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  1. Agreed, but don’t want to name and shame until they’ve had a chance to apologise and refund.
  2. I’m not very amused my email asking for the filter (and VAT) to be refunded has gone unanswered since this morning. I suspect they’ll not be seeing business from me again.
  3. I've always tended to use main dealers for the annual Evora servicing, and apart from B&C, they all tend to be a disappointment. Most recently had mine back from it's 4 year service, and they thoughtfully charged me around £30 for replacing the air filter, which they couldn't have possibly done given I'm running an aftermarket one. I'm sure it's an honest mistake... but it does make one wonder what else we get charged for but dont receive.
  4. I wouldn't mind a front camera! Not sure I can be bothered with the faff of removing the clam to fit it though...
  5. Oooh. Want! though I have some yellowing PPF I think I want to remove/replace before adding those.
  6. The snorkel at the rear vents the heat-shield covered area over the front banks exhaust manifold and pre-cat. Passenger side air-scoop indeed feeds the airbox. Driver side air-scoop feeds air to help cool the front bank exhaust manifold and pre-cat. The partial width air scoop in the under tray (it's full width in the 400+), is meant to help cool everything else, but obv. wasn't effective enough given the later re-design.
  7. Not interested in manuals ?
  8. I have one which might possibly be up for sale in late Aug...
  9. Settings > Camera > Formats > Most Compatible. That should fix your photos uploading as Apples silly HEIC format which don’t seem to display on this site. What OBD codes is the car giving now?
  10. Glad it’s sorted, lovely cars and rarely go wrong, so hope that’s your last issue for a long time
  11. And all the rusty nuts and bolts too, can this very question be put to Lotus at the next annual LTF - Lotus campfire meeting ?
  12. I'm excited by the new tyre options Lotus are offering!
  13. Fastest standing start 0-100kph 0.1s Umm
  14. @C8RKH French indeed! Lovely place in Le Puy de Grazay in the Pays de la Loire, not mine sadly! Bizarrely, the first morning I was there I'd nipped out for supplies at a nearby town and as I walked away from where I'd parked, another white Evora drove by!
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