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  1. Hi, I just wanted to post and say thanks for your open honest information. I am 50 this year and have been putting it off, but I just came back from the Docs after the dreaded Prostate examination. Seems all is ok but you prompted me to get on with it. I am so pleased that you are doing well, I lost my Dad (49), sister(28) and wife (45) just tree years ago to the evil disease, so unfortunately I have some understanding of it. Keep up the good work and I sincerely hope that you continue to recover. Best Darren
  2. I noticed that as well....ha ha ...very good
  3. Hi Guys Just a quick note to say great to meet up again and thanks for organising a very interesting trip, it is always an inspiration to see around the workshops of true professionals. All the very best Darren
  4. Hi Richard I have to come down to Auckland tomorrow and hope to catch up with you guys. Unfortunately I have to drop people off so it will be Mazda power, not the Elise . Cheers Darren
  5. I think you might be hope for me then To be honest it has been great fun getting involved with the car rather than just getting in and driving it. Now what can I do next ......................................................................
  6. I was thinking how much I had done to my Elise since I got it, more than any other car in fact. I got my Elise (first Lotus) back in late March and soon found that the head gasket was leaking so decided to jump in at the deep end and fix that. I also decided that whilst it went well and looked good, it just needed to sound better so fitted a high flow induction kit and then a sport exhaust, that needed the rear grills modifying and I made up some Al rings to finish the look. In addition to that the seat cloth was looking a bit shabby so I got that replaced with black leather, however t
  7. Hi Gents I have replaced the wheels and tyres on my 2004 K Series S2 (went for the black look) so the originals are now not wanted, the fronts have Bridgestone Potenza's with about 3 mm or so left on them and the rears have Dunlop D2101's with about 5mm left. All the wheel have a bit of kerb damage but you can see generally not that bad. I will also throw in the original wheel bolts with the standard wheel locks and associated key and splined driver. I was thinking $600 for the lot and best for pick ups as courier would be quite expensive, I think about $100 each. Cheers
  8. Hi Gents I seem to struggle to select reverse just lately, all other gears are just fine, its just reverse that takes a couple of goes. It is like it needs to engage a little more, I think it will just be adjustment of the linkage does anyone have any instruction on how to do this ? I should add that I have fitted new nylon buses to the cable end eyes, so it is not slop in the crap rubber OE bushes. Cheers
  9. I agree totally, funny this made me think and when I checked, my Rego (tax disc) had expired. I already had the new one but had forgotten to put it on the windscreen. Too bad Buddsy, I hope they don't hit you too hard Cheers
  10. We should be able to work together and get them all shipped to one address over here and split them over here, might save a bit of time, money and hassle
  11. Thanks for the heads up Richard, afraid I am busy this weekend. I might be able to make it that far down towards the Spring/Summer Cheers Darren
  12. 71. too please if you can send to NZ Cheers
  13. Good for you, I must be great to see inside the factory and review the build of your actual car Great stuff
  14. Hi from across the ditch. The car looks great, well done
  15. Never mind - Thanks anyway
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