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  1. Are you selling it as it seems to be for sale on the V6 Facebook group?
  2. If anyone wants to sell their original 410/430 exhaust please drop me a line 🙂
  3. Hi Mark, could be wrong but I'm pretty sure those add-on cans are intended for use with the non-valved system. Little chance of passing any noise test with the valved 2bular but the standard V6S exhaust is fine. If you decide you don't want the 2bular I'd be happy to buy it off you
  4. Candy red gets the vote from me too 👌 Gold seems to be appearing everywhere all of a sudden and with a number of manufacturers now offering gold as an option I'm sure it won't be long before they're on every young boy racers car (again!)
  5. Very nice indeed! What colour are you thinking of for the wheels? Would seem a shame to hide the design in black, as many of them are. I'm looking for some silver forged wheels like yours so if you ever consider changing to an alternative wheel then please let me know!
  6. I believe it's this one
  7. When I viewed the car it had the standard exhaust but I'm pretty sure the last owner mentioned on the V6 Facebook group that he'd fitted a valved 2bular?
  8. I was offered it for less than that but then I'm very fussy (but then so are most Lotus owners!) I wasnt prepared to buy something with such a hole in the history as it suggests the car hasn't been cared for as £40k Lotus should (and the condition at the time suggested the same). I think it's fair to say Lotus owners overall are more fastidious about upkeep than owners of other marques, so most cars tend to be very well looked after, so the expectation is similar when buying (hence patchy servicing is probably a bigger deal than for other cars). I ended up buying a much much nicer car in immaculate condition and with an impeccable service history for a lot less money than the red one is for sale for now, so personally I'd move on and find a better one.
  9. @SSingh Long story so I won't go into detail now but I know a bit of history behind the car. I had chance to buy it before it went into the dealership that sold it last year, at significantly less than its been sold for now. I passed on it, despite really wanting a red one at the time. The car wasn't serviced for 3 years and around 8k miles (not even an oil change) and in that time it did several trackdays. It also needed a fair amount of tlc, much of which may well have since been addressed but imo there are much better cars out there for the money..
  10. Never been a massive fan of the GRP lights on the earlier rears with 4 lights, but with just 2 that looks spot on 👍 I dropped you a PM Steve too, when you've got a mo. Cheers!
  11. Hi Kristof, don't suppose you've any pics of the internal modifications made to the stock rear box? Did you replace the perforated large internal pipe completely with a solid one and if so how did you route the small internal pipe to ensure it still functioned? I'm considering doing something similar so welcome any pointers!
  12. There was a red club racer for sale last year so I assume they did a handful in non-standard, special order colours.
  13. There also seems to be a common misconception that the Roadsters are "softer", when in actual fact the springs and dampers are the same, different geo and a slightly thicker rear arb on the Roadster are the only difference (race suspension being an option on both the Roadster and Coupe V6S)
  14. Cockchafer perhaps? (no sniggering at the back 😁) They normally appear around April/May but maybe earlier due to the mild winter? First time one landed next to me whilst out in the garage I was rather startled at the size of the beast!
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