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  1. Very accurate summary of our conversation Paul & extremely frustrating for you. My problem was definitely key & immobiliser related. At the time Lotus produced new keys which had been recoded correctly. The experts at the factory 3 years ago knew what the issue was & how to sort it. I’ve not had a problem with starting since. Out of interest apparently the keys come from the early Ford Mondeo parts bin. Back in the day Ford owners had similar issues with them. I hope that the techs at JCT600 manage to fix the problem for you. 🤞
  2. Thanks Mike @Heathermead great to catch-up with you yesterday & apologies for not including you in my post. I wasn’t sure about your username on here. 😊
  3. Great to catch-up with you at the weekend Scotty & also to meet fellow 430 lover @OakMan What a fantastic event to participate in yesterday! The convoy of over 270 lotus cars of all ages to Chatsworth House was a sight to behold. Owners from all over the UK and as far away as Hungary. Definitely nothing like it since the Lotus 70th Anniversary celebration at Hethel. Hats off to MLOC for staging such a well organised event. The sales & marketing guys at Lotus really missed a trick by not having an Emira on show, but apart from that what a showcase! I’m on the boat back to Ireland having spent a weekend driving on some of the best roads in the Peak District & North Wales in glorious weather. The Cup2’s really proved their worth. What’s not to like. 😎
  4. Hi Ryan @RP420, Thanks for the detailed information. Regrettably I’m not going to be able to attend due to a pre-arranged family holiday overseas. It’s a real shame the dates clash because the event schedule looks great. Hopefully will make it next year! I look forward to seeing the pics after the event. 😎
  5. Well said that man. 👍
  6. Lovely colour military grey; agree it looks much better on the all black gloss refurbed wheels. Less fussy in my opinion.
  7. 750 miles covered in a week of driving bliss with fellow Lotus fans. 430 didn’t miss a beat, although the splitter took the usual punishment from Scottish roads. Picture credit to Absolute Lotus Magazine & Classic Car Tours.
  8. A few pics taken on the recent Absolute Lotus Magazine Scottish Highland Tour. Picture credit to Absolute Lotus Magazine & Classic Car Tours.
  9. I’ve had a massive crush on your 430 Cup since seeing it brand new “in the flesh” when I picked up my GT430 at Levens in Edinburgh a couple of years ago. For me it’s the perfect spec & colour combination for a hot Exige. Timings not right for me otherwise I’d be in there like a shot with an offer.
  10. Really looking forward the event & the opportunity to catch-up Scotty. All we need is the man upstairs to provide a few days of blistering sunshine. 😎
  11. Great craic meeting local Lotus fans for the first time. (The Porsche contingent including the flame throwing classic 911 really added value)😎. Thanks for organising Ryan.
  12. Great to hear if it’s not smoke & mirrors & actually makes it into production. However, even if the ‘on paper’ performance stats are comparable, the sublime NA GT3 engine will be the key difference.
  13. Congrats @MarkieTIts nice to see a 430 in traditional Lotus colours. Health to drive!
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