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  1. Wet and cold in Devon, but still love this beauty.
  2. I think it affects all master cylinders, metal or plastic. I got my car back two weeks ago from having this fixed (it was off the road for three months waiting for parts from Lotus). The opinion from the garage was that due to the clutch line being routed so near to hot engine bay components, the fluid tends to overheat and degrade (garage said my clutch fluid was almost black when they drained it), which then contaminates and eventually damages the master cylinder. Their solution involved replacing the CMS and the lines and using a better rated fluid. Why this doesn't appear to happen with the 400s and newer is possibly the better engine bay cooling, or they have better insulation on the lines. As the master cylinder itself is the same part number across the range from S1 to 430GT.
  3. It's been over three years and I only just discovered this !
  4. Dont write off the NAs, they're still very good, lower tax, better economy and by some accounts can be tuned up to almost the S level of power.
  5. Oooh, what a beauty, I'll swap you an S1 Evora if you like?
  6. My Elise has something very similar sounding, my bet is on the fuel pump, the sound started with the ignition switched on and the pump priming and remained audible even with engine running.
  7. Hi @Mark_Graphic, you might be interested to read the amazing work @alias23 has done on the V6 induction : Same engine, just slightly different engine bay layout, so his existing kit would need some reworking to fit in the Evora as neatly as it does in the Exige. He was willing to look at the Evora if someone was based near enough to him to help him look at the design changes needed....
  8. Well worth it, still looks lovely .
  9. Of course, you'd have to live with a 400's mishmashed styling and inelegant interior...
  10. Surely depreciation will hit you for 30% ish?
  11. Careful, an Evora will ruin you for all other road cars!
  12. If you find somewhere to get them from let me know, I'd be interested in some barge boards too.
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