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  1. Found a closeup of the metallic flake in the Motorsport Green. It's quite similar
  2. Looks like a darker and coarser flake than my old Elise which was MSG Similarly gorgeous though!
  3. Likewise, had mine at Hexagons complaining of this donk noise over bumps, and they didn't do the drop links, only the ARB bushes, so had to go back for the complete fix.
  4. I wanted Waze / Apple Maps too much, so upgraded my headunit to the iLX-702D (@Bruss it has FM!), and though it was a pain sorting the wiring harness I'm glad I did it. The sound is definitely better, and with the FM/DAB splitter, the reception on both is also MUCH better as they both work in the underground garage!
  5. Thanks @Bravo73 and @alias23, sorry for hijacking this thread, it just seemed there would be so much space if the stock air box was removed. But I accept your wisdom here, if you say it can’t be done then fair enough, what a shame for all the Evora owners though
  6. The ducting arrives under that bar, if the giant komotec monster can find its way around the bar, I’m sure it’s possible.
  7. Excuse the blurry photo, but it doesn't look like there's much in the way from the inlet ducting to the throttle body on the Evora S.
  8. If I liked the interior of the 4xx's I'd be very tempted by an Auto 410 Sport, the only thing I dislike about my SR is the manual box and the tractor noises
  9. Ferrari has an LSD I'm guessing?
  10. Intriguing failure mode, glad you caught it before it did any more damage, even if it did take four months!
  11. Looks like condensation doesn’t it... hard not to get some in this weather with wet shoes and damp carpets. Whack the heater on full directed to the face and dash level, close the door vents and partially close the dash vents. Leave for 30mins or so, that should heat that whole area up nicely. Oh and leave the stereo on, it’s got a fan at the back which may help draw out any moist air. If you have it, running the aircon every now and then should help remove moisture from the car too.
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