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  1. Just read your reply mate, looking forward to giving this a try, I will use it on the Mini too, we all know how mini's like to rust haha! going to order a tin today, I wanted something clear so I think this is exactly want I'm after.
  2. Perfect I will give that a try, I did notice the finish wasn't great on the wishbones, couldn't do a lot with them this time round,
  3. Cheers I used Bilt-Hamber Surfex HD and then a plastic/rubber restore gel, I want to try find something that will last longer and repel water and dirt but this will do for now, Cheers Stephen, yeah really liking how it looks with them
  4. Good evening all, hope everyone is keeping well during this tough time As I'm sure most people that have been out of work I've been doing all sorts of jobs that needed doing on the house and garden, not missing out the Lotus! Had a good few days to get the wheels off, clean down and protect for when I can actually go driving! of course health is more important and feel for everyone that has lost loved ones, the NHS etc that are working hard through this, that goes without saying of course so didn't want to have not mentioned this after talking about me not getting to drive the Lotu
  5. Sounds good, I live just down the road, I'd be good for Sunday, I'm away Saturday unfortunately,
  6. Cheers, Yeah I still wonder why It wasn't snapped up sooner I do think people thought it was a roadster, its honestly spotless not a single mark on it, I plan to use my polisher to refine it and add some protection, I'm going to give them a go tomorrow thanks for the tip, hoping I don't muck it up, The Vx220 was brilliant really, I happen to come across it at my Local Vauxhall dealership for £14000 (the blue one) had little mileage was spotless like new and had to have it, by that I mean scraping the barrel and a little finance just to own it, but luckily I was still at home haha, 14
  7. Evening all, Finally had a break in the weather today to get my hands dirty and get cleaning, since taking ownership 4 weeks ago I have managed to drive it 3 times!, last week I took it to Bell & Colvill for It's second service, what a great bunch, Phil was very helpful nice to meet him along with a few others that I got chatting with, amazing stock including some tasty Morgans, with It being a near 2 hour drive I decided to hang around bar grabbing a bit of lunch so had a good 3 hours to nose. Had them fettle with the gear mechanism for a smoother 1st, just found It stick sligh
  8. Would be amazing if there is one I have been to loads that had be held at Brands even without a Lotus in the garage! Would love to see it back, Any events at all this side of the UK? I’m all ears, cheers
  9. I will update with pictures You mention earlier on in this thread that it was a limited edition in what way was that advertised or was it the spec that was applied to it for the run out with this particular Levens car? Would be interested to know, I like bits of history however small or maybe even unimportant it may be! cheers
  10. Cheers TerryCTR that now makes sense! James has made contact with me regarding this, cheers for doing that though Hi Stephen mate, Early next week, 500 mile round trip ahead as I didn't trust delivery but mainly wanting to check everything over in person before signing anything!..
  11. Thanks for linking this, however I'm not a member of Facebook (one of only a few i know haha) thanks though mate,
  12. Duncx Cheers for the heads up, I've seen this event a few times while browsing, I was going to try attend last time with my mate in his Esprit but couldn't make it unfortunately, will see how we go this time round, HXT Thanks, shame you wasn't able to get a deal done, appreciate your information that helps a lot, as mentioned above I've not had the option of viewing yet, I will be speaking with them tomorrow, I did ask about the first service he said its been done but 'online record' I assume he is getting his BMW info mixed with this Lotus! I will get to the bottom of it though, p
  13. Wow that’s a cool bit of info, So it was Levens, that’s Edinburgh isn’t it? 70k list well done that man for ticking them boxes!, I may just give them a call and find out more then. Thanks 2GOOD
  14. I know crazy money out of my budget at the moment!!, I'm looking into other options as we speak but it needs to be as close as possible if not a full on copy! I do in a way like the 'softer/sleeker' look but I'v got a love for the 380CUP and this is going to be my version of taking the bits I love about that car, Hello Duncx, Thanks for the nice comments, I'm genuinely pleased with the purchase although nervous as I have done all this over the phone!! however I'm assured any issues will be resolved if needed but very excited, I really want to get a full list of
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