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  1. There also seems to be a common misconception that the Roadsters are "softer", when in actual fact the springs and dampers are the same, different geo and a slightly thicker rear arb on the Roadster are the only difference (race suspension being an option on both the Roadster and Coupe V6S)
  2. Cockchafer perhaps? (no sniggering at the back ) They normally appear around April/May but maybe earlier due to the mild winter? First time one landed next to me whilst out in the garage I was rather startled at the size of the beast!
  3. Bit of a rarity that, looks like nice example. Is it a manual? I looked on and off at Cayman R's over the last few years when I had my Elise but never managed to get a drive of one as there only ever seemed to be PDK's for sale. Think they'll continue to hold value well so probably a safe place for your money. Don't suppose you took the 2bular off the Exige before sale?!!
  4. This is burnt... has more of a gold cast to it in certain lights whereas metallic/chrome orange just shouts ORANGE!
  5. Wing and splitter now fitted to mine thanks to @Mattmahope
  6. You're welcome! Glad you got sorted
  7. Congrats on the purchase! Can't beat them for smiles per mile, even more fun with the roof off too PS4's will be my next tyre choice too and are standard fitment on the latest 350's. If you're quick Black Circles have got 15% off Michelin's until Wednesday..
  8. Fingers crossed then! After a Z4 the biggest shock might be the weight of the steering at parking speeds. It's not as bad as some of the reviews make out but very noticeable when stepping from a modern PAS car. Once moving it's a delight of course!
  9. Would that be the yellow one? If so the spec looks good, it's got sensible mileage and with the hardtop included I think it's pretty reasonably priced. In case you've not seen it there's also a blue coupe for the same money on the V6 Exige Facebook group, also well priced and I think it's got the soft top conversion included, probably can't go wrong with either. I've only had my V6 roadster a few weeks after many years in an Elise and I'm loving every minute, great cars!
  10. Sprayed with Flash (as good an all purpose cleaner as anything else for such jobs) and after it had soaked for a few minutes I agitated with an old wheel brush before rinsing. This brought off most of the road grime then went over everything with a good old magic sponge. I also used Autoglym Magma on the brakes (and the inside of the wheels too) before cleaning the bells with the magic sponge and polishing the calipers with Meguiars Scratch X, brought them up a treat
  11. Vivid green really is stunning, also a colour I'd like to own one day (the list is growing!)
  12. Yes haha orange is a distant memory now! Can't believe the difference the wheel colour makes, I think the silver draws your eyes away from the colour of the bodywork and now with satin black it looks even more stunning than ever in the sunlight The plastidip gives a pretty nice finish too considering it comes out of a can.. Whilst I had the wheels off I went to town and deep cleaned under the arches/tub and all the suspension, then finished with ACF50 on all the metal bits and Autoglym rubber care stuff on the plastics. Oh, and polished the brake calipers too I've also considered painting them, I really like yellow against the carbon grey but I think it'd have to be red to avoid clashing with the interior. Regarding the spoiler, yes I'm looking to add one but thinking of getting hold of a second engine cover so I don't have to drill the original and can revert back at any time
  13. I'm considering changing the wheel colour so plastidipped them satin black to see what it'd look like. For those who aren't familiar it's sold as a "liquid wrap", basically a liquid rubber coating and can easily be peeled off if you don't like it. I've used it before and it's very durable (even survived around the exhaust on the diffuser of my 111R). Quite happy with the sleek and stealthy look...
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