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  1. Jonny’s @The Pits latest video adds a useful 430 owner specific dimension to this discussion:
  2. Hope you’re OK now & fully ‘back on the road’ Paul.
  3. Totally agree! Plus there’s that V6 soundtrack that harks back to early 90s F1 cars. For the trained ear not much out there sounds as good, (with the possible exception of V12 Vantage). 😎
  4. Nice colour combo; crayon on satin aurum (gold) rims. Great mate you have Paul & super roads in the Lakes to drive it on. With Porsche GT cars the 991.2 RS with the Weissach pack is the real sweet spot in my opinion. Still analogue enough for an experienced amateur driver and very practical with the large front boot retained. I was fortunate in finding one in the exact spec I was after back in Feb and did 2k miles touring the Pyrenees/Andorra in it back in June. It included 7-8 hour shifts behind the wheel with no discomfort whatsoever. Also goes like shit off a shovel as you know, but not overpowered. Tbh it is the best all round performance car I’ve ever driven by a good margin.
  5. Yes Paul, although the RS models are always primarily designed to be the track focused version. That said they are still very practical & easy to live with for regular road use & touring etc. So some compromise is provided. However, as you point out the most recent 992 GT3 RS has really pushed the boundaries towards an outright (albeit still fully road compliant) track car. No storage space, active aero & active driver inputs to dampers, LSD, TC etc to suit track conditions. No criticism of it that I am aware of, rather most enthusiasts are absolutely blown away by the capabilities it provides. Of course it is impossible to get one unless you pay double list.
  6. Just have to use the term “garage queen” in any context to bring out the attack dog in you Andy. 😂
  7. WTF? How did that assumption creep into the mix Andy. Pretty sure a number are tracked regularly based on historical input to this group. It is in large part what I bought my car for. The comments about the empire green 430 just reflect a reality check on its apparent condition.
  8. Accurate summary @EGTE Definitely no garage Queen. It’s been driven hard which will clearly impact price. No surprise that it ends up on an auction site. Probably going to end up with another niche dealer at a bargain basement price who can hang on until the market picks up again.
  9. Hope you are well Scotty & the Macca is still giving you a buzz. Agree it’s not a good time to be selling at present for obvious reasons. Even exotic, usually much sought after stuff isn’t shifting unless priced well below previous market average prices. Particularly applies on auction sites.
  10. Has anyone on here seen the new R version of the A110 in the flesh yet, or even better had the opportunity to drive one? At 1082kg all up it certainly seems to represent the ‘old Lotus’ hardcore weight saving, aero & chassis handling philosophy. That’s almost in S2 Exige territory, with considerably more comfort & utility. The 1.8l 4 pot with 296bhp/340nm & dual clutch transmission is probably the obvious weak spot on paper & for serious grunt on track between corners, but it certainly looks the part. Relatively expensive at £95k+, which is full spec Cayman GT4 territory and £10k+ more than an Emira, but 300kg+ lighter. Respect to Alpine for producing something like this against the prevailing trend in the current market.
  11. Impressive job @Jedifar That’s already a unique car in terms of colour & mods. In addition to @jimichanga comments above: If you are determined to achieve an exact GT430 match you could use high grade carbon fibre effect vinyl film for both the roof & mirror caps. (The actual 430 mirrors are not real carbon and are vinyl skins. The mirrors are a long-standing irritation for owners as the rest of the carbon parts are so good). Might be tricky to get a convincing match, but a hell of a lot easier than taking the roof off.
  12. Hi @Jedifar Congrats for your determination. It must have been a time consuming, difficult and expensive process to get the results you have now. You deserve a petrolhead medal! 😎 I doubt that anyone would object to you being a ‘club member’ your hardcore credentials are very apparent. I hope the car drives as well as you wanted before all the mods. Can’t see your photos unfortunately. You may need to check & send again. Would love to see what you have achieved in the flesh.
  13. Agree about the noise from the Supercharged V6 & Janspeed exhaust being something special. The steering in the Evora 400/410/430 also has more driver input ‘feel’ than the GT4. Apart from that the (718) GT4 was preferable for me as a practical all round performance car. Also definitely better as an occasional track car. I kept the GT4 for a couple of years and it provided a great entry point into the whole Porsche GT car scene which is utterly addictive. That said I wouldn’t part with my 430 despite all its foibles.
  14. Very tidy driving
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