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  1. If the door drains are clear (the long ovalish cutouts at the rear bottom corner of the doors), then it's likely the seal at the bottom of the door that the door card fits over. The 4 or 5 plastic fasteners at the bottom of the door card go through this seal and into the door itself and can leak. I just fixed mine by removing the existing seal (looks like foam weatherstrip) and replaced it with some I had lying around. Pre-punctured the fastener holes and then reassembled and nary a drop now after a thorough all-day soaking from the rain.

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  2. After disassembling the front end of my car to replace the clutch master cylinder, it became apparent that Lotus just wants people to believe working on these cars is somehow more complex than any other vehicle. Or maybe that's just what most people familiar with Lotus want to believe based on the book hours for most jobs. 

    I would have been thrilled if I could have removed a "rear clam" on my mk2 MR-2 when I had to repair/replace the crankshaft pulley and front seals. Having to stand inside a trunk and lean over a motor made for a really achy back. 

    If/when it's clutch changing time I'm sure it won't be a simple job compared to your standard FR car, but I'll save a boatload on labor. 

  3. 11 hours ago, ajheath said:

    Dave,  did you manage to get them sprayed in the end and how did they turn out?


    I did, but need to redo them when it's warmer. I was rather rushed in my prep, and ended up sanding too deeply into the plastic, so there's some circular scuffs that the clear didn't fill properly. 

    While they don't look perfect, it's definitely an improvement over the peeling look, so it's fine until the spring. 

  4. I believe it was the previous episode (or maybe 2 before?). Either way, I did this work this weekend, so to describe the steps:

    • Get front end of car in the air
    • Remove front wheels
    • Remove wheel well liners
    • Unplug headlamp connector
    • Unfasten headlamp bolts (3x; 1 at the very front, 2 at the rear)
    • Unfasten the headlamp washer hose (has a quick-release fitting; just press in on the knurled part and pull)
    • Unfasten the rear headlamp bracket (2x bolts/nuts)
    • Withdraw headlamp towards rear of car, rotating as needed to extract

    Unfortunately for me, the weather took a turn for the worse, and the temps and humidity were too far off to get a good application of 2k clear, so I'll probably wait until it warms up to try again.


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  5. Yep, my 11 came with the trim broken. The replacement part # is A132V0071F. Keep in mind that it's just the plastic piece; the leather boot is clipped & glued to it from the underside. 

    Since the OEM leather boot is like $200, and that was the cause of the broken trim (it shrunk), I opted to take the trim to a local upholstery shop and have them replicate the boot, but with more room so a slight amount of shrinkage wouldn't result in the same damage. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, jevansio said:

    Is it just me, I wouldnt trust myself to open up a seatbelt then put my life on it?

    I'd equate it with people doing their own brake jobs. If you flub that, you're likely to get equally injured/dead. 

    Had he been taking apart the airbags to try and salvage/refurb them... that's something I would never consider doing. 

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