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  1. trcm

    Evora 4xx 'heel and toe'

    Heel and toe in an IPS?!
  2. trcm

    ELM 327 OBD2 dongle

    You can also pull the performance logs too! 0-60, 0-100, standing start counter, highest rpm, highest coolant temps, max speeds, etc.
  3. That looks like the excellent BackOnTrack ? Regardless, you're all overly romantic luddites. 😜
  4. Would string make things better in that regard?
  5. trcm

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Any way to view that for non-Facebook users?
  6. I am sure you can achieve things with a Hunter rig that string alone will not give you accurate control over. Otherwise, don't you think Lotus themselves would have saved themselves a few bob...
  7. This. Can anyone who's used a garage who actually has a Hunter rig let me know, as the outfit I used last also got by with some string and a pencil scrawl.
  8. I have the door lighting, I’ll have to check if there’s anything there under the dash/glovebox but suspect this was dropped from latter cars maybe?
  9. I didn't realise there were lights under that part of the dash and glovebox !?
  10. All valid points CocoPops, but when I asked them about the TPMS not registering on the dash they had no idea (I'll admit I hadn't read the manual at this point so perhaps that's my fault), it went back in to the workshop for them to try 'resetting' the sensor as they'd "never seen this problem before". I really didn't want to drive 1h30mins home only to discover it was at fault and needed to go back once again. As far as the handbrake is concerned, I'm pretty sure now (having read the service guides and performed the adjustment myself) that one does check the wheel can rotate freely before you consider the adjustment complete. There is also the cable adjuster under the rear undertray which can be used in conjunction with the hub adjuster to take up slack in the handbrake, so no I dont agree this is a symptom of the cure. Not to mention the fact the scoring sound is still unresolved, and that is something I'd have expected them to notice even driving from the workshop to the pickup location out front.
  11. I dropped my car there for refurb of alloys, new tyres, a geometry change and to remove some of the slack in the handbrake. Frustrating trips back and forth (1h30m drive there, 2h train back) when was told ready to pickup, work to refurb alloys wheels not complete, I was only told when I arrived necessitating another round-trip visit. New tyres fitted, breaking one of the TPMS seals, flat tyre on collection, necessitating another round-trip visit. Replaced TPMS sensor (at my cost) no longer displaying on dash, not checked when told ready for collection, at which point I'd had enough and didn't want to return the car to them, fortunately after 30 minutes the TPMS display on the dash sprang into life. Later discovered something on the rear hubs / brakes is now dragging and making a loud scoring sound audible when the windows are down, removed rear wheels to inspect and discover discs not turning freely as drum brakes adjusted too closely to hubs, so I wind the adjuster back off a bit, sadly still the scoring sound is still present. I'm disappointed none of this was checked, and its now very unlikely I'll use them for future work.
  12. Is it me, or is that the familiar de-lamination on the headlights....
  13. trcm

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Six seconds faster 'round Hethel?
  14. trcm

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Did you just buy a bare Evora chassis, this must be a large project!