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  1. @jimichangaA large part of my emotional attachment to all things Lotus hopes that you are absolutely right. However, Porsche, (love or hate them), have already nailed their colours to the mast in terms of the future development strategy for their GT cars. I will be looking with great interest to see how the incoming GT4 RS stacks up against the Emira equivalent; if a Cup style variant is actually planned. Also Porsche appear to be taking a far more ‘graduated’ approach towards transition to all electric power trains with their GT car division. I am encouraged to see that they have announced their planned GT model updates & sales plan for the all important US market for 2022 and beyond. As some have already noted on here the Emira appears to be more of a stop gap for Geely. Nothing wrong with that and I understand the need, but it is my hard earned moolah and these cars need to be viewed as investment assets to a degree. Brand fan boy stuff put to the side, you just can’t ignore the fact that the incoming GT4 RS does appear to be shaping up to tick some significant boxes:
  2. Ha ha 😂 I suspected it would not be long before this came up. I’m hoping the newer 718 version has got reinforced concrete items. (Special Stuttgart lightweight mix of course).
  3. Tongue in cheek Andy. 😇
  4. Forgot to mention the all important colour scheme. Black with gold alloys. This should allow some scope for gold ‘go faster’ stripes across the car as a homage to JPS Lotus (& to assuage the guilt over my betrayal).
  5. Confession time! I’ve just bought a manual 718 GT4 in full fat club sport spec with the carbon brakes & 918 buckets. I’ve absolutely no doubts about the overall quality of the GT4 package. However, there was some serious soul searching about buying my very first Porsche after a lifetime of avoiding the marque. But you only live once and their GT cars are brilliant. I fully intend to hang onto my 430 as a long term keeper. It will be interesting to see how the cars directly compare: From both an outright performance and practical everyday enjoyment perspective. I did consider hanging on to see what a sportier ‘cup’ version of the Emira ends up looking like, but patience is not my strong point. Plus the GT4 is a very, very pretty car to look at and the naturally breathing 4L engine just had to be given a long term go. (Don’t think it will be able to match the V6 soundtrack, but it does rev out well). I pick the car up in a couple of weeks and will let you know how it goes from a Lotus loving but ultimately marque agnostic petrolhead perspective.
  6. It was great fun. Professionally organised with a good mix of cars across the history of Lotus. Including a very well sorted Elan Sprint which was a revelation & difficult to follow on tight B roads. Absolute Lotus Magazine are planning another tour along a different route in Scotland next year so keep an eye out.
  7. Yes @Bravo73I still use a narrow length of the helicopter grade ppf on the leading edge of the splitter. I’ve found it doesn’t cope as well on the underside as the roofing tape.
  8. Attending the recent Absolute Lotus Magazine Scottish Tour was great fun, but Scottish highland B roads were not front splitter friendly. (Sharp car length undulations, uneven gradients and pot holes like wash hand basins). It made route selection important and I got caught out a few times in poor weather, when the splitter was scraped at low speed. I have previously tried bespoke protective rubber strips & pads on previous cars, but they all get ripped off too easily. Also using screw-in pads is not a great idea with a beautifully made & very expensive carbon item. Last year I tried using bituminous roofing tape cut to size to fit the key areas that are most vulnerable (centre & leading edges). The good thing with this tape is that it provides a protective layer with very high adhesion levels that will definitely not get ripped off if the splitter is grounded. When I got back from the trip the central taped area was absolutely shredded, but the bituminous layer had stayed in place and largely protected the carbon from any scratch damage. As you would expect for a track oriented car the splitter underside design & fitting is very robust. I’ve since jacked the front end up and after a lot of careful scraping, with copious amounts of white spirit, have replaced the old tape with a fresh layer. It has proved to be a cheap but very effective solution.
  9. Sorry we missed the chance to catch-up Andy. Hopefully will be over at Knockhill again later this year and will give you a shout.
  10. A few pics from a photo shoot at Glenshee Ski Centre Braemar.
  11. Thanks Scotty! I hope you are in good form. We will hopefully get across to the Lotus in the Peak meet next year. Hope it goes well for you & all involved. It’s great to get the smell of V Power and burning rubber into the sensory system again. 😎
  12. Hopefully this ones no garage queen either. Currently halfway round the Absolute Lotus Magazine Scottish Tour. Lots of rain, animal excrement & plenty of rough tarmac B roads to catch the splitter on. 😩 That said it has been an epic trip thus far. Who said a 430 can’t pretend to be a rally car?
  13. Many congrats @DDubya your persistence was definitely worth it. 430 looks extremely menacing in black. Health to drive!
  14. blindside

    Lotus Emira

    To be fair @C8RKH Porsche are rarely wrong-footed with their GT model additions & improvements. The base formula is that good & they do (eventually) listen to their customers in that niche.
  15. Should read 7 worldwide. Pardon the obvious error. 🙄
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