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  1. Its recently happened to me too, just had a poke at the brake sensor to see what might be going on...


    Two (the coppery pair) of the four plug blade terminals are shorted when the plunger is up, with the silvery two open. This reverses when the plunger is depressed and those two small silver button shaped contacts are separated.

    That red component is a mystery as I didn't want to try and wangle it out to examine it.

    I applied a bit of contact cleaner, some contact grease and some silicone lube to the plunger slides and it's gone back into the car, I'll see a little later if that has fixed anything, otherwise I'll be in the queue for Deroure to source the SAAB part from the factory.


    NB: I fully pressed in and then pulled the plunger out by seven clicks, but when back in the car as soon as the brake pedal was relaxed onto the plunger I heard it click in one notch further.

  2. 0.006 is 6mA.

    0.06 is 60mA.

    0.6 is 600mA.

    6 is,.... 6A.


    60mA does seem a lot, I'll go and see what the Evora is pulling now...

    I measured 25mA on average (it actually seems to oscillate between 20mA and 28mA) and the alarm was armed as it went off as soon as I flipped the boot catch back open (having closed it manually to turn off the boot lights whilst measuring).

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