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  1. It seems they might have created a custom cowling for it. I'd be very very interested!
  2. trcm

    Evora 400 Hesitation / Jerking

    Is it also worth cleaning the MAF sensor too (and cleaning up the contacts on the MAF sensor connector junction) as that's a cheap and quick thing to try ? Edit to say, I see this has already been covered.
  3. I wish @garw would make an Evora dash replacement as nice as the Elise/Exige ones.
  4. The Lotus PPF is pretty crap, it was yellowed on mine after one year and Lotus wouldn't replace it under warranty. Im interested to hear how you get on as I'm considering removing/replacing mine too.
  5. trcm

    I picked a TVS1900

    I'm genuinely amazed the various firms offering the TVS1900 in all of its guises don't release more performance and functional test data given theyre expecting to tempt customers to part with many thousands of pounds.
  6. trcm

    Santa has delivered ❤️

    My first ride in an Evora was a red NA, and I loved it so much I eventually sold my Elise for one. Happy Christmas!
  7. I didn't have any Sikaflex 221 to hand, but I did have Sugru! 😉
  8. I think greasing or changing the bushes is not an easy one, but something to tack into a list for the next visit to a garage for a service. Now if anyone can help me fix the rattle behind the dashboard I'll be very happy!
  9. Had B&C re-grease my bushes when I heard some mysterious bumps from the back of the car, also adjusted the rear leather seat which was squeaking up against something near the 12v socket (though the sound had appeared to come from much further back into the engine bay). Isn't there an air hose that runs into the boot to keep it cool, maybe thats worth checking for the source of your leak?
  10. I used white Sugru to fix some CF ones on my S1, I like the look, not sure there's any improvement to engine bay temps though.
  11. I think cats temps run at up to and beyond 500℉ / 260C, and though the air would be cooler than that, I'd like a bit more margin.
  12. The black one is neoprene isn't it? Not sure that would last long in the engine bay 😲
  13. Yes! Perhaps I can find one that isn't in gaudy orange though! 😆
  14. Inevitably perhaps, the paint is peeling off the black duct pipe which guides heat up to the roof vent from the rear manifold cat. I could paint it I guess, but think it might just disintegrate if I remove it to paint. Can anyone suggest somewhere I can buy a section of replacement pipe of the right diameter to replace this with?
  15. trcm

    Evora 4xx 'heel and toe'

    Heel and toe in an IPS?!