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  1. Nice work, I'm sad to see mine need a little touch up after my last effort :<
  2. Get the immobiliser checked, my 2012 Elise had the same symptoms.
  3. Whats wrong with having TPMS? Mine highlighted a slow leak to me which was pretty invaluable.
  4. Oh, the ilx-f903d doesn't do Wireless CarPlay, and the newer generation Alpines aren't out in the UK still.
  5. Have often used Waze for nav on the way down past Grenoble to the Alpes, and also down to Toulouse many times, it's brilliant in my opinion. I think in response to your poke @Bravo73, the stuck-on-iPad look might be less obvious due to the already recessed location of the units in the non-4xx Evoras, I'd hope it could be positioned barely any further forward than the top cowling?
  6. It doesn't come with that tray shown, but you can get single DIN storage trays easily enough. By the way, its this one I was looking at :
  7. I've been pondering an upgrade to the slow Alpine INE-W920R in my Evora, and am considering the possibility of using a 1-DIN unit with the display on a stalk like below. Another benefit of this would be I could throw my phone in the space below, maybe even adding a Qi charging mat in there! Need to go look at the space available, but I think it should fit in the (somewhat recessed) location of the non-4xx Evoras.
  8. Wow, the blue interior is really, err... something ! It really livens up what I consider to be the otherwise terrifically dull 4xx interior.
  9. I'll keep dreaming of a GT430 Sport Auto with my lovely S1 interior...
  10. Oooh, didn't realise Tony was getting rid of his, £89k seems a good price for a GT430 with <5000miles!
  11. Yes, I'm the fool who bought the last unregistered one it seems, rather than a 400 as I just didnt (still don't) like the look of them at all. I think it's only with the 410/430 GT models that they've made the Evora beautiful again, well on the outside at least!
  12. @Gareth44 Such a beautiful colour on the Evora!
  13. I should do this more often really I put her flags on today, not sure if they'll stay or not yet.
  14. Well I didn't fancy the orange pipes, so I took a 7mm socket (screwdriver would have done too) to the jubilee clip... and a 12mm socket to free the bolt holding the top of the pipe... And I cleaned up the frayed plastic wrap on the pipe, and gave it three coats of matt black BBQ paint! The camera flash didn't like the matt black, but I rather do. The paint coverage is much more even that this photo would have you believe, and it's a much darker black in real life. Maybe I should take another without the flash, oh well.
  15. Is this an IPS or manual out of interest?
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