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  1. ***** Very, very nice spot......! Oh boy, what do I miss my Esprit.........I should have never sold it....... Besides.......I myself was never pictured, because the SE was to much in the garage.......shit. All those painful pictures.....wil this ever end? Congrats for Onno with this beauty.......!!
  2. ***** For your information: In my new Evora I installed 3 temp. meters and found that these temperatures during moderate driving at 75 mph and 22 degr. C outside temp. are: 1) Engine oil typically approx. 80 degr. C. 2) IPS oil temp. typically approx. 60 degr. C. 3) Compressor cooling water temp. typically approx. 30-35 degr. C. Location of temp. meters....(do not show the actual situation): 1st picture: right = engine oil.......left = IPS oil temp. 2nd picture = compressor cooling water temp.
  3. Was a nice day indeed.........talking about different aspects of my previous Esprit. Meeting was arranged at a famous Ferrari service point with an incredible nice and valuable large stock of different new and classic Ferrari's. Thanks for the opportunity....... Regards, Ruud
  4. ***** I feel very sorry for you.......that is very pity...... Besides your visit to the physio I can inform you that I have / had the same with my right knee in a rather severe way a couple of years ago. I visited the specialists in a hospital and was X-rayed on both knees, but nothing special was found........I had to find my own way. Things were far more better / disappeared since then when I started taking / swallowing "Glucosamin Chondroitin" on a daily basis. This was advised to me by friends. It is available at (vitamine-) drugstores........ It takes some time before it helps (couple of weeks), but the result is remarkable........not only by myself, but it helped more people I know. Do'nt sell your Evora..........!!!
  5. ***** Thank you for sharing..! Ruud
  6. ***** Very, very nice car and beautiful color! Congratulations. Ruud
  7. ***** I am leggy too; 6'7" and almost 78 years old........ My new GT 410 Sport is not my daily driver but I can get in / out very well.....and it trains you to keep flexible.... I believe changing the door card with an early S will not help a lot........
  8. ***** Hi Onno, Very to the point and sensitive description about the Esprit feelings.........well done and nice to read... Beautiful Ferrari, with a fine color.... You are a blessed guy !!! Kind regards, Ruud
  9. ***** Hoi Onno. Very, very nice pictures.....! BTW....what a acceleration quicker than a Testarossa...and so low......1150 mm ! 264 PS and during boost 280 PS for 30 sec's and the airco switched off during that time.
  10. ***** Congrats!........gorgeous
  11. ***** I like my Evora now as I did with my Esprit for 28 years and find my personal motivation typically reflected in talks with other Lotus car enthousiasts.... Imho people buying / interested in Lotus are a kind of car enthousiasts (generally with a financially "limited" budget / versus a top budget over 150-200k GBP) and with a rather specific taste, different as the potential buyers of several other sport cars. I truly hope that the Emira will be a succes for Lotus, however I doubt if the real world sales finally will find it's way outside the borders of the typical Lotus enthousiasts in considerable numbers. Frankly speaking, if the new Evora shows to be successful outside the typical Lotus crowd it is not a Lotus any more as they were...... I hate to say this, mainly because of the fantastic work of the Lotus manufacturing crew, however I feel it can happen (again). People which in first instance consider a Porsche and finally switching over to the Emira will be very limited.......imho.
  12. ***** Nice video.. Thank you for sharing !
  13. ***** Hi Onno, Congratulations with your fantastic 1990 Esprit Turbo SE.........! Nice and surprising to see my car back on the TLF Indeed I was the last owner.....and still miss her a little bit. When I left her I kissed her goodbye on the roof and thanked her for those great years together. However I am very happy with my new Evora GT 410 Sport IPS. I wish you many happy years with this unique Esprit example...🙂 You are very welcome to contact me eventually about her.......😃 Regards, Ruud
  14. ***** SOLD within 3 1990 Esprit Turbo SE..........I still miss her.........😒 A beautiful Lotus Esprit Turbo SE from 1990. This is an original car, delivered in the Netherlands, with only two owners. The second and last owner had already owned the Esprit since 1993 and has always taken excellent care of it. It has never been driven in the winter (salt) and the Esprit has always been inside a garage. Both the interior and exterior are in top condition. The Esprit comes in the original and rare color Steel Blue (A59) - the number of Esprits worldwide in this color can be counted on one hand. The interior is completely in blue-gray leather, with a wooden instrument panel. In short, a legendary sports car in as good as new condition. Luckily I have my new GT 410 Sport IPS to be consoled........🙂
  15. ***** ........and repainted from black color into red wrinkle paint + 2 comp. matt clear coat also covering the bare Lotus trade mark......
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