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  1. I got my car back from my repairer, now running like a dream. 12 weeks in the repair shop. As suspected, I had bent the majority of the valves. Fortunately no further internal damage. No damage to pistons. A new set of valves sourced from America (cheaper from there, for some reason), head machined, new cam belt, job done. Cost $3300.00 AU. Beautiful day here for a cruise, and the car has run beautifully. I'm glad to have her home again. Thank you all for your advice, and input.
  2. It's interesting to hear different people's perspective. I was told by someone that a 907 engine rebuild would cost me $10,000 AU, on a car that has a current market value of approx $15,000 That's enough to scare the hell out of me! I have a very reputable mechanic here in Adelaide, who has agreed to take it on, and have a look to assess the damage, and quote up repair. I spent my morning today removing the series 2 front spoiler, to prevent damage pulling it onto a tow truck. Even that is a tedious job. Headlight pods require removal to access the fixings for the spoiler. The Èclat is a lovely car, and it certainly turns heads. I know of a few scattered around here, in various states of disrepair. Mine is the only one I have ever seen on the road.
  3. Thank you for your input. Some good advice there. I will continue to filter through my options. I agree, I need to assess the damage before jumping to conclusions. (glass half full) At the time I was coasting along in 5th gear, doing 85 -90km/hr, when the car suddenly lost power. RPM speed quite low. I immediately pulled the car out of gear, and rolled it to the side of the road. The engine had cut out. I then tried to turn it over. That's when it was evident, that there was something seriously wrong. I was also looking forward to entering my car at this years 'All British Day' here in February. I have spoken to a few club members, and they have been very helpful, and provided some valuable leads. I will report back, hopefully with some positive news, soon.
  4. It was a good start to my Sunday, with the first club run of the year, for Club Lotus Australia (Adelaide). We all set off on our journey to Birdwood. Unfortunately I didn't make it. Cruising along on the open road in the Adelaide Hills, my Éclat suddenly lost power then cut out, followed by a rattle noise. I immediately put the car in neutral, and rolled it off to the side of the road. I attempted to start it. No luck! There were several teeth missing from the under side of the timing belt, and scattered around the engine bay. I'm afraid it looks like a valves hitting pistons scenario. Luckily one of the club members stopped and offered me a lift home, to pick up my daily drive. After a tow truck ride home the car is back in bed, and probably will be, for a while. Do you know of, or recommend a repairer somewhere here in Adelaide for these old school Lotus's? Where would you suggest I turn? Preferably someone who knows the Lotus 907 Engine. I am also very nervous of the repair cost here in Australia, as unfortunately Éclat value is not particularly high. I'm afraid it could be the end for my lovely little car.
  5. I recently put a series 2 spoiler on my Eclat. The previous owner took the original one off, as he grew tired of repairing it. I now have to be very careful when approaching speed humps.
  6. Thank you for the offer. I purchased some very good ones on eBay this afternoon, from a Lotus parts dealer in Texas. (Not cheap). I managed to remove the back plates from the bumper this evening. I had to get a grinder onto three of the remaining posts holding them in. Now the bumper is clean and ready for primer coats. It's very hard to find good tail lights now, as most of the old ones suffer the same fate. I also have a series 2 front spoiler on it's way from England. It should look great once finished. I appreciate the offer. I think I have it sorted now. I will add some pictures once completed.
  7. I considered masking up the tail lights. I would never be happy with the result, as the old lights were filthy on the inside. I proceeded to remove the tail light assembly on both sides, last night. Unfortunately half of the posts have broken due to rust and seized parts (I am not surprised). I am now on the hunt for a new pair of tail light assemblies. A simple respray of the bumper is fast becoming a very expensive exercise. Does anyone have a set of Eclat, Elite, Jensen Healey, Aston Martin, Reliant Scimitar, complete tail lights for sale?
  8. I found this today. It appears to be a common problem.
  9. Hi there, Does anyone have any advice on successfully removing the rear tail lights from an S1 Eclat? I have removed the rear bumper for repainting. 6 of the 12 fixings are seized tight. I have tried penetrating oil, without success. A previous owner did a poor job painting the bumper. They had masked the lenses instead of removing them. I assume they had the same trouble. The job will be a whole lot easier, and a better finish, if I can get them out without breaking the posts. The inside of the lenses are looking pretty grubby too. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Well after pulling out the wiper motor, and having it rewound, I had my first wet weather drive in my Eclat. I switched on the wiper. One very slow sweep of the windscreen, then parked at the 3/4 return position. I am now stumped at what the issue might be. When the motor was removed, the wheel box moved freely. The switch on the wiper stalk seems ok, fuses ok. Where do I go from here?
  11. As it turned out the wiper motor was cooked. The wheel box is moving freely, now the wiper motor is out. I'm having the motor rewound through a company here in Adelaide. Not cheap though $373.00 AU. The gear could also do with a re-grease, while it's out.
  12. I'd love to know where to get the original material.
  13. Thanks Paul. I'm hopeful it's relatively simple to fix.
  14. I agree with you Steve. I love the green trim. It would look a little bland all grey. I guess I have a dilemma, original vs green. I think the green grey combination would look better.
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