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  1. And all the rusty nuts and bolts too, can this very question be put to Lotus at the next annual LTF - Lotus campfire meeting ?
  2. I'm excited by the new tyre options Lotus are offering!
  3. Fastest standing start 0-100kph 0.1s Umm
  4. @C8RKH French indeed! Lovely place in Le Puy de Grazay in the Pays de la Loire, not mine sadly! Bizarrely, the first morning I was there I'd nipped out for supplies at a nearby town and as I walked away from where I'd parked, another white Evora drove by!
  5. Love mine, wish I could get out in it more
  6. Excellent choice!
  7. Only slightly related, but our trusty old Saab 9-3 (used on many Alps trips) suddenly flagged up a reverse right indicator fault, then an airbag fault, then a dipped headlight fault. Oh no I thought, this sounds expensive. Put a multimeter on the battery terminals, and 9v. Gave it a long slow charge and all is well again Why manufacturers dont have a low-battery alarm I will never know....
  8. Is it possible a gas refill might cure your problem, @21gg mentioned many years ago that the fill point is : "right front wheel arch, behind the wheel. Just pull the arch liner back and you will see them". Most (all?) gas refill workshops will have the equipment to do a vacuum test to check for leaks, so this would be my first point of call unless you can already identify the compressor as kaput.
  9. I'm normally quite lazy so would have bought a kit if one were available that I liked (the Komo-tec is huge and really expensive!). I enjoyed reading over the Exige V6 threads and @alias23 work to develop a product there, and it was due to @Kristof Thys and @dixie v6 comments on that thread - about air straighteners and reliable MAF outputs - that I thought this would be worth trying on the Evora S. I spoke to @dixie v6 to find where he sourced his parts from, and as luck would have it he offered me a spare alu tube and fitted an air-straightener to it for me for shipment from Belgium to the UK. All I needed then was to find an air filter (BMC delivered from Italy) and do some fettling to make it all fit, but this is actually half the fun if you like tinkering!
  10. Out with the old... in with the new... Snug fit, but easily done. Fuel trims seem fine on the long run I did today, IATs seem much better (the stock airbox seems to get heat soaked after as little as 15minutes), and oh the sound is marvellous
  11. I remember it well from my Elise, nothing useful would fit in with the strap attached.
  12. I've seen some carbon disasters out there, but this is a really nice blend, not too much and done very nicely where you have used it. Curious why you keep the 'jockstrap' in the coin tray
  13. There’s always the option of the Willwood master cylinder if you can’t get the plastic Lotus one.
  14. I hope they have one in stock, I waited three months
  15. I think the probable cause of a lot of clutch failures in Evoras is possibly the service garages not completely flushing both clutch and brake lines when they 'replace' the fluid each year. Hoffmans replaced mine at 10000 miles with 'DLOTAC05385' Brake fluid (whatever that is), my clutch died at 12000, and I dont seem to have a record of what Hexagon used then.
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