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  1. 750 miles covered in a week of driving bliss with fellow Lotus fans. 430 didn’t miss a beat, although the splitter took the usual punishment from Scottish roads. Picture credit to Absolute Lotus Magazine & Classic Car Tours.
  2. A few pics taken on the recent Absolute Lotus Magazine Scottish Highland Tour. Picture credit to Absolute Lotus Magazine & Classic Car Tours.
  3. I’ve had a massive crush on your 430 Cup since seeing it brand new “in the flesh” when I picked up my GT430 at Levens in Edinburgh a couple of years ago. For me it’s the perfect spec & colour combination for a hot Exige. Timings not right for me otherwise I’d be in there like a shot with an offer.
  4. Really looking forward the event & the opportunity to catch-up Scotty. All we need is the man upstairs to provide a few days of blistering sunshine. 😎
  5. Great craic meeting local Lotus fans for the first time. (The Porsche contingent including the flame throwing classic 911 really added value)😎. Thanks for organising Ryan.
  6. Great to hear if it’s not smoke & mirrors & actually makes it into production. However, even if the ‘on paper’ performance stats are comparable, the sublime NA GT3 engine will be the key difference.
  7. Congrats @MarkieTIts nice to see a 430 in traditional Lotus colours. Health to drive!
  8. Back to the OP & thread title. There is no real competition, or comparison that can be drawn with the Emira (pretty as it is). The GT4 RS is probably the ultimate track, or fast road drivers car available in the £100-150k price bracket. The actual £200k+ price you will have to pay for one reflects the market perspective, not marketing hype. Even if they do make 5000 of them, it is such a benchmark engineering statement. I would happily bet on the price for good example cars being £300k+ in 10 years time? Perhaps there is too much function over form for some, but that’s what Porsche do. Who wouldn’t want to own, or even have a chance to drive a highly developed proven small mid-engined sports car platform coupled with easily the best naturally aspirated race proven engine out there? And it’s not all just about the numbers, the regular GT4 is already massive fun from a purist driving perspective. The GT4 RS has clearly taken that on to another level completely. Porsche are taking their ICE era GT cars out in a blaze of glory with the 992 GT3 and the GT4 RS. Even if you actively dislike German cars, Porsche in particular, or their sometimes arrogant customers & sales techniques, they should be respected, if not applauded for it. Before the flame throwing starts I’m totally marque agnostic & not especially a Porsche fanboy. But I do admire manufacturers that can produce real performance cars that actively demonstrate continuous improvement & have the resources/desire/ability to set new engineering boundaries.
  9. Sorry Ryan, I appreciate that you want to get things going, but I’m away next weekend and won’t be able to make those dates. Anytime between 15-30 April is good for me.
  10. I’m in the Ballymena area. Always happy to have a good B road blast to take advantage of decent weather!
  11. Great idea Ryan and thanks for starting this group. Hopefully numbers will grow over the next few months as the good summer weather comes in!
  12. @RP420Meeting up with other NI Lotus owners as the weather improves sounds like a great idea. I’m more than happy to drag my car out at any opportunity!
  13. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Andy. I’ve been in Dublin for the past few days, so would probably not have been able to catch-up. Maybe next time. 🤞
  14. It’s a shame Andy. I don’t like whinging about necessary business decisions, but you would have expected Lotus to be flexible until their new arrangements, (assuming they are appointing a new Irish dealer), are in place. Never mind; there are still some well supported options available out there from other marques for us die hard petrolheads.
  15. A quick update to my initial post. I decided to use Ballyrobert to service my GT430. The overall cost is £460, which is eye watering for just an oil & filter change. However, it is still considerably cheaper than travelling across to Scotland or N. England to get the service done. Plus the technician doing the work is still the same (excellent) Lotus trained guy that has looked after the car for the past couple of years. (Plus a Sport 410 before that). The downside is that Lotus refused under any circumstances to cover Ballyrobert doing the service, or stand over the 3 year parts and labour warranty that came with the car. They recommended that the car went to Oakmere in Cheshire for the service to retain the warranty. Totally inflexible and disappointing. I am just relieved that I've given the Emira a wide berth and did not get sucked into all the launch hype and commit to a deposit. Downstream ownership costs are a significant factor in buying any new car.
  16. Just signed up for this. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience a couple of years ago. Really well organised by MLOC with some fantastic driving roads.
  17. @Bibs Hi Bibs, You are usually very much "in the know" around the new sales and service centre strategy. Have you heard anything from Lotus around any future plans for their Irish customers; (both north & south of the border)? Thanks & Regards, Jimmy
  18. Thanks Ryan @RP420, That’s interesting news about a potential approved dealer/service centre in Swords. Agree about the enjoyable driving roads to Hamilton, but I’m self employed & have to manage my time very carefully. Also the ferry journey is an expensive & boring experience which would be great to avoid if possible!
  19. The lower diffuser is a carbon or faux carbon item, probably produced by one of the US aftermarket parts suppliers
  20. Ballyrobert Vauxhall just outside Belfast continued to service cars and deal with warranty issues after leaving the Lotus Dealer network post the 'shake up'. This arrangement has apparently ceased. Does anyone know if Lotus intend to have an approved maintenace & repair centre anywhere in Ireland? The only alternative available is a ferry trip to Parks in Scotland or one of the Nothern England Lotus dealers. This adds £500+ to the bill, if you include petrol, plus writes off a day with a potential o'night stay needed.
  21. It’ll be a quite small niche market; collectors, older knowledgeable petrolheads & Lotus fans who want something track friendly that’s a little easier to live with than an Exige 430. It maybe counterintuitive, but It’s probably worth waiting until the Emira launches before values really firm up. Even more so as we get closer to the all electric era. Well maintained low miles examples should be capable of reaching well over the original sale pricing of £100K+ Of course I am biased, but remain confident that very rare and interesting cars are an excellent value accumulator. Especially when they’re a real joy to drive & represent the pinnacle of a marques output at a particular turning point in its history.
  22. @dcmpThe GT430 production numbers have been debated at considerable length on this thread already and conclusions reached. Go back to page 45 or thereabouts and earlier, or do your own search.
  23. For me Chris Harris is the primary reason for watching the show. He really knows how to pedal a car and his energy and enthusiasm is infectious. The recent TG review of the Huracan STO is a classic example of his style. His review of the Mk4 Megane Trophy-R in the last series convinced me to get one. (OK I am a long-standing RenaultSport fanboy, but was still quite sceptical about its overall value for money until I saw his review). He also has an excellent working knowledge of the whole ‘fast car’ scene. If he thinks something is crap he say’s so without fear or favour. He has gained a lot of respect across the brand/marque divide because of this. I think his long-standing respect for Porsche GT cars is based on the consistently high standard, drivability and continuous improvements in their sports car offerings over many years. I’m not convinced that he has ever had any prejudice, or axe to grind about Lotus. Everything I’ve heard from him, or seen in print, is invariably very positive, with a great deal of respect for the history and values. But there’s a high bar over new models and why not? He’s a motoring journalist after all and is paid to tell it as he sees it.
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