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  1. Well, a long overdue update.... No refund ever arrived despite them asking for my bank details, and to top that, the MOT I had asked for (and they noted on the bill) seems to have been missed too as DVLA just reminded me that mine expires this month. Hexagon of Highgate, I'm afraid it's now fairly unlikely I'll be calling on you in the future.
  2. You keep the parking camera functionality, the Alpine shows the silly cones overlay on the camera feed as usual, and the sensors independently beep as they detect objects in range. What you can’t enable (probably without some clever arduino magic) is the visual distance indicator as shown in the alpine literature.
  3. The parking sensor warnings in the S1 are actually part of the dashboard unit, so sadly can’t be integrated into the Alpine even though it has that ability (if you buy the extra ‘Maestro’ kit). The microphone, GPS, USB, reverse camera and main harness are all the same and plug in in the same way.
  4. Here was my first test fitting, where it actually sat too recessed. Easy enough to adjust so it’s completely flush though.
  5. You'll lose the inbuilt NAV component, but I never liked how slow that was or what a pain the map update process was. CarPlay is just infinitely better, and I imagine Android Auto is too.
  6. Yes, a straight swap, same harness as the Alpine INE-W920R it replaced, camera works fine.
  7. I use one of these with the Alpine ILX-702D unit I upgraded to, works amazingly well with the existing aerial, I even get coverage in our underground garage, no complaints!
  8. I gave the headlights a bit of a wobble as I was cleaning the car today and one seems to have a bit more play than the other, I looked at the service notes but cant tell if it's possible to reach the front or rear mounting screws with the clam still on?
  9. Beautiful! Especially with the oyster interior. I'd have loved that in mine.
  10. Doesn't need to be in the sunshine, just run the car for a while then let it sit there baking in the warmth of the engine!
  11. Agreed, but don’t want to name and shame until they’ve had a chance to apologise and refund.
  12. I’m not very amused my email asking for the filter (and VAT) to be refunded has gone unanswered since this morning. I suspect they’ll not be seeing business from me again.
  13. I've always tended to use main dealers for the annual Evora servicing, and apart from B&C, they all tend to be a disappointment. Most recently had mine back from it's 4 year service, and they thoughtfully charged me around £30 for replacing the air filter, which they couldn't have possibly done given I'm running an aftermarket one. I'm sure it's an honest mistake... but it does make one wonder what else we get charged for but dont receive.
  14. I wouldn't mind a front camera! Not sure I can be bothered with the faff of removing the clam to fit it though...
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