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  1. * * * * * The Evora Sport 410 looks somewhat "raw"....I personally like that. The Emira ( imo !! ) looks a little as the first Porsche Boxster and the Mercedes SLK. A lot of people called the Porsche Boxster and the Mercedes SLK "a hair dressers car".......of which I can not explain why, however can understand and feel what they mean.
  2. * * * * * Le Mans..........
  3. * * * * * After the somewhat disappointing test results of the new Emira their lovers / believers tend to shift their attention / hope now to the updates for the V6 in the future and the arrival of the i4. However accelerating noise- and environmental restrictions in the next years is not on their side. I fear that finally it will not lead to what we hoped the Emira would be........ In the meantime the i4 was / is hyped so much as the better / last chance for the Emira that it can only disappoint in it's own way like the V6 Emira. Nevertheless I believe that the Lotus team successfully performed the greatest achievement in Lotus history. However the price is high........the loss of their identity.......
  4. ***** Well said, I fully agree...... This is exactly what I expected / feared (of course I was not sure about it) when I favored to purchase the last Evora GT 410 Sport IPS in the Netherlands April 2021. I was fully aware that the Emira was coming, had seen the model etc, however being a Lotus owner for 30 years already, with my existing Lotus knowledge and experience I doubted that the sum of attractiveness of the "entirely new" Emira would be higher as that of the last Evora GT (for me of course). Furthermore I had to wait one / two years before the possibility to drive an Emira, whereas a new Evora GT was immediately available, the test drive convinced me instantly about it's qualities (plus an almost 25% discount of it's initial price). The last Evora GT is the ultimate result of 10 years of continuos development of this car....... a kind of sport Lotus is at it's best. For me the "raw" and little agressive look of the Evora is what I like as well as it's super rarity and exclusiveness in Continental Europe / the Netherlands. I was a afraid that the "primarily competing GT4 approach", together with all the (imo) unnecessary digital stuff and "Big Daddy" Geely's stimulation / control after their financial injection; the higher production target; the lack of experienced / trained workforce would Lotus bring out of their natural balance and lead at least to the first "less Lotus" issued car. Now it comes all together, the Emira is a nice / almost feminine model, however somewhat disappointing in most reviews, mainly caused by the lack of typical aspects Lotus did stand for up till now. The Emira lovers tend to shift their attention now to the updates for the V6 in the future and the arrival of the i4, whereas all kind of accelerating noise and environmental restrictions in the next years is not on their side I fear that finally it will not lead to what we hoped the Emira would the meantime the i14 is hyped so much that it can only disappoint in it's own way like the V6 Emira. Nevertheless I believe that the Lotus team successfully performed the greatest achievement in Lotus history.
  5. ***** New Lotus Emira Is Worth the Wait New Lotus Emira Is Wor
  6. * * * * * Enjoy Willem van der Kooi / Dutch Lotus importer's track time on the Hethel circuit with the Lotus Emira V6. It's safe to say: this car drives fantastic.
  7. * * * * * That Lotus color is "steel blue A59" and very rare indeed.... I had the same '90 Esprit Turbo SE in steel blue for 28 happy years.........traded it in last year (36,5 k mls) for a new 2021 Evora GT 410 Sport....the last available one in Holland......only 3x GT 410 Sport on the road in Holland. I am very happy with my Evora............a world of a difference with the Esprit.....however the shape of the Esprit is beautiful and timeless
  8. ***** Hi Jacques, I have searched the internet extensively about the alarming situation in Danmark as for instance by: - "classic cars not allowed any more in Danmark".... - "confiscation of classic cars in Danmark etc.".... - "New law passed in Denmark regarding cars and motorcycles, incl. classic models." I did find nothing that indicates police actions in this heavy way as described in your post. I could only find reports about confiscating of bikes and cars due to insane speeds / reckless driving etc. as per link below: Are you sure that you can not drive your 1990 Esprit Turbo SE any more? I heavily doubt it .....unless it is modified / tuned.
  9. ***** Mandatory speed limiters on UK cars from 2022
  10. ***** Attention hard drivers: 'automatic speed limiter' mandatory from July 2022 in Europe Are you looking for a new car and do you happen to have a heavy right foot? Then you have to be quick! From 6 July, every new car in the Netherlands will have a mandatory speed limiter: the ISA. The system registers the speed of your car and compares it with the applicable speed limit or 'desired speed'. If your speed is too high, the system can even intervene. ISA stands for Intelligent Speed Assistant. Or the Dutch way: smart speed assistant. It is a new technical gadget that combines various existing techniques: dynamic cruise control, cameras in the car that register traffic signs, the navigation system, GPS and so on. System intervenes If the ISA then finds that you are racing along the road at too high a speed, you will receive a warning. For example through a sound, flashing light or even counter pressure on the accelerator pedal. But it doesn't stop there. The EU Commission, the party behind these regulations, also allows the system to brake automatically. Or that the engine power is reduced. The system can be 'overruled' by the driver. So you can just add gas. Like shutting down the system completely. However, the European guidelines state that the ISA is switched on every time the car is started. black box In addition, every new car will soon have a so-called 'black box', known from the aircraft. This 'box' stores data when a vehicle is involved in an accident and passes that info on to the police. And although this information is stored 'anonymised' in a 'closed system', it is still unclear what all this data can and may be used for in the future. Obliged The ISA regulations have been rolled out of the EU. In this way, the gentlemen and ladies in Brussels want to reduce the number of (fatal) traffic accidents. For newly developed cars that are sold, such a system is mandatory from July 6, 2022. On July 7, 2024, literally every new vehicle that is sold must have such a 'speed limiter'. It is striking that this European regulation was already adopted in 2019, but at that time no press conference was held or an official press release was issued by the European Union.
  11. ***** My daily's........ a 2009 (new purchased) Mazda Rx-8 Renesis HP....2 rotor Wankel engine 1300 cm3 with 231 hp....max. 9.000 rpm....rear wheel drive with carbon cardan shaft...front alu double wishbones....... engine located very low behind front 45.000 mls.......great pleasure to drive; really handling like a Lotus ! .....a 2013 Mazda 2 1,5 49.000 mls... .......and a 1975 Honda Goldwing GL1000 K1......1,0 ltr flat 4 cyl / gearbox located beyond crankshaft......cardan shaft.....11.000 mls...
  12. ***** NEWS Lotus completes agency sales restructure of UK dealership network Full agency agreement now in place at all 13 of Lotus’s UK sites Lotus is first OEM to have agency agreement across whole of UK network Restructure is part of ongoing transformation New retail agencies are poised to open in 10 locations
  13. ***** AMSTERDAM - According to former Formula 1 driver and analyst David Coulthard (see picture), Max Verstappen's driving style helped him win the mental battle with Lewis Hamilton, and ultimately the world title. From the start of the season, there were intense duels between Hamilton and Verstappen on the track. Verstappen did not shy away from the risk and Hamilton even stopped a few times to avoid a collision or crash. Gradually, Verstappen got into Hamilton's head, Coulthard claims. "Verstappen is not afraid of anyone, that is not part of his psyche," the Scot told Channel 4. He continues: „That is what I find most impressive about him, if there is a gap, he goes for it. There's no doubt about that. That's also how Verstappen mentally beat Hamilton, he got into Lewis' head."
  14. ***** Hi, it think you are one of the approx. five persons mentioned in my last post............ Your words:..........The first guy to ride a bull for fun, was a true hero. The second man to follow him was truly nuts!".........
  15. ***** I am certainly not embarressed, only surprised about the morbid doggedness among approx. 5 same posters that have a day's job to post here day after day and post after post. It is my only intention to show the other side of the story, which certainly is there and to show my affection to my Dutch fellow Max Verstappen.......
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