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  1. John did you have any luck? My 2010 NA is going on the market. Contact me on 07768 813031 if of interest.
  2. Not entirely sure what happened to the "display stand" but I assume the wet weather overnight meant relocation to the public car park. Marshalls up there had no clue about it when I showed up at 8.30am. Nice to meet a few of the LEGS regulars when we parked up. Anyway, we had big things on our mind. Team FMC's Soapbox entry! Didn't come away with any silverware but we had an absolute blast and I'm terribly proud of my wee 9 year old, James, who piloted our completely home-grown cart on two smooth, clean runs which Jenson Button would be proud of :-) Roll on next year.
  3. Campbell


  4. Hi team and especially to David who appears to have become Organiser in Chief of The Lotus Forums' stand :-) Room for one more on Sunday?! I was speaking to Tony Yule this week, when he mentioned he's displaying his Evora on your stand as it's for sale. I'm in the same boat (with a 2010 NA). So whilst we hadn't planned to bring the Evora (we have an entry in the Soapbox compo and need the family barge to transport that), it seemed like an opportunity to join the gang. We could bring both cars. Having the Evora on site for 7.30am is no problem as we are camping nearby. I hang
  5. 1. Al (without SWMBO who is working) 2.C8RKH 3. Dom :o) 4. Shug (from SE'ers) 5. Arnold 6. Duggie 7. David (Alfa2Evora) + Jennifer 8. Sharron & Dave 9. Gavin (21GG) 10. Craig (Dewarcraig) 11 Mark (SWMBO also working - we've opened a cafe!!!!!) 12 Campbell (from SE masseev) (haven't opened a cafe but not sure which of Mrs F and either of Fords Junior joining us yet...)
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