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  1. Any information regarding finance packages / APR's etc?. I'm heading to the Roadshow Event at B&C 30th so of course I'll be asking questions then but wasn't sure If I had missed anything. I'd be interested in the 50/50 potentially If an option.
  2. I wasn't able to attend GW unfortunately so really keen to make one of the days on offer.. Whatever the dates are mind!. I might have just been missed of the mailing list on this one. I have to say I'm not always keeping in contact. Last time I spoke to Jamie was regarding my deposit return (B&C one) and the email telling me about the Roadshow. I'll make It happen πŸ€“
  3. No email from B&C for me.. I've been quiet on here for a few weeks so only just seen this post. I'll contact Jamie for more info. If It's only a 3 day window I need to plan around work commitments..! frustrating to have not had the email on that basis.
  4. What an awesome garage that would be! Emira and 430 CUP! Love that. I was always looking at the £80/85k CUP's even missed out on a lovely Orange 380 Cup that B&C had in but during lockdown It just wasn't the right timing for me, that was £63k I think. during lockdown I even saw 75k/77k Evora 430Cup's. 😦 Rare cars.
  5. Exige 430 CUP / EVORA 430 CUP (if I could find one!) Porsche GT3 997/991) GT4 718 Emira is somewhat of a 'softer' experience to the other options I was looking at? but being a Lotus fan I was very much up for getting involved in what was to come and so far I'm still keeping all my thoughts towards Emira. Bring on the viewing in September
  6. I have done the same a few weeks back with B&C too.
  7. 27 April 21 - TomE - UK - V6 manual 15 May - JCR - Undecided 4 June 21 - DJW - undecided 7th July I4 - AI_C - I4 23 June 21 - KJD - V6 manual 25 Jun 21 - scotty435 - V6 manual 28 June 21 - DaveC72 - i4 8 July 21 - MJON - i4 8 July 21 - Wake - i4 (V6 cost dependant) 8 July 21 - Johnhoward - V6 Auto 8 July 21 (Goodwood Thursday) - JimH - i4 12 July 21 - emstan - V6
  8. Anyone else pick up on the blue mule when It was started. I believe that was the AMG unit. Appreciate the exhaust won't be a production type. Was interesting to watch and how close the deadline was to finish the two for Goodwood!. Cant wait.
  9. I'd take the Exige 100% for a Lotus experience If anything, But I'd tell the dealer as soon as they get an Evora to contact you as this will be 'closer' to what you could expect from Emira?? Don't know what others think?. You will love the Exige in It's own right and like you say you get a feel for the engine gearchange sound etc. Cabin/ride/view out will be a lot different as you have already mentioned. have fun. Now that looks amazing! Wow, I can only imagine how you must have felt that day. Special looking thing especially in Black actually.
  10. 9/10 I imagine a drive is a given prior to purchase, most will expect/want this. Some will accept it's not possible If they want to be a customer of the first batch (I believe that includes me so I'm told!) AI I totally see why you could well be pushed to give up your place, I think lots may well want to do this too. I do however think that If I go for the I4 AMG I might get a chance to drive a demo of sorts prior to locking this one in and still be first batch of AMG's. My dealer told me either way V6 or AMG I'll be first batch due to laying deposit so early Like yourself It seems. I don't have a large selection of sportscars to feast on while I wait until 2023! so I'd like to be able to make my choice and be happy with it to enjoy 2022 😏 I've only purchased 3 brand new cars in my time so far and all had demo or same model available to drive. I appreciate this wasn't Lotus. Has anyone else purchased a sports car or any car without a drive of some sort first? (minus LE Evora guys/gals!) haha. Anyway I can't wait for the viewing even if no drive and all the extra info that will come 😬
  11. I didn't test drive the Exige 350 sport until I had already paid over the phone and went to collect it and the same with GR, however GR was half the price and I knew I'd love the Exige having owned several others including S2 Exiges however I'm not sure I want to lump Β£75k+ on a car I have not at least driven. (I still might lol but would rather have not been put in that position) so I hope I'm not put in that position. I'm worried that might be the case then from what your all saying. As for Evora I do hope Lotus have learnt from their mistakes and this isn't the same experience!! you would think this would all have been planned and Demo's arranged for this huge launch appeal and wanting loads more orders or at least keep the orders materialising. What do I know!. I'm not being negative I just want to whole experience to be fun and be assured its the car for me. Its a big purchase in my eyes. Buying the GR Toyota had a demo but I couldn't go due to Lockdown! so I made the choice but I had full money back guarantee from start to finish, I only paid Β£500 deposit ordered the car 2 days before It arrived (4 month wait) I then paid the rest. I even had 14 days to hand it back. so taking delivery without a drive wasn't too much bother in my mind. I appreciate this is a different Company but I wonder where we stand on that front? can they actually say at any point prior to delivery that our money isn't refundable? Genuine question.
  12. I had intended to order mine in Essex Blue until I read Lotus will have limited colours for Launch.. My 350 Sport was Essex Blue and I absolutely loved it.
  13. You sure he wasn't talking about the AMG unit being 416?? as It happens to be 416 in the A45 seems an odd number to throw out re the V6?. Thanks for sharing I'm really enjoying all the new Emira content from Goodwood πŸ™ would be very interesting as this was my thoughts when I mentioned them not 'actually' detuning including V6 Sorry If I'm just completely missing something, I'll have another listen to your chat! πŸ˜‰ EDIT He did say V6! sorry It's late and still in shock re England matchπŸ™„
  14. So many different figures flying around isn't there!. I was told 4cyl under 60k V6 'around' 75k and to land first. We will know by September I suppose 😏
  15. JCR

    Lotus Emira

    Question regarding the V6 supposed power output in (EMIRA) they state 400 or 395. but can I ask does any know what Lotus do to make the same lump 410/420/430! I do wonder If It is in fact 430 thrown in for the last hurrah? Ie what's done from 350 sport onwards? exhaust/ECU tweak or anything internal?. Sorry If this sounds stupid but I just wondered without going off to do further research I thought I'd throw this question on here.. Other marques sometimes have to state certain figures to keep the rule book happy but in fact don't ACTUALLY detune it!! some have even more power than expected by a long way. lots of AMG's do. Same's goes for the AMG unit. could It be 416bhp as per A45S?..
  16. I'm completely in the same mind set regards to Manual vs DCT. The V6 is going to feel 'meaty' due to It's displacement and noise, I much prefer to row my own gears. I've owned many cars and always got frustrated with the DCT's/auto flappy paddle and ending up in 'auto' mode most of the time. E90 M3/ B8 RS4 / C63 / Golf GTI being some of them that I sold on fairly quickly. I owned my Lotus Exige's / VX's and Clio sports, 996 Porsches a lot lot longer and miss ALL of them tbh! Oh to be rich have a crystal ball and a very large unit to store them all! πŸ˜ƒ I will await a drive before I make judgment on the EMIRA/DCT. What has made me more accepting of the 2.0T vs 3.5 V6 is I think because my GR Yaris (a keeper for sure) that I've owned for 5 months is pretty amazing and hugely fast for 270bhp 1.6 3cyl turbo 1250kg in weight It revs out like N/A but has got the slingshot feeling like Turbo cars do, It just keeps revving so much fun but It's manual so It's in the gear I want when I want.. I imagine 360+bhp 1405kg will be huge fun too? Its just the Gearbox I'm scared of not the size or nature of the engine. I'll be honest as you probably thinking surely It's an easy decision then J go for the V6 manual and have best of both worlds noise you love engine that you loved in your 350 Sport and be happy with it.. It's also Β£15k+ more than the AMG DCT and the AMG unit could well be a better modern powertrain??.. I don't know haha. Going mad.
  17. I was happy to wait for a proper viewing/drive but thought we would know pricing/specs after the launch!. I'm not moaning haha I'm just eager to get more info to chomp over and not wait another 1/2 months πŸ™„
  18. I have paid my Β£2000 to Lotus Cars but have been assured by B&C that because I had paid Β£500 few months back they had already submitted customer deposit holders to Lotus order lists last week. I'm a little lost as to what one I'm going to go for though I wanted Manual but then I'm not sure.. Lack of info is frustrating what power (true figure's not mixed info from various youtubers!) what the Emira comes with as standard and what options we have and at what cost... many questions. Having another wait (September for full pricing and Specs) another horrible wait!. Looks nice though.
  19. JCR

    Lotus Emira

    I too would be surprised If they do a wider version, even going back to previous Lotus cars Esprit V8 vs inline 4 turbo versions. Exige S3's you would have to know your Lotus's to determine the difference's from a 350 sport to 380/410/430. Ok the 430 is very mean looking but the body is the same. Evora is the same story? I'm expecting the 4cl/v6 to be the same car body/interior maybe different wheels badging and suspension upgrades? I'm not decided what I want yet. Who is haha we haven't seen the bloody thing let alone got any specs! but It's fun chatting about It I'll agree. (checking the forum Every 3hours πŸ˜†)
  20. JCR

    Who will buy a 131?

    Had mine down for a good few weeks now but seems like a long time already! let alone waiting to take delivery IF I go ahead..(sure I will though!) Can't wait for more info and pics to start with.🀩
  21. Wow that Is beautiful 🀩 and that colour looks so nice. It sure is going to be a difficult one but lets face It either way you are winning haha. Roll on July for some better pictures / info.
  22. πŸ˜ƒ It's a great feeling but wow It's going to have to be special to make you swap your Exige?! or you adding? πŸ˜›
  23. I'm looking to place mine deposit also. I called Jamie Tuesday for a quick chat I'm having the same excited feeling about this!. I was told April delivery Is possible.
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