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  1. Probably need to be very patient and give it another 2 years or more before 430 prices start to really pick up. I’d be fairly optimistic that they will eventually become increasingly sought after & collectible. Unique driving feel, rarity, looks and it’s pinnacle model status can only help. The continued revival in Lotus cars, including wider market awareness & brand recognition should also have a downstream impact. As will the ever increasing nostalgia for this type of car as all electric/hybrid platforms start to become the norm. There’s no reason why they will not ulti
  2. @hml_xyGreat to see you are still having lots of fun in that lovely & rare car of yours Heiner! Being tailgated & provoked to race by modified & heavily tuned hot hatchbacks is inevitable and can be very distracting at times. 😬 The Cupra shares the same 2 litre EA888 engine & AWD drivetrain as the Golf R. A Stage 3 tune provides 500hp, but there's always a danger that the engine will blow if revved out for prolonged periods. Perhaps you should have kept the serious speed up for a while & waited to see his engine blow. 😎
  3. I’m very surprised Lotus Australia have provided you with the wrong information. You’d expect them to know about this. The GT430 & GT430 Sport were built to order as a limited edition of 60 cars total worldwide in late 2017 & 2018. (Production ceased in 2018). The reality is that it is unlikely that Lotus ever made the planned quota of 60 cars. There are just 22 GT 430’s registered in the UK and only one 430 Sport. I don’t know the numbers of both models produced for the rest the world, but an educated guess is around 30. Someone on here may know the exact figures &
  4. Prodrive produce the CF parts for the Evora & Exige 430’s. Perhaps unlikely that they will compromise any of their IP, but there’s no harm in asking.
  5. Many congrats & welcome to ‘the club’@Ali tuck 😎 Liquid yellow is a brilliant colour & the red highlights really add to the visual impact. No doubt you will be impatient to get through the run in period. Look forward to hearing your views on the car in due course.
  6. Good turnout from MLOC Scotty. Is that your old 250 Cup leading the posse in the third photo?
  7. That’s the key comment. I’ve learned from bitter experience not to mess around too much with the factory recommended road & track settings. Lots of trial & error & invariably I’ve messed up the handling. Best to stick with the recommended settings. Unless of course you have plenty of knowledge & experience in setting up these cars.
  8. Yes visibility at offset junctions can be a real challenge. You might be able to solve the problem with a rubber kerb ramp, or even a few bags of tarmac mix from your local DIY store to level it out?
  9. @Nathan Pitmanthat car’s got it all for me in terms of an ultimate Exige spec, rarity & colour combo. I appreciate that it’s very unlikely to be the case just now but if you are ever thinking of moving it on....🤞 I’d be really interested.
  10. I suggest you don’t remove or change the OEM front splitter. It is specifically designed to work in tandem with the rest of the aero, in particular the rear wing. Removing it will adversely affect the handling of the car at speed. First step is to increase the front tyre pressures to raise the car slightly (up to 2.5 bar if necessary). Also use some heavy duty roofing tape applied to vulnerable points on the underside of the carbon splitter. This at least will help to prevent/reduce further damage. Obviously hard to source & v. expensive to replace. Last step & last resort if
  11. Congrats Simon! 430 looks even more menacing in metallic black. 😈
  12. Forgot that I received this guide on the Ohlins settings from Jonny a while ago. [[You'll be needing these settings (numbers are clicks, 1 being the hardest, 21 being the softest, it's recommended that you set everything to full hard and count the clicks from there: Factory road settings - F rebound 4, F compression 21, R rebound 19, R compression 19 Factory track settings - F rebound 1, F compression 8, R rebound 17, R compression 6 Any issues or questions about dampers speak to MGR Russ there is very helpful and they helped spec, develop and
  13. I’ve just very recently completed the 3 day Lotus licence package. Fortunately the weather was perfect throughout & LDA have managed to introduce a very effective COVID prevention system with the cars, helmets & equipment that did not take anything away from the training. There were a great bunch of people on the course, with plenty of banter and everyone was keen to learn. I was in the highly capable hands of Rob Barff throughout which provided good continuity and built up a solid instructor/student rapport. The comprehensive back to basics guidance Rob provided was a complete ‘r
  14. @Black Forest Power Jonny @The Pitsis probably the best source for advice on the Ohlins settings. I know he has driven his car extensively on a variety of circuits.
  15. Very cool Andy! Big improvement on the OEM lights.
  16. @GazmLooks very like the car that Central had for sale a while ago: Howard’s also had an Empire Green car for sale at around the same time, but It had silver rims & accents. Good luck if you intend to bid for it!
  17. A fair bit Andy just over 3k Miles now, but had a small oil leak; (sump seal eventually sorted out under warranty when lockdown ended). I’ve spent more time bombing around in my Megane, including a track day at Knockhill in your neck of the woods the other weekend. Great fun, tricky wee track!
  18. A few more pics after a full professional detailing including double layer ceramic coating to bodywork, wheels, brakes & suspension. Now fully protected for some post lockdown fun on road & track over the next couple of months. 😎
  19. @Spinney Had a very similar experience with my previous Sport 410 lithium battery. The problem is the Optimate charger only provides a trickle ‘top up’ charge. When the battery charge drops below a certain level it will just go into a reset loop. The only way to retrieve full charge is to do what you have already done; removing the battery completely and put it on a regular charger. I worked back through to fault check why the battery had gone dead and realised that you have to unplug the Optimate unit from mains power to effectively reset it after each use. If you forget to do this it wi
  20. Thanks for the comment @KennyN. I've recently re-booked on the full licence session between 18-21 September having postponed earlier in the year due to Covid. Learning how to drive a Lotus properly on track, with expert professional tuition, will be a special experience. Acquiring some basic track driving skills & knowledge is something that is long overdue in my case! The feedback on the instructors & overall package is very positive and I'm really looking forward to it. Just hope that the weather is half decent over the 3 days. 🤞
  21. Fantastic choice Scotty, many congrats! Looking forward to the collection pics and your first impressions of the car next weekend. Health to drive. 👍
  22. @Andy Shaw I suspect you are talking about the horizontal brace in the rear bulkhead. There’s no inbuilt harness bar in the 430, or any other Evora model. If you want one for track use you need to install a dedicated aftermarket item like the SSC bar:
  23. For a variety of reasons Centrica has been in deep sh-t for some considerable time. It’s a nightmare stock for long term investors. The mass exodus of their customer base and inadequate senior leadership in recent times speaks volumes. It’s certainly an interesting choice of business partner for Lotus...😢
  24. A 430 Club meet at some point when normalisation eventually returns would be great craic. No doubt it would create a good deal of positive interest for Lotus as well. 😎
  25. It’s the SSC bar @rallyesax they produced a specific modification to enable fitment in a 410/430. Lotus never produced the promised Ti bar. Probably for limited volume cost prohibitive reasons.
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