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  1. @Snoopy1969 good question. My only answer is "sports gearbox $1500" from the factory on my window sticker
  2. Oh, very impressive. This car has a lot of time and money in it. Definitely a proud owner. I am just starting to make treadway with how it drives, and making some next level times in auto cross. I certainly wouldn't sell this car for a loss, as it hasn't let me down!
  3. I'm impressed you saw it that quick. I figured i would put it up for a profit, and if anybody is interested at that price, I would let go and move to my next project! As you can see with the price, I am totally okay with keeping the car forever. I've been liking it more and more recently.
  4. Fresch


  5. Good home and then some I'll post videos of it shortly!!
  6. Yes, that's exactly where I got it. Good eye.
  7. Dude that's awesome! Can you link a pic of the back? From a view higher up, so I can see the pin? What do you guys think would go with the electric blue best.... Black or red
  8. I have also decided that I am inspired by this car as far as decals if I go the "450 Cup" route. Not the colors, but the striping is great. Anybody know what model that is?
  9. I TAKE THAT BACK i ended up with 434 horsepower, as the headers and exhaust really liked the pulley
  10. Okay, I'm all done. I chose a more mild path at the end, resulting in 410 hp. Mwr has a 445 hp option though. It includes everything I listed above plus a different supercharger nose, and MWR 58.5mm pulley. This would have gotten me close to my goal, but as they reside far from me, I think it would be more safe with the less aggressive pulley.
  11. Jevansio - I called eddelbrock (the Co. That makes the 400 sc) and they wouldn't even talk to me about it. They said it's confidential. I was pissed so I got the one from the S. Vanya- me too, I love turbos. But if you own even an NA evora, you would know that heat is a major issue known this car. You would have to spend a significant amount of money to get rid of all the heat, and before you know it, you're paying 120 grand for an evora
  12. has anyone actually purchased this? I feel like heat would play a giant factor in "why not get a turbo" and to the bros saying "why isn't 350 bhp enough?" It may just be... but 276 is not enough. The Evora 400 is just too darned expensive in the USA. I know we don't buy lotus' to fit in, but there has to be a limit to "paying extra to stand out", and the S was my limit -- let alone the 400. You probably all make more money than I do though =D
  13. Noted. We will have dyno results really soon; the 2011 ecu didn't like the charger so we got one from an S.
  14. No sir, just injectors and a tune. We aren't confirmed on any amount of hp yet. It will certainly be over 400 though. Estimated 420 to 450.
  15. Still not sure what the output is going to be. The upgrades are thermostat, clutch, exhaust, headers, supercharger (all the stuff with the charger like injectors etc) intake, lsd... I know I'm forgetting something but I can't think it up
  16. I most certainly will, when it is complete. That was an estimate, it could be as low as 420. We shall see very soon
  17. I'm sorry, I read that too dash and thought you were talking about the spoiler for some reason. I still haven't seen the supercharger cover in person because it's still in Michigan getting installed. It's oem, evora. Now that I read your post slower, that was a good question
  18. It's wrapped. And I accept that I said Tushe instead of touche. Hahaha android doesn't recognize touche, it tries to change it to touched. I probably would have spelled it wrong anyway =D
  19. Yes, there are some you can. There is a 360 cup for sale in California. In the US, you can register any car in your state, but not necessarily federally. Which means you can drive it in the state but if you get pulled over, the cops can crush it if they want
  20. We have a few. Any exige around here isn't too easy to get your hands on. I'm guessing they are inflated big time. I'd soon rather build a v6 Elise. USA is a big place, some states are more receptive to aftermarket than others. With Facebook and forums, we have a lot easier time trying to sell tuners than ever before.
  21. Haha do you know where "the license plate said fresh and there were dice in the mirror" is from? It's big in the USA. Your car color looks amazing
  22. Thanks guys. I do track it. Autocross is my favorite though. The car is AS though and can't keep up with other AS cars. I don't really care if I win, just do it for fun. I'm going to be in a modified group anyway when it returns.
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