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  1. Likewise, I still have a wobbly headlight I need to get better access to !
  2. How much of a job was it out of interest ?
  3. It comes in from behind the fuse box in the pax footwell I believe.
  4. This is the BOE undertray. I forgot about customs charges sadly, so it came to the ripe old sum of about £570 after currency exchange, hence the cost saving exercise of DIY fitting
  5. Well as there wasn't a discount forthcoming, I decided to bite the bullet anyway. Let me say I've never felt so old, achey and unfit as I do right now after fitting this....
  6. I can't help but notice he doesn't actually show them opening and closing 🤣
  7. You may have missed the much more recent updated …
  8. Just search for "Tailgate Gas Strut Set for Suzuki Alto 2009"
  9. That looks great value, I'm almost tempted to chop mine in for it!
  10. There's very few recorded comparisons, so unless you can find someone with a bedded-in Larini to listen to, it's somewhat guesswork. I found the 2bular I bought for my old Elise a little boomy at some motorway speeds, but I know Jim can modify them to suit (2nd helmholtz chamber, etc) if you're specific about what you desire. When all was said and done, I probably preferred the sound of the induction mods to the exhaust mods. They're definitely cheaper! Edit to say: My 2bular order to delivery timescale was also months, probably would have been years if I hadn't badgered him on the phone to the point he probably got fed up and 're-prioritised' things.
  11. @mdavies (Tried to message directly, but I think it's currently disabled). Apologies for the blast from the past, but.... I am still playing around with my S and am aware from my own testing that the standard box got fairly well heat soaked even after 10 minutes, so - Radium no longer being around - I am experimenting with a 76mm (internal diameter) alu tube with an air straightener and BMC FBTW76-140 filter, no issues so far, but at idle the engine bay temps can obviously rocket so I want to design a baffle to segregate the left hand side of the engine bay. Would you happen to have any old photos of your CAI and particularly the 'overlapping velcro'd plates' as I'm currently playing around with a cardboard mock up, but hadn't considered a two part design until I read your post. I appreciate you may no longer have any records, but if you do I'd very much appreciate it, cheers, Tom.
  12. Get a Caterham for the summer months ahead?
  13. I might agree with you there on some level, the downside for me was they were particularly hard to turn having such flat polished sides!
  14. Ahha, was it worth two years waiting, I'd prefer not to say 😆
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