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  2. Hi Guys, update, this sold few days ago to a really nice gent, he owned one from 2 years old and then sold it some time after but has always wanted another in blue, he paid full price so all is good on that front after not knowing what to price it at, it wasn't about making money (he didn't after ownership costs etc!) but at the same time didn't want to give it away with the possibility of making something on his investment..Don't we all! Anyway its gone to a good home in North lincs and will be used often we are told so happy days and another Elite that should remain on the roads Thanks to you keen members for PM's with interest and giving me pointers on this example. Noticed another Elite on ebay going north of 7k so with the sale of my friends and this one it gives us all a bloody good idea what these are now worth..
  3. Thanks Chris, I appreciate you adding the above information, i would have added everything on the advert of course, nothing is kept from any one and would gladly have any inspection as its the nature of this type of car, its been an advisory to have the tyres changed before the next MOT yes. It really needs to go to a good home and as mentioned it does need a few bits doing! what classic doesn't i suppose. Please bare in mind i was speculating as to the value, i did ask for help in the price department!! its a great example and it of course isn't without its faults but needs a good home and once properly advertised i hope it will do. if not to a member. Cheers again for everyone's input so far.
  4. This is all information I'm taking on board, neither of us are elite pro's, the owner Barry is a lotus enthusiast and has maintained it over the years, he told me that he had a replacement gearbox fitted from Lotus parts 3 years ago, He is yet to bring it round due to work commitments, as soon as i have the car il get pictures and get some details and format an advert. Re the price its a guide any potential buyer can make an offer no harm in asking, he just wants it to go to a good home. i was very open in regards to struggling to price it. Thanks for all the feedback after all that's what i was after and hopefully find it a new home in the process. Regards J
  5. The reg is BAZ 530 this plate isn't included and will be removed shortly, i will check when the cambelt was last changed to be exact on that. Mileage is 89,589 Thanks
  6. It is on a private plate at the moment has been MOT'd last week and has been on the road but done very little mileage in last 4 years
  7. Thanks Dunc, I'm not sure what's different to the original spec you guys know lots more than i do about these classics, it is a pretty one know as you say! Re the chassis i will have a detailed look over each invoice, if its not stated i will check some pictures and failing that I'd go with a reconditioned original. Silverfrost hope so, we are thinking £8k considering the small amount available but il get an official advert then any potential buyer can see all the details and i will list everything as best as possible.
  8. PM me with offers, i will get a solid price over the next few days, its not secret! just want to get it right (its not my car)
  9. Much appreciated shame i can't keep it myself, sure it will end up in a good home soon. if its not sold come the Lotus festival at brands hatch il bring it along, i go every year used to take my S2 Exige s will be a little different in this ha!
  10. Thanks, will need a little more than that
  11. Thanks again for that, will be sure to get an advert listed. Some pics for you guys, As you can see its very nice.
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys, I will get some more information and pictures, the previous owner replaced the chassis and had the car resprayed and the interior re trimmed also, the engine is original and has plenty of invoices to back up the maintenance, my friend has done very little mileage in the last few years what with moving house and being generally busy, shame as he has had many Lotus Esprits in the past he is a real enthusiast just doesn't have the space due to downsizing. Anyway this thread is useless without pictures! so il get on and get them uploaded. i will be doing an advert for it on PH and Lotus forums to try find a new owner. Regards J
  13. Evening all, new here but been a member of SELOC for a good while.I wanted some advise regarding a possible purchase or sale of a lovely Lotus Elite a friend of mine has, its a 1974 in light blue cream leather has a huge history file and was restored 8 years ago with nice detailed pictures and lots of invoices including a genuine workshop manual, its not a concourse example but is very nice, i will get some pictures added to this thread.Anyway, i don't know a huge amount about these Elites but maybe some of you guys know, and are able to tell me what it might be worth? not many for sale to compare so is making it hard to value for me to either purchase or arrange a sale for him.Anyone looking to own such car or can point me in the right direction to a dealer looking for a nice classic Lotus to keep/sell on with minor attention required.I'm a big Lotus fan having owned a few in the past and in the future i plan on getting back into one but wasn't sure weather this would be 'for me' as such. i already have too many cars at the moment but this is being dropped off to me tomorrow.PM me if you would be interested in more information, however i will add to this thread with pics and info when i have it. and of course a for sale advert will be added to the classifieds section.
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