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  1. @Gashead1105 They just seem to be playing at it and i am sure are very good Hyundai dealers but don't have the sales commitment to thrive amongst some very good Lotus dealers. My reference to established dealers not fitting in was based on a discussion with one of the PR Managers at Lotus who suggested that not all existing dealers would remain in the network to sell the Emira as they are not willing to invest in the new Lotus branding, external signs/pylon etc. and don't fit into the shopping centre/Tesla style of selling. My deposit is currently not allocated to a dealer but i think Silverstone will be who i choose too.
  2. That's what i am assuming too, after my experience buying from them. There are some long established dealers that don't fit into the new Lotus look/ brand/style that they will be requiring.
  3. Truck logo is Battcon as per
  4. They look brilliant! Robin really is good at stuff like this. I'm going to go and have a nose on Monday as i love what you've done with the whole car Mark. Great Inspiration for me.
  5. Hi Stu, Congrats on the 410. I'm up near Ipswich and have just come back to a Lotus from a 981 GT4. See you around the B Roads or @Hangar 111 sometime. Gary
  6. @Screem Thanks for the heads up. JCT have it on their website as "coming soon". I think i may have to re-adjust my dreaming as that is my perfect car but unfortunately a little out of my budget. I'm trying to save money after getting out of the 981 GT4. @R300XXX Now that is a beauty. I had an S2 Exige S ages ago in Chrome Orange and have always loved the Lotus Oranges.
  7. Hi all After a couple of years out of a Lotus and owning a Cayman GT4 I’m now on the hunt for an Orange or Green Sport 350/ 380. If anyone is considering selling please get in touch. Thanks
  8. Lotus Customer services have told me that their roof supplier has suffered a major fire. Seems supply has been reinstated, but its slow. New cars coming out of the factory are a priority it seems.
  9. Cheers Dave, Shall pop over soon to see the gang!
  10. Former XBOW owner here too Supplied and maintained by Hangar 111. Had the ABT 300bhp upgrade too. Sold last year to a DJ in Ibiza.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. Solar yellow was originally an Elise S2 and Exige S2 colour. Its a lighter fleck metallic yellow than saffron yellow. Like a lot of the metallics in the Lotus range it tends to look very different in different lights.
  12. No 'action' shots yet! Second picture is of collection day with Alex and Aimee adjusting his clock for him! Track day booked in August at Silverstone, but unable to make the Hethel event Seems the car has a bit of history with its previous owner being one Cyril Abiteboul former Team Principal at Caterham F1.
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