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  1. And you chose the best colour!
  2. “B132V1068F-011 nil stock I just need to know if you would like us to get the part on order and supply when available or if you would prefer the order cancelled?“ Typical.
  3. Crikey when did you order them?! I’ll try calling them tomorrow and ask why they’re ignoring me
  4. I'd only sell/px mine for an auto GT410 Sport,.... just in case anyone has one going? 😄
  5. Nope, and Deroure still haven't filled my order after three years 🤣
  6. Well I spoke too soon, Ashley from BOE has kindly replied to me! Due to the size of the undertrays, there's only a saving to be made on shipping up to two at once (One cooling tray shipped to the UK will be $140. Two trays $165.), as any more would get classed as freight and that gets a bit complicated for them.
  7. Well it seems BOE dont want to reply to me, if anyone else wants to email them as well ?
  8. Once the main airbox is removed there is a good amount of space free'd up, and the induction noise is a great benefit!
  9. I heard back from GRP today, Greg had heard (read? 👋) that I'd also enquired directly with BOE and so deferred to them to quote/handle the enquiry.
  10. I've only got a Mini and the Evora, I doubt I could transport one in either car 😆
  11. This is a sizeable part too, so for anyone joining a group buy, the shipping destination is fairly important… Perhaps shipped straight to Hethel and we can both meet and fit them there, leaving a pile of spare parts for their meagre stocks? 😁
  12. So we’re up to about six people, let me see what BOE / GRP can offer in terms of discounted unit price or postage and if it sounds worthwhile we can have a separate topic to gauge wider interest. If we don’t hear anything we can pester @Brussfor a howto guide for his cotton wheels and chicken wire method
  13. Cool, I’ll send Greg’s Race Parts and BOE an email later to see what either of them can do in terms of shipping 3 undertrays to the UK.
  14. Hmm, anyone interested in a group buy of the BOE undertray I wonder?
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