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  1. No, I did not investigate further. I am on AD08R now and very pleased overall...
  2. Sorry had no second device to take pictures during installation. I will do send some. I did not use a spacer. The frame of the stereo has a lot of bendable hooks that I could use to fix it properly in the desired position (similar to the one in the picture).
  3. Thanks @MrP_ for the link to the Pioneer SPH10! I just finished the installation. Better Sound, and finally a great and sturdy phone holder! Just make sure to not put the frame completely in. You need it to stick out about a cm. Otherwise the phone holder won’t fit in front of the vents...
  4. Actually not. Fair point, I am going to ask that. They said, that they need to keep the parts for some months.
  5. I'm referring to the noise posted by ROJ and redlancer. I had the same. My dealer knew that sound already and successfully filed a warranty claim for a new clutch and clutch pressure plate based on video and sound files recorded in my car. That's all I can say. After clutch replacement the sound is gone.
  6. I had the noise myself and got a clutch replacement within the warranty. Car had 20.000 km at the time last year.
  7. Rather sounds like the clutch release bearing problem for me. Have you read this and compared the sound you are hearing with the vids:
  8. That's exactly what I have done (or what KT did). Ex390 plus Carbon Airbox plus mapping it accordingly = 400HP without doing harm to the engine.
  9. I was tiggered by the pic as well - best looking wheel I have seen on the Exige so far. I googled a bit: You have to expect >2.000 Euro per wheel!
  10. Am I the only one who cannot stand the rims? The silver edge and the glossy finish looks awful and cheap to me. Futhermore the two-color-scheme makes the wheels look to small...
  11. Thanks for your detailed answer. I will contact a local wrapper of whom I have heard good things...
  12. Because of that, I just wanted to do it myself. And the pre-cut decal for 70GBP seemed fair. But I only find the V6 Cup version, not the 380 Cup one. Part Number: A702U0006F Description: Paint Mask Front Clam
  13. Imran, may I ask how you had your front end wrapped? Did you use a "sticker" from the 380 Cup? I cannot find the part number on deroure and my dealer was also not able to order that part. Thanks!
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