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  1. I've finally find out why the two inlets, one for void advance and the other for turbo
  2. Hi, I've got a 86 turbo esprit hci and I've problems of lack of power while cold engine and backfire sometimes when lifting the throttle at high revs (warm engine). I’ve seen that there’s bad distribution advance. The vacuum circuit seems to work correctly but checking the distribution vacuum capsule I find that has two inlets, one of them doesn’t hold the void but forcing it with a manual pump it has effect on the ignition advance. The other one keeps the void but forcing vacuum does not have any apparent effect on the ignition advance. Anyone knows why it has two inlets? Is this the expected functioning or it needs replacing? Thanks Alex
  3. Hi Scott I can send you the 3d file of the part if you have where to print it. Alex
  4. Hi, Recently I had problems with the indicator lights, sometimes functioned sometimes not. I eventually found that the origin of the problem was the hazard switch and after much struggling with the dashboard I managed to take it off. As I had found in the forums the problem was a broken plastic component of the switch and there is no replacement for it, just a similar land rover switch. To keep the original switch I printed the plastic piece with 3D printer so If anyone has the same problem I can send this component and you will just have to dismantle the switch, make a hole in the plastic component to attach the metal contact piece and put together again. Or if you prefer it you can send me the switch and I fix it for you. I attach a picture of the component (the original is white) Alex
  5. First of all sorry for not giving feedback about this issue for so long. In July I just made a superficial checking of the pipe between filter and turbo and the vacuum pipes and everything seemed OK to me. With the winter arrival the performance has improved a lot (I don't know if there is any connection), the rattle continues but much lighter and at higher revs and higher boost. In a few weeks I'll free the elevator (now occupied by a Bel Air in restoration) and do the checkings you suggested and dismantle the wastegate for further inspection.
  6. when arriving 5 psi starts the shaking but you can go beyond 5psi. I assumed it is related with the boost, because with gentle throttle openings, avoiding the turbo blowing, there is no shaking. It's also true that when I repaired the stuck wastegate I checked the diaphragm and It looked ok to me. I'll proceed with the checkings you've both suggested. Thank you very much
  7. Hi! When I bought my 86 Turbo Esprit HCI I found out that the wastegate was stuck, through a topic of this forum I learned how to fix it, but now when reaching 5 psi the engine begins to "shake", becoming awkward to go beyond 4.500 rpm. Is the wastegate the problem again? what should I do, change the diaphragm? Thanks Alex
  8. AlexGTV


  9. Thank you for the welcome. Yes Scott is a 1986. Jorge the interior is red and yes, four moths to get the historic plates with no more than a week lost for my fault (i gràcies)
  10. Hi all, I'm Alex from Barcelona and I fell in love with the Turbo Esprit when as a child I saw she in the James Bond film "For your eyes only". This past August I dared my dream to come true buying this Turbo Esprit through eBay in the United States, she arrived home in October and after 4 months of bureaucracy, now I eventually can drive it. The first day I already had problems with the turbo not discharging and thanks to this forum I rapidly identified the problem (stuck wastegate) and solved it. Thanks!! Now I'll have to get the interior restored as it's in no very good shape, but first I will enjoy the Esprit a little more. See you here! Alex
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