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  1. You offer what you think is appropriate. His market is very small given the condition of the car and he is keen to sell. Even I wouldnt pay £20k for a Cat D given you can get a mint example for not much more if you are patient and network outside of the classifieds. Dont worry about Bravo73. He is just distressed about any Evora being less than £30k. It could bankrupt him.
  2. An inspection will cost approx 1 hours labour so less than £100 which you will likely get back following further negotiations after the report. Both are damaged repaired cars so will always have a history whether the black one is Cat listed or not. You will probably be able to negotiate more on the grey car so I would focus on that car first. Not sure how much Arb bushes cost but rear tyres is a minor cost. About £350 for Michelin PS4 and means your car will feel newer to drive. Problem with the black car is the black colour and the awful wheels especially in shiny silver. It is in my opinion the worst exterior combo you can have in an Evora. This of course is subjective.
  3. I never park in such bays because of the risk of it getting keyed. Have to say this thread is suprisingly a bit immature for TLF.
  4. Bolster wear seems excessive for 22k miles. The passenger air bag cover will cost approx £300 in parts and £300 in labour. An absolutely ludicrous price for a bit of foam wrapped in leather. I was expecting circa £50 for the part and the same to install. Just live with it if you can. Its deformation does not impact the operation of the air bag. Good thing about the car is that the most expensive repair i.e the clutch has been done. However, it is not clear whether it was a diy repair or done properly at a garage. Why dont you get the seller to meet you at his nearest Lotus specialist and pay for an inspection once you have agreed a preliminary price. Offer £18k on the basis that nothing major pops up following the inspection.
  5. 2010 Evora low mileage Cat D car on ebay for less than £20k. Good buy for someone on a tight budget.
  6. Evo400

    Evora Sport 410

    The fire red one at Silverstone would be my pick. I would need to paint the wheels black though.
  7. Evo400

    Evora Sport 410

    Good Video James. Nothing wrong with the way you speak. More importantly the video was very informative like most of your Lotus related videos. Its a lot better than parking the car in some small village and watching the reaction of pensioners walking by. Perhaps its because your honest view is slightly negative towards a Lotus product?
  8. Evo400

    Evora v 570s

    540/570/720 Mclarens i.e their newest cars are so ugly. They've done so well to build up their brand in a short period of time. Hope they don't throw it away with the current designs. Only reason I would buy one of these Mclarens is because they are very good value per performance and handling. The Evora looks better but would further kill the 570 aesthetically if it had a black pack
  9. I think his recommendation based on his other post will be the Pioneer Avic F88. Had a look myself and whilst it will no doubt be an improvement it still looks poor. Car audio is so behind general technology that it is an embarrassment. It needs Apple or Samsung to come in with a product. The current interface, look, fonts, ui and general graphics still look 1980s. I would love to upgrade the rubbish 505r in my Evora but there is nothing available even at £1k plus. I think the 505r looks best with the screen off. When on it looks like a BBC micro computer screen. Such a big ugly interface to stare at when listening to music. At least have a spectrum analyser to switch to rather than the terrible fonts and background design.
  10. So others do think it looks Lardy? The black sills are a must. Photoshop off the rear spoiler and the Evora has the same rear half curves (side profile) from the roof line as the Porsche. Had the sill not been designed the way it has to make a black pack work I would not be in an Evora. I today would pay £2k for a black pack wrap/paint job but will not spend £500 to fix my air con. Regarding price, I think any heavily depreciating product that has not depreciated the last 4 years is expensive. Lucky for me I managed to buy at a level where 4 yrs of depreciation has indeed occured. In anycase, Im loving the NA and how mine looks currently. Next step will be the 400/410 and then the performante/675lt/speciale equivalent.
  11. Evora looks lardier than other mid engined sports cars from the side profile because of the headroom needed for the +2.....FACT... No specsavers needed. Just not wearing blinkered specs. Seems most here prefer the non black pack which coincides with the demographic I suppose. Evora shape overall is still nice. I am constantly telling people that my black pack NA is not the new 400 who are then surprised as they they apparently never liked the S1 cars.
  12. No one interested in the low mileage silver NA on Autotrader for £28.9k? Negotiate a bit more and it looks like a good buy for someone. As for colour I wouldn't go black because of the inability to black pack it to make it look more like a Ferrari rather than a lardy Porsche. Also I wouldn't go the wrapping route. Doesn't look great close up on the edges and can also lead to future problems. Had my NA black packed recently and that cost £600. Whilst I went to a reputable place there are bits that are not perfect (maybe my expectations are too high). I therefore wouldn't want to wrap the the whole car. I would suggest waiting for a colour that you would at least be ok with.
  13. How much are people paying to have their air con fixed? I have a leak somewhere and have no aircon. Fan just blows standard warm air. I assume its in the 4 figures area as oppose to a few hundred quid in which case I will just leave it.
  14. You will probably be waiting for a while as you are advertising the ISF at £19.5k. The Evora is a significantly better car although slightly less practical. Ive had my NA for 1 week and I can tell you it is fast enough generally but slow relative to how it looks. Within the first week of ownership I have had all my neighbours pop over to comment on how lovely the Evora looks (with black pack) and how it resembles a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. They all also mentioned how they did not even know that the Evora existed. They all own C63s, M4s, M2s and Range Rovers. They walked round the car many times admiring the curves (with the help of the black pack). In short, 2 kids will be fine with the Evora so go buy one. The Evora is also a massive step up to any Merc let alone an A45. Also no offence intended but ISF to the untrained eye looks like a banger £2k IS250. Evora handles superbly and the Recaro seats are one of the most comfortable standard seats I have sat in. The Evora looks like a genuine supercar and handles like one but in NA form doesn't quite have the power to put it into supercar territory.
  15. No, the issue is that you are obviously very protective of your car value just because you own one. Rose tinted specs.... I have never expressed anything as fact since an opinion by definition is not a fact. Agree but a £50k 400 in 6/12/18 months time is massively better value than an early £30k NA.
  16. I have paid what I think all early NAs should be right now which is alot less than £29k. I wouldn't be in an NA at general current levels.
  17. I've never talked down the market. Just expressing my opinion. However I must be in the minority if people are happy to wait 4 years and still pay the same money. Cannot see much change though in the future especially when ford, VW, BMW, Audi etc are now pricing their very ordinary cars over the cost of a used Evora. Its probably because financing a MY15 with the high APRs given is almost the same as buying new with the 50/50 offer, but yes the early 400s do not appear to be moving.
  18. Im all for the early NAs to retain their value if that is what the market decides. In fact Im hoping the NAs stay at the £30k whilst the 400s depreciate towards the £4Xk. The £600 set has been sold. The £950 set is still there because it is £950. You could probably deal at £800 if you wanted them badly. They are also new so more expensive than a used set. As for the ebay ones, its uklotuscentre ffs. On a side note why is this forum so poor to type on using a mobile phone. Font sizes are all over the place.
  19. Early NAs are only being advertised at £30k. Many are selling way way below that. My 25k miles, full service history one is an example. Others on here have also bought these £30k cars for a lot less. The forged alloys can be bought on the used market for £600-800. The S alloys will cost alot more on the used market (Ive only seen £2k+). I would buy a S set if I could pick them up for forged money. Regarding size, they only look big in silver. These cars in my opinion should only have black alloys in which case they improve the look with the larger size.
  20. Some S SRs sold privately at £40k 12/18 months ago. I tried to buy the oakmere car for £40k, a level I was not personally felt was still expensive. S SR prices appear to have stayed stagnant for the last 18m so from that point of view are intrinsically expensive. The JCT cars are ludicrously priced so avoid. Likewise that mansory car. The £48k red JCT car also has the ugly smaller forged alloys instead of the S alloys. This alone means it should be worth £2k less than an equivalent car. I would not even pay £40k for this JCT car. Early 400s are not much more than the price of this car. It appears that the white S SR IPS at snows that I could have bought for £38k has now sold.
  21. Dont tell me you folks that do not like the black pack or improved interior like black brake calipers and the ugly forged wheels? All red Evoras in my opinion should have come with red brake calipers as standard whilst all other colours should have come with yellow brake calipers to match the Lotus badge. Its like the early NAs got it all wrong and the SR /400/410 fixed everything. Despite buying my car 1 week ago, I still do not have it because it is at the wrappers getting a black pack, black wheels and brake calipers painted. I could not stand to look at it without these. However as mentioned everyone has different taste.
  22. Sport Racers are the most desirable. They have the black pack as standard, all the trim options included, the best interior, the best looking Evora alloy wheels available and all the improvements of a MY12 car. A SR is worth £5k more than a non SR. As for S vs NA the premium should be £2k/£3k not £5k.
  23. Is the £1500 from an established wrapping company that are not likely to leave cut marks in the paint that will essentially mean a required respray when you come to remove it? The established players are all quoting £4k+
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