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  1. It's just a v6s with a KT430 pack... lotus prices are crazy as I can't see it being twice the car... Or... has anything else been done to the engine internals / gearbox etc ?
  2. Was you handed the certificate for the car issued by lotus to confirm it's 1 of 1 ? As I let it go with the car, along with some cleaning products
  3. Its nice to see my old exige with a loving new owner I enjoyed keeping it std but was tempted by adding 100bhp and firmer shocks but as it stood was 50/50 road & track.
  4. lol Sold the plate, when do you collect it ? I moved to an F-Type, I loved the Exige but wasn't IN love with it after selling my VX220
  5. It used to be mine. Clutch fix was done by B&C . Car drives faultless. You will enjoy it
  6. Hi, I sent Bibs a PM, not sure if you received it about cancelling my tickets as no longer able to make the event (nor have a lotus anymore) thanks Mark
  7. I will have my indoor cover for sale, photos a few posts up... black / white Looking for around £220 as it was only used a handful of times before I sold the V6 PM me if needed
  8. Thanks. Also now on ebay 182702077713
  9. Hello friends, Some of you know I recently sold my exige v6s. I removed the private plate from it and thought it would be a good to see it go to a new owner. I currently have it on retention meaning that I can transfer it to a new car within the cost. It's M666EXG Happy for offers but ideally looking for £200 which is far less than it cost me (that includes the default £80 fees) Drop me a PM if anyone is interested Many thanks Mark
  10. Both sound good, in your video the std setup sounds fine to me I've been in two minds if to upgrade but keep changing my mind each time..
  11. Hi Martin, Over the last year I have now gone back to using touring mode for basic motorway driving, i.e drive up to Scotland.. and I got over 250 miles to the tank.. which I think is good going.. I can't get anywhere near that in sports mode.. you just need to remember not to drive it too hard in Touring mode.. and its fine.
  12. BiG Thank You for the lovely team at H111. Made me feel very welcome, great chatting, they have another very happy customer. ECU Version L to N...... :-o
  13. I first found this if I had driven to hard while in Touring mode.. leaving it in sports mode I've not had the issue.
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