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  1. This looks like a really well organised (and promoted) weekend! It provides me with another good reason for a road trip 'across the water'. I don't know the Peak District at all and it looks great for touring. Signed up last week and looking forward to attending and meeting MLOC members.
  2. Your car looks fantastic as it is in the 'factory spec' Phill. Too much yellow will interrupt the flow through of the carbon fibre. The V8 Vantage N430 has the extra yellow accents on green and for me it looks too OTT.
  3. Having recently received a £300 bump-up in this years premium renewal for my Evora from Admiral I gave AIB a call yesterday, (after reading this thread), to see if they could do anything for me. Anyway the end result was much better than I expected as a positive discussion revealed an option to provide a multi-car policy to cover the Evora & 3 additional cars, one of which is significantly modified Impreza. Previously I have always had to insure the Scoob seperately with a specialist insurer. Options were all investigated, arranged and promptly confirmed for me by Tom Hopkins @AIBinsurance at a very reasonable overall cost, with some attractive non-standard terms included in the policy. I found the whole experience very flexible and customer centric, so a big thanks to Tom & AIB.
  4. I had strict instructions from the TLF CEO: “Above all make sure the 430’s are lined-up together at the showroom entrance”. Plus the directive was accompanied by a colour coded spreadsheet including everyone on the stand by model & name. Couldn’t go wrong really! It was indeed an impressive sight. Having Elise’s namesake arrive all the way from Northern Italy and join us a little later was an added bonus.
  5. +1 Fantastic job done by bibs with very limited time to play with. Epic day & met some great people! Well worth the long road trip across from N Ireland.
  6. Also interested in the power upgrade, just a little more puff mid range would make all the difference. Although on the tall side I find the 410 gear ratios to be OK for fast roads. Just need to consciously go down a gear to keep the rev range right for the car. After the 70th Anniversary weekend I’ll be putting the Lotus to bed and dragging the Scoob out to drive over the winter. Nothing like adjustable 4WD with loads of torque (& Goodyear Eagle F1s) on wet & slippery B roads.
  7. ?? I'm still in if needed Bibs. Already have tickets ordered/confirmed via the 70th website if that helps.
  8. 1. Bibs - Ticket Purchased 2 + 3. internets - 2 tickets purchased 4 + 5. Pascal Massun - 2 tickets purchased 6. David Boyd - Ticket Purchased - (if I'm still stuck on the M25, can you send me a burger via carrier pigeon please?) 7 + 8. nigeninja - 2 tickets purchased 9. C8RHK - 1 ticket purchased 10. Sizona - 1 ticket purchased 11. Advantage 1 ticket purchased (if I buy two can a stuff my face?) 12 + 13. scotty435 - 2 tickets purchased 14. theelanman - 1 ticket purchased 15 + 16. Can't count Clark aka Sparky - 2 tickets purchased 17 + 18. johnwalsh - 2 tickets purchased 19 + 20. Timjgor90 - 2 tickets purchased 21 + 22. Dunsfold Dave - 2 tickets purchased 23 + 24 + 25. Dan E - 3 tickets purchased 26. chrisroy - 1 ticket purchased  27 + 28. cweeden - 2 tickets purchased 29 + 30. mayesprit - 2 tickets purchased 31 + 32 + 33. RODOLPHESPRIT - 3 tickets purchased 34 + 35 + 36 + 37. dapinky - 4 tickets purchased 38 + 39 + 40. Jan Blom - 3 tickets purchased 41 + 42. march - 2 tickets purchased 43 + 44. Trevsked, 2 tickets purchased 45. - 1 ticket purchased 46. bingoking - 1 ticket purchased 47 + 48. blindside - 2 tickets purchased
  9. No, it’s just that 6 months have passed and still no word of yet another Evora or Exige ‘special edition’.
  10. Many Congrats Andy, the Exige looks fantastic in that shade of blue! Health to drive. I'm driving across to the 70th Celebrations so we might get a chance to catch-up with you at Hethel.
  11. blindside

    Evora GT430

    Would guess that any new engines from here on are likely to come from within the Geely conglomerate. Would not rule out a 4 pot, or a clever hybrid drawing on Polestar’s success and learning to date (albeit all in touring cars).
  12. @dapinky. I’m going across on the Dublin - Holyhead ferry and then driving to the event. Will probably be taking roughly the same route as you, so perhaps we could meet somewhere along the way? I can PM you with mobile number/contact details closer to the event.
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