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  1. Fair enough comment Stephen & obviously most, if not all of us on here are committed Lotus fans who genuinely care about the marque. However, some constructive feedback around the current marketing approach can only be useful for the leadership team at Hethel. After a really positive 70th anniversary event, (& a real groundswell of support for the brand), much of what has happened since has been confusing to say the least and amateurish at worst. (With the notable exception of the noise generated around the Evija which to be fair will be in a very rarified niche). It does not in any way match the well defined and telegraphed model differentiation & ‘roadmap’ information output from their competitors. It’s an approach that was excusable pre-Geely, but surely not now. I’m no marketing expert but an information vacuum that’s occasionally filled with superficial noise and confusing model makeovers does not cut it. Things need to improve significantly. This criticism is surely valid; especially when it’s coming from Lotus core customers who in the past have shelled out for new cars & might/might not do so again. If Lotus genuinely wish to survive & prosper they need to establish & maintain a much stronger relationship with their customers at every stage of the ownership cycle. Sadly that’s not the case. Although it was a little haphazard in my experience the CRM process actually seemed to work better pre-Geely.
  2. Concur with @Stubox Cup 2s are a really great for summer fast road & track use. They also wear surprisingly well for a softer compound tyre. I find them very sensitive to ambient temperature; anything below 5 -7 % C and its very hard to get enough heat in them to 'stick'. Combine that with the tread pattern and they can/will 'let go' in an instant in cold & very wet conditions; especially laterally on roundabouts or sharp corners. PS4s are a good compromise and more predictable (safer) for use in UK winter conditions.
  3. Pure speculation on my part but it’s a reasonable guess that Geely could be more interested in using Lotus and all the groundbreaking engineering & design expertise at Hethel as an R&D ‘mule’. Primarily to help prepare the whole Geely group for the evolving automotive revolution: If this is the case perhaps the next petrol driven Lotus model is purely a tactical play and as such will be well down their list of business priorities. More grist to Jonny’s point about acquiring or hanging onto “petrol head pinnacle” Lotus models at a premium while the opportunity is still there.
  4. I’m with you but I’d forgotten just how good the naturally aspirated flat six GT3 engine with the 9k rpm red line sounds! Also no hesitation, no flat spots, just masses of grunt. It was quite compelling to drive. I was still thinking about it for days afterwards! That’s before you even start to look at the impressive array of creature comforts to be had. All adds to the list price, which takes it well north of Lotus price wise. But overall if you take residuals etc. into account it is a very attractive proposition.
  5. We’ll continue to wait with bated breath!
  6. @The Pits Jonny, You’ve hit the nail firmly on the head & I totally agree with your assessment. If the current short term information vacuum at Lotus is a lull before the storm then all well & good. That said there’s now been a decent length of time since Geely took over and sought to maximise the positive energy generated by the 70th anniversary celebrations etc. I don’t like to be critical when there is clearly much work going on behind the scenes, but the marketing messages are confusing at best. You would have thought that they would want to keep their existing hard core (& totally ‘for the driver’ oriented) new car buying customer base very much ‘on side’. Porsche, BMW & Merc all do this pretty effectively. Look at the positive noise generated by Porsche bringing back a manual GT3, & the GT4 & new GTS/Boxter GTS packaging. All ‘manna from heaven’ for their hard core enthusiast customer segment. BMW are also doing it with their end of range M2 CS which despite an eye watering £75K tag, (a fantastic spec on paper though), is already closed for new orders. Of course all of this has a symbiotic marketing impact on their mass market profit making MPV offerings. What is the answer in the marketing void at Lotus? A hyper car which is hugely impressive & ground breaking, but unaffordable to all bar the über rich. Followed a few months later by a “Phil’s Spec” creature comforts, no frills Evora to make up for their short-sighted removal of the 400 which at least managed to sell in reasonable numbers. On a related note how does anyone outside the Lotus owning fraternity even begin to understand their model naming system? Who the hell is Phil? Of course I know but most new customer’s will ask and existing owners are just pis-ed off with yet another edition to further muddy the water. How does his comfort spec Evora match with a well defined & differentiated 4 litre Cayman/Boxter GTS at the around same price point? Not at all close in truth. I really hope that their long term plan provides something special that can at least match relative performance offerings in the £70-150k price point from Stuttgart. I went for a drive in a mates new manual GT3 very recently. Massively impressive & hugely enjoyable in every respect, but I’d still (by a very fine margin) prefer the 430 if/when you factor in the cost comparison. Fingers firmly crossed that Lotus are planning to produce something groundbreaking ‘for the driver’ that matches core principles & really takes it up a level.
  7. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    To reassure you I have the same cold start hesitation when the valves are open. As soon as the engine is fully warmed up it goes away completely.
  8. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Engineering beauty!
  9. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Jonny, the alloy diffuser is preferable IMHO both for looks & durability. (Although carbon would have been ideal to match/blend in with the rear end). Presumably this was ruled out by JMG on cost grounds.
  10. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Love the Swiss dealer’s strap line.
  11. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Lovely job @KG Respect your perseverance in creating a unique car. Health to drive!
  12. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    I agree Jonny. If the UK total production run was 21 x GT430’s (& 1 x 430 Sport) then it’s very unlikely that they made any more than 25-30 of both models for the RoW obviously excluding the US. The GTE is certainly rarer by number produced and is beautiful to behold, but does not have the performance (or official factory approval) of the GT430. How prices hold-up over the next few years will be interesting. I suspect that well documented, maintained & specced 430’s will be highly collectible. Perhaps not achieving the same enhanced price range as GT2, GT3 Pork, but should still hold their value pretty well.
  13. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    Fortunately my Mrs loves the carbon buckets and ‘the passenger experience’ as long as it’s touring on road and not hooning on track! Totally agree that the wing is a beautiful piece of engineering design that fully complements the other aero features. It certainly makes the car look more track focused and aggressive.
  14. blindside

    TLF GT430 Club

    I believe that is @DarrylV8’s car. It is definitely a GT 430. He & Mrs swop carbon tailgates to suit the driving conditions.
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