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  1. PATeamLotus


  2. Hey Ian, how are you doing?


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    2. PATeamLotus


      Hi Ian,

      Nice to talk to you on TLF.

      I alreadu had a drive with my M100 S2 last week, great fun but still could for convertible here!

      I bought an Esprit S3 N/A from 1984 last week, you know Lotus addictoin, I am a glouton for punishment! AHAHAH

      I Always like the Esprit, I Always had a broken haert while selling my others, I found one in Red LHD with full black seat completly Original very well maintianed and fully service documented with 2 owners from new and 75000 km on clock. I never a G Esprit before and I tought this is the time before prices are going crazy for these cars. I do prefore the N/A as well.

      Kind Regards


    3. mayevora


      Congratulations on the Esprit purchase ?

      The 'G' Esprit was what I originally set out to buy 15 years ago and then bought a 'S' Esprit N/A because one became available first. 

      I always like the very clean lines of the N/A 'G' cars though. I did go (but not mine) in a red one to the 24 hour in Le Mans 4 years ago. Great fun!


      enjoy ?

      That picture is on the ferry over

    4. PATeamLotus


      I look forward to have my G-Esprit S3 in my garage by the end of the month.

      The first owner kept the car for 26 years! He is FVH Motors a lotus independent specialist in Belgium and maintained the car at high standart! The father of FVH owned and drove the car carfully! He sold his car to a gentlemen with 74500 km on the clock back in 2010 and sold it to me at 75800 kms 6 years later. He did a cambelt change 4 years ago and a new steel exhaust at that time, drove the car 500 km since the cambelt change! He sold the car because he's moving into an appartement (64 years old) and he doesn't have space for the car in his new garage.

      It makes the car completly Original exept upgrade parts needed and Original great color, only few usual stones ships at the front but still good. Still has the Original Goodyear tyres, these tyres have been changed in 2004 while still available and I do have the old 4 Original levering Goodyear tyres with the car! Only few Europe LHD S3 N/A available so makes it collectable and I'll keep the car as Original as I can.

      I do have my Elan M100 S2 when I have a long sunny drive.

      I also have a 2001 MG F, great car and I like the design, I drive the car at winter time for fun.

      In june I'll be in the UK for some days.





  3. Hi Bibs, here I am.

    best regards


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    2. Bibs


      Still got the M100?

    3. PATeamLotus


      Oh yes of course, drives great and I look forward having my new toy by the end of next week ( 1984 Esprit S3 in calypso red):P

    4. Bibs


      Lovely! I picked up another Elise last weekend, I've got 2 now! :D

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