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  1. Well the winter afternoons have certainly kicked in for Australia. I took my Elise Sport 220 out for a quick run for some fresh air
  2. A Lotus Elise achieved No#1 in the Harrop Engineering Ultimate Street Car Invitational competition We've compiled a short video of Jeffrey's journey in his Lotus Elise prepared by Simply Sports Cars beating lots of other marques in a mix of challenges which I am sure most of you will enjoy hearing about ** Video of Jeffrey; ** The Harrop 5 part video series; v=as8dDHHBVJY&
  3. We are currently hiring for 2 positions 1. Sales Consultant 2. Vehicle Mechanic & Technician Job descriptions attached, check out our website & social media profiles to see what we do day to day. Website - Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - YouTube - Simply Sports Cars - Sales Consultant Job Description.docx Simply Sports Cars
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