
  9. Yep, my 11 came with the trim broken. The replacement part # is A132V0071F. Keep in mind that it's just the plastic piece; the leather boot is clipped & glued to it from the underside. Since the OEM leather boot is like $200, and that was the cause of the broken trim (it shrunk), I opted to take the trim to a local upholstery shop and have them replicate the boot, but with more room so a slight amount of shrinkage wouldn't result in the same damage.
  10. I'm positive I've seen posts here about that issue before. I think it came down to TADTS.
  11. I'd equate it with people doing their own brake jobs. If you flub that, you're likely to get equally injured/dead. Had he been taking apart the airbags to try and salvage/refurb them... that's something I would never consider doing.
  12. I'm sure any silicone or rubber hose with the same ID should suffice. Might want to make sure it's extra flexible if there's intricate bends in the normal routing. If you're dead-set on getting a hose that looks fairly OEM, you could try Alibaba and take some measurements from the existing one. That vendor's MOQ is a single piece.
  13. Lol, you're right. Prior to any review videos of the US 400, nobody could answer that question for me definitively. Don't mind me, I'm just being daft.
  14. Err, maybe I was unclear. I know the UK 400 has reflectors, but the US 400 should have lights, correct? And if that's the case, do you know what color the lights are going to be? I could imagine Lotus just re-using the S1 lights for the US 400, but I was hoping they would change the lens colors to match the UK 400 reflectors.
  15. I think they're the same as the S1 Fed Evora tail lights. Do either of you know if the fed marker lights are the same amber (front) and red (rear) as the S1 Evoras on the 400? I'd really like to replace mine with white/clear markers, but apparently the clear ones on the UK 400s are just reflectors.
  16. CarPlay and Android Auto headunits still utilize the connected phone (and its mobile data connection) for navigation. Google Maps now supports offline maps (for a specific region, based on available phone storage) which helps in this regard. The interface for GM still sucks as in-car navigation though; Waze is definitely better, and will be available on AA later this year.
  17. Probably just the boot latch switch is out of alignment and can't tell when it's open. Or the ground needs cleaning up.
  18. Last time I took mine out for a cleaning, it had the same Denso/Toyota markings that I recall from a previous Camry, so I'm guessing it's just a standard-issue Toyo MAF. I can go cross-ref the part # here in a bit. EDIT: Yep, pretty generic Denso MAF used in Toyota's line of vehicles with their 3.5 V6. Toyota part # is 22204-31020, Denso part is 197-6110.
  19. If you want to take the mirror folding one step further, you can automate the folding process like the 400s. See this thread for more info.
  20. Dry is when the fluid is brand new and uncontaminated. Wet is after the fluid has absorbed 3.7% water by volume. Even after a complete brake/clutch fluid flush, you'll still have some level of contamination when you put fresh fluid in. The higher the wet boiling point, the longer it'll last before it needs to be flushed again. It then comes down to driving preference/style vs. cost vs. flush frequency.
  21. Should be fine. Heat wrap on the line is definitely a good idea.
  22. I don't know that I've seen a DIY write-up here on TLF, but there is this one on LT.
  23. You'll want to swap the brake/clutch fluid (they share a reservoir) with some high temp DOT 4 like Castrol SRF or ATE Type 200, and bleed out all air from the clutch slave cylinder first, and then brake calipers, starting at passenger rear, then driver rear, pass front, driver front. And each caliper has 2 bleed nipples; 1 on the front and 1 on the back. That should definitely improve the clutch pedal feel, but if the master cylinder is failing, it won't be long before it gets mushy again. There was also a service bulletin, where the Lotus dealers would put heat reflective wrap on the clutch l
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