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  1. Bo’ness Revival is Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September, not this weekend.
  2. Great day up at Knockhill today. Lots of Lotus in attendance - click here Passenger run in the GT410 - click here Plenty of action out on track - click here
  3. Only just seen this. I’ve just been speaking to Ian at Leven Lotus (aftersales manager). He said this must have been an admin error but if you want to come up as a spectator he’ll look after you. I’ll be heading along in the afternoon to get a closer look at the Caterham and get some photos.
  4. I got a few photos from the breakfast meet. Some nice widescreen car park shots Some more from the car park A couple from the drive to the meet And a little something for Esprit fans
  5. The next breakfast meet is due this Sunday (3rd February) at Mannerstons Farm Shop & Cafe (near Linlithgow) at 10:00. I've not been along to a breakfast meet for a wee while due to other commitments, but we'll be there this time. There are two very photogenic locations nearby that we could go to for some post breakfast photos if the weather is dry and bright.
  6. 1&2 Brian & Jackie 3&4 Mark and Jane 5 Duggie 6&7 Steve and Julie if the weathers good (we're planning on going to the Thirlestane show, but it's a long way to go if the weather is crap!)
  7. 1&2 Steve and Julie You do realise that snow has been forecast for that weekend though......
  8. This is great news for Lotus in Scotland. Leven have bought the entire site at Sighthill from John Martin along with all the franchises bar Volvo. Leven have done great things with Aston Martin and Rolls Royce, and their prestige and sports car specialist dealer is very impressive too. Lotus have already moved from a tight corner in one of the showrooms into the old Volvo showroom, so passers by can stare longingly through the window and actually see something. Brandon moved south a few months ago and I believe he is working for Volvo Finance where I’m sure he’ll do well. Free from the shackles of the previous senior management I see a bright future for Lotus under Leven. The move also brings added experience in service - some of you may remember Murray’s previous head tech moved to Leven just over a year ago. Ian Parkin remains as sales specialist and Ian Campbell remains in the workshop, and I’m sure they’ll both flourish under the new ownership.
  9. Sorry chaps, going to have to back out of this one - one of the dogs is unwell and needs looking after. See you all at the next one
  10. If you’re looking to get out of the Evora and into an Elise with money your way why not just do that deal with a dealer who has an Elise you like the look of rather than do a sale first and then buy?
  11. 1, it would be worth checking that the car hasn't already had the upgraded cables. I believe some pre MY12 cars were upgraded under warranty, or by owners looking to improve the gear change. I never found anything really wrong with the gear change on your car, so it may have already been done. 2, the standard Alpine unit does run a separate amp for the sub but not the front speakers 3, the Pirellis are fine in the dry, and they're OK in the cold once they're warmed up. Your tyres have plenty of life left in them - I'd be inclined to leave them alone for now, especially if money is tight after the purchase. 4, no idea - sorry!
  12. Yes, that's my old car. Lovely car with all the packs and the highly desirable Stealth Grey 18/19 alloys Fire me a PM if you want to know anything else about it
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