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  1. Fantastic choice Scotty, many congrats! Looking forward to the collection pics and your first impressions of the car next weekend. Health to drive.
  2. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    @Andy Shaw I suspect you are talking about the horizontal brace in the rear bulkhead. There’s no inbuilt harness bar in the 430, or any other Evora model. If you want one for track use you need to install a dedicated aftermarket item like the SSC bar:
  3. For a variety of reasons Centrica has been in deep sh-t for some considerable time. It’s a nightmare stock for long term investors. The mass exodus of their customer base and inadequate senior leadership in recent times speaks volumes. It’s certainly an interesting choice of business partner for Lotus...
  4. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    A 430 Club meet at some point when normalisation eventually returns would be great craic. No doubt it would create a good deal of positive interest for Lotus as well.
  5. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    It’s the SSC bar @rallyesax they produced a specific modification to enable fitment in a 410/430. Lotus never produced the promised Ti bar. Probably for limited volume cost prohibitive reasons.
  6. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Typical frugal Scotsman (tight jock) Andy. It’s the only unregistered GT430 left in the country. Lotus will almost certainly never build anything as ‘hard core petrolhead focussed’ again. The price on any new car will drop as soon as you drive it off, although even in the current climate a £25k drop seems a little steep. Also the depreciation maths is not so relevant if the car is a definite ‘keeper’. Waiting for the new model to come along will be like waiting for Godot. I’ll take your year and raise you 18 months, no make that 2 years before Phil & the gang pull their collective finger out. In the interim we all get older, more senile and less inclined to take up the challenge in driving these fantastic cars.
  7. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Ha ha! Get the old man maths abacus out. Your only young once & women will never fully understand how vital some things are to “wellbeing”. All joking aside that car with the full monte spec & in liquid yellow will be absolutely stunning in the flesh. Quite why it didn’t sell last year is beyond me. Presumably unregistered premium price point. B&C will no doubt be more amenable to a deal in the current climate. Good luck in any event!
  8. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Health to drive @KG!
  9. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    @scotty435 Also worth mentioning Scott that it was your namesake Scott Walker @Lotus Cars who personally specced the car from top to tail for Leven's as their showroom demo queen. Now there’s a guy who eats, lives and breathes Lotus! It has a more track focussed spec with the fixed carbon buckets & all black rims & callipers, which blends well with the carbon in complementing the bright colour. All the plaudits for the look of the car go to him.
  10. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Cheers @scotty435 many thanks for the comment. I hope that you are in good form & good luck with the car hunting. (The yellow 410 at Hoffman’s definitely does look the business).
  11. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    No problem @Bibs
  12. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    As we’re having a Bank Holiday Lotus love-in:
  13. Agree with all your observations Jonny. Although TBF Renaultsport tend to play this stuff with a fairly straight deck as it’s an integral part of their street cred. They went on to break the fwd records at Spa & Suzuka. All logged, recorded and openly publicised.
  14. Sub 7:40 in the hands of a pro driver would be credible enough. Sub 7:35 probably more in keeping for Lotus prestige & manufacturers bragging rights based on comparable rivals like 991 GT3 manual.ürburgring_Nordschleife_lap_times (Latest model Renaultsport Megane Trophy-R, a ‘hot hatch’ in fully road legal spec with 300bhp & 400nm lapped in 7:40 last year. GT430 in the right hands should better that time).
  15. Understood @Nexus. LHD 430 & presumably a German driver/owner who knows the NS circuit well.
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