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  1. Hi all I have the standard wheels on my 2016 v6 my question is does the Michelin cup 2 tires which are slightly larger on the front 215 instead of 205 still fit and if so does it affect handling ? Is it just a little higher ? My apologies if this has been asked before I have been trolling but couldn't see anything. gavin
  2. Hi all I have a question and ssc aren't getting back to me so does anybody know the answer to my question ? Can I send ssc my car fpf file that I have taken from the car before I have fitted the supercharger meaning as soon as they send me the updated file I can change the supercharger and install file immediately and drive away ? If I have to install supercharger first I could be waiting I'm not sure how long for the updated file to arrive without being able to start or even move the car... I hope that makes sense and someone can help as want to avoid having to wait weeks for a file and my car being stuck in a garage Many thanks for any feedback
  3. So I take it no news then !! Shame maybe they were just a rumour that won't materialise as it's been a while !!!
  4. Any body got any updates when SSC exhaust manifolds are going to be released so we can add it to the tvs1900 mod ?
  5. Anyone know where to get the pieces needed to fit the lower panel I can't find anyone with them in stock ?
  6. Anyone think there is some way of retaining the lotus badge on the supercharger as I think it looks great ? Is there a heat resistant metal epoxy that would withstand the heat ? Would like to place it on the tvs1900 if possible ?
  7. VERDICTS !!! It's time for me to decide Komotec 430 with linear power and a little more noise due to manifolds etc or TVs 1900 with what looks to be a bit more torque ??? Price similar !! 460 better choice but way more expensive !!! Has ANYONE tried both the 430 and the TVs modified cars to compare ?
  8. Anyone with standard v6 Exige got a sure way of reducing understeer or is it there for ever and any tyre advice welcome as just finishing first set of standard p zero's ? I only go to track 6 or 7 times a year so mostly road use. Did first track day last week and found understeer pretty bad many thanks
  9. Anyone know what's best if leaving the car for 3 months i.e. Disconnect battery or does that interfere with immobiliser or shall I just leave it and hope it's ok and just charge the battery if not ? thanks in advance Gavin
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