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  1. Front Engined......197 bhp...................? a 1991 SE refurbished for GBP 20.000,-........?
  2. I have the same experience.....26 years of ownership and 52.000 km on the odo......with my '90 Esprit Turbo SE I have all the invoices since purchase in 1993; total cost of maintenance during all those years € 6300,- = GBP 5.500.- (GBP 200,- per year) incl. 1 set of 4 new Good Years; 1 revised turbo (after too heavy duelling with another sportscar); a very tiny piece broke of a turbo fan blade.... Actually the total cost of ownership (incl depreciation) are equal to those of a small 2nd family-car like a Fiat Panda, etc.
  3. Within 2 months and immediately after a "Winterdiscount" of € 9.000,- sold for € 29.895,- = GBP 26.200,-
  4. *** Hi Karl, What a hell you went trough......nearly unbelievable.......I feel very sorry for you because of what happened to you and you had to deal with those years. I feel rather uncomfortable by simply posting below my motorbike history which is a huge contrast of what you told us.......I hope that you will understand that a new poster has to follow-up this thread. I wish you a good health for you and your relatives in the future. Best regards, Ruud Some information of one of the first Goldwing's...produced 44 years ago....1 liter flat four cyl. ohc engine , 82 hp, redlining at 9.000 rpm, top speed over 125 mls/h, 5 speed gear box located beyond the crankshaft for a low gravity point and eguipped with at double speed counter revving alternator to eliminate torque force of the engine during throttle acceleration (which was a typical BMW boxer problem), cardan shaft, weight 640 lbs, faux tank storing the air filter and electrics, real tank below the seat just in front of the rear wheel, all in all contributing to an extreme low point of the time of the introduction at the 1974 Cologne Motorbike Show this "ridiculous car-like monster" caused an earthquake in the motorcycle world press.....the engine was this/first time especially developed by the Honda Cars sister company...... My 1975 Honda Goldwing GL1000 K1........2nd owner since 1978 ........uninterrupted (dry) stored over 31 years from 1983 to 2014.........7.500 mls on the odo... Proud winner of the NGWClub-USA contest Bike of the Year 2016------ GL1000 K1 1975
  5. It is fully understandable imo that they are asking this solid price for for this beautiful Lotus.........If someone wants this specific car he will pay this price......I would do too... The last years several Lotus types slightly gained higher prices (of which this Elan+2 offer is a typical representation) whereas prices for (certain) Ferrari's and Porsche's etc, etc were climbing very rapidly. Awaiting some possible (economic) recession prices for F'& P's etc. are clearly descending the last 3-6 months. In some very light way also Lotus prices are affected, but generally over the years the Lotus trend is intact. Probably the involvement of Geely wit a more secure future, will support the Lotus Trade Mark with this trend.
  6. It is really crazy, especially when the green parties become the majority as it has been taken place in Amsterdam. This is the way they adore to transport your family......... The "green" Major of Amsterdam (my native city) thinks that they are a (congested) world metropolis with their (only) 800-900.000 inhabitants. Therefore they want to kick out any car in the city...... Amsterdam has 175 (mostly historic) canals with a total length of 47 miles. Along both canal sides are parking places and mostly the parking fee for 24 hrs is € 120,- equivalent GBP 107,- Expensive city parking garages cost up to € 180,- equivalent GBP 160,- In spite of those idiot charges parking along the canal is not bombproof for your car as the video link shows.......... BTW...........In Utrecht (335.000 inhabitants) recently the construction of a city bike garage was finished which has a cappacity of 12.500 bicycles.... Below a video of the building project....
  7. Indeed, you are right.......sorry Regards, Ruud
  8. Hi Jesse, The Esprit S model has 15/15 inch (f/r) wheels and carbs+ turbo; the Esprit SE 15/16 inch and fuel injection+turbo+chargecooler. The car from the picture seems to have 15/16 inch combination with your present chargecooler and side sills (both typical SE features) it could be that it is a genuine SE with some front collision damage causing the SE front to have been replaced with a typical S front. The Momo steering wheel is not standard however often adapted as an after market part.......the std. steering wheel is showed in the SE picture; The interior; especially the chairs, tunnel and inner door panels could give a definitive indication of the type........ This is a typical SE interior... This is a typical S interior...... Regards, Ruud ADDITION...... I saw another true picture of the car's (partly refurbished) interior (below) is a true SE......I also noticed gel cracks around the head lamp area; this confirms my assumption that there has been front damage (which NOT has to be dramatically!)
  9. Congratulation with this superb Lotus. I can imagine that you feel very happy with this type of Lotus and I wish you many nice and safe trips with the Esprit. BTW: conform the car front picture it seems to be a Lotus Esprit S model. The (side) sills however are of the successive type SE. Regards, Ruud
  10. @ jonwat, Thanks for the info / warning......... Best regards, Ruud
  11. 1984 Esprit S3 Type 85 LHD 40.500 mls for sale at Dutch Lotus Importer..........€ 38.500,- / GBP 34.500,-
  12. Hi Jacques, Thanks for the very interesting video.......! Regards, Ruud
  13. Very nice picture thread....... Thank you very much for sharing! Regards, Ruud
  14. Sure, they are.................................
  15. Beautiful Lotus.........congratulations !
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