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  1. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    @KG Are you going all the way with a GT 430 engine map or similar from Komo-Tec, traction control & baffled sump?
  2. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    I’m glad that Lotus got back to you. It is very apparent that the wing has been engineered as an integral part of the duck tail and is built to withstand a fair amount of stress. (Not least from dropping it from a decent height to allow gravity to close it properly). The whole thing is quite heavy in part due to the base reinforcing of the wing struts. It’s definitely not a ‘rice rocket stick-on’ part! Expensive undertaking this mod, but you will have saved yourself a pile of grief by getting the right spec parts to do the job properly.
  3. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    @KG Kostas, I've PM'd you photos of the mounting bracket measurements. Give me a shout if you need any more pics.
  4. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Happy to take some close-up photos of the wing mounting points and provide measurements if you'd like. Great colour combo on your car BTW.
  5. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    I've got out a fair amount Jonny, although mainly relaxed weekend driving & no track sessions arranged yet. I need to pull my finger out of my arse and use the car properly! TBH I'm still coming to terms with the level of attention that the car generates from friends in the petrol head community and total strangers alike over here. The guy who took the pics is an experienced motorsport photographer who has photographed some really out of the ordinary machinery over the years; (his last 'exotic' shoot was a Ferrari 488 GTB with black stealth paint). He was seriously impressed with the way the 430 was 'put together' & performed on the road. Some of the comments on his pics extracted from the main local petrol head forum: "That thing in the flesh is mega - every bit as stunning as a ferrari/lamborghini" "Agree! Pure f1 road legal kart. And so beautiful!" We are fortunate indeed to be able to own these cars.
  6. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    A couple of pics taken yesterday in the balmy weather by a local pro car photographer:
  7. Next best thing. You’ve got to hand it to the Paris Fire Service:
  8. In their last issue Evo advertised a full Lotus marque analysis in the next edition. They then go and stick a Cayman on the front cover and rave about Pork again for the n'th time. How utterly predictable
  9. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Bargain price probably in large part down to 7.7k miles on the clock. Looks to be the empire green car that was originally sold by @Connor - Central Lotus back in Feb18.
  10. White works really well with the carbon parts & black wheels. It seems to suit the Evora in particular. Stunning looking car! Health to drive!
  11. Good choice! Lovely car!
  12. Excuse me if this has already been mentioned. Let’s hope it is as comprehensive as it should be in light of the title they’ve chosen. They still fail to list the Evora GT 430, GT 430 Sport & Sport 410 models in their knowledge section, but manage to cover every Porsche known to man!
  13. Some GT430s have the CF buckets fitted as well with exactly the same issue. Fortunately I managed to acquire a single set of Jon's brackets from Jonny @The Pits so at least have now got the drivers side sorted out. As a compromise, as @Bruss has indicated, you can improve the reclining angle of the drivers seat by taking it out; unscrewing the floor mounting brackets and moving the 2 x 30/40mm metal spacers you'll find under the rear bracket bolts from the rear to the front mounting points. You should be able to do this without any additional parts being required, but take extra, extra care when replacing the bolts to line them up and tighten them gradually in sequence to avoid damaging the threads. I believe it was Jon who came up with this work around as a 'temporary fix' before he produced the adjustable brackets. I drove for over a year in a 410 with this fix and it definitely improved the seating position angle. It tilts you back slightly rather than level/forwards and reduces the strain on the lower thighs on longer trips. Just be really careful when replacing and tightening the floor mounting bracket bolts. Why Lotus didn't provide adjustable brackets for these seats is a mystery that has already been covered extensively on here!
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