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  1. AndyW2


    No its AndyW2. The Andy W4 must be a typo. I'll try and remove it somehow! Images as requested. There are only 3 S'es in this colour Essex Blue. I think I got the last one. Other 2 owners are also on TLF. Scott Walker at Lotus thought up the idea of the broad stripes and Evora S logo on the car sides but I'm no 'boy racer' any more (more a wrinkly racer) so got them removed by Chris Neil. The other 2 owners did the same as me. These 3 cars were the last to be produced in RH drive. The 400 replacing the earlier model. There were 3 LH drive S'es gold plated or sprayed going out to Saudi. I saw them at Hethel last July. Lotus had a tradition of having the engine compartment autograph signed by all the employees who had worked on the last vehicle. No doubt one of the gold cars has been given this honor.
  2. I'VE been to Hethel 3 times now doing my Lotus licence but stayed at The Old Thorn Barn within walking distance of the Lotus plant. Very nice but only B&B. I always drive or walk to the Bird in Hand. Food is great but get there early! It gets very busy in the evening. Have a chat with Alex the owner. He is ex Lotus and has lots of Lotus pictures and related stuff around the place. He organises driving events through his own company.You will really enjoy yourself. Beer great too. Get a seat outside if weather is OK.
  3. AndyW2


    Been a Lotus owner for 6 years. 2 Elise now an Essex Evora S since May '15. Also an Elan S4 in '72! Am a member of NORLOC too. Great cars to own and drive.
  4. First day I got mine I kerbed the rear nearside wheel trying to avoid a 4x4 who had strayed over the center line. I managed to repair myself with filler and a matching silver paint that matched the alloy texture. A blind man would have been pleased to see the repair and acceptable to me. Since then I'v had the front nearside re-diamond cut by Prestige Wheels in Stockport. They do a great job.
  5. Hi Jon I'm the owner of the 3rd Essex Evora S. I think its the one in CNs showroom. Bought in May '15. I didn't like the stripes either. I'm glad both Paul and you feel the same way. Would be nice to have something down the sides. Some sort of subtle stripe but don't know quite what! Maybe a two tone colour scheme. That would ruin the uniqueness however. Had mine confiscated by the Cheshire boys in blue. I got a puncture on the Cat & Fiddle road last June. An unmarked police car pulled up to see if I was OK and promptly told me I was not insured. Reason being the underwriter had read an index letter incorrectly on the insurance docs!! Car was seized, I was read my rights and threatened with 6 points and a £300 fine. However, the next day the insurance company sorted everything out in a very amicable way with a personal visit by their MD. Car back no points or fine plus a very tidy settlement. Enough said!
  6. Hi Lee Love the solar yellow. I had a 111R Elise in this colour several years ago. I then bought an Elise S in Laser Blue. Great car but would have preferred in in yellow. Somehow, solar yellow (not the lighter shade - yuck) seems to suit all Lotus best. My Evora S is Essex blue. Only 3 made and the last 3 Rh drive Ses ever so could not get one in yellow-pity. Enjoy your car. They are head turners especially in yellow! Beats the Cayman S as they are 10 a penny. Andy
  7. Hi Paul

    Just joined the forum today.  I have the 2nd of the 3 'Essex' Evora Ses produced. Would be good to find out who has the 3rd one.  I had the stripes removed before I bought it by Chris Neils in Cheshire in May '15.  Apparently these 3 cars, paint work and stripes courtesy of Scott Walker, were the last rh drive ones produced. After the Elise S mine gives so much more comfort. 

    Oulton (3).jpg

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    2. PaulCP


      Hi Andy, follow the link below and click on "start new topic"

      posing pics is usually a problem if the file size is too high but I think anything upto around 4mb should be ok. 



    3. AndyW2


      Hi Paul

      Still having problems uploading a avatar. I'll keep persevering. Afraid I won't be able to visit Brooklands in May due to family issues in getting away for a day or so just at the moment.  I suppose Chatsworth in Derbyshire is a bit far for you as I think there is a Lotus meet there in July. I'll check it out through NORLOG. Would be great to get the 3 cars together.  I'm on track at Oulton Park Tuesday. Just hope the rain keeps off!



    4. PaulCP


      Hi Andy,

      Actually I had considered the Chatsworth event. We have family in Sheffield & it's a while since I was at Chatsworth. Just need to make it fit with everything else we have going on so won't know if we can make it until nearer the time



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