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  1. ***** Indeed, the integrated Evora 410 solution looks far more better than the "glued on"' single tablet in the Evora. The whole Evora instr.panel looks far more balanced and fit for purpose. I expect that 3rd parties modification sets will be offered after some time for the Evora since this a weak design point imho.
  2. ***** Orgasmic sound of 4-rotor Mazda 787B Le Mans winner in 1991...the only year rotary engines were allowed to participate.....immediately thereafter the FIA banned the rotary engine and Mazda could not participate any more. All in all, rotary is probably the best engine for racing. 930hp at 10500 rpm......2,6 ltr. without forced induction.......358 hp per ltr The engine was very reliable and if necessary the same engine could race another 24 hrs.
  3. ***** Chevrolet Corvette C8 3LT Z51 Performance Carbon Magnetic Ride Lift GBP 171742,- 😃
  4. ***** It is a beautiful Evora..........I can imagine that you are very happy with it. I wish you a lot of safe miles and fun!
  5. ***** What do you think........ I have noticed in the past that new models of all kind of manufacturers that from the first instance were nearly 100% beautiful and perfect in the end were disappointing during their life cycle in relation with their sales succes. It just seems that new models with some less initial overwhelming beauty did actually better because that model comprised often some (hidden) kind of "character" that was increasingly attracting unexpected numbers of buyers over the years........ I wish Lotus really good luck with the new Emira however think it could be possible that the aforementioned would be the case with the new Emira and people get bored of it relatively quickly. The Evora for instance is not the prettiest girl on the dance floor imho but has that that indefinable x factor and maturity that made him more and more attractive over the years, certainly now during it's final stage.
  6. +++++ Even since the Emira is introduced for me in each case the further ultimately developed and refined Evora GT 410 Sport with IPS............ It is a bomb safe combination...... Sorry, personally as with other car brands I would not buy any new Lotus model in the first 2-3 years of production.
  7. ***** As the age-old saying goes, always leave them wanting more. That certainly seems to be the case with the Lotus Evora GT which, as it heads towards the end of production, has set several significant sales records in the United States.
  8. ***** Do you remember that..?........with all those car emission controls California was leading.......😒 Will be tuning of the Emira by private persons in the next years less plausible......? Some folks on social media have started to post about a new California smog testing procedure that is supposed to check for modified or non-CARB compliant software in vehicle ECUs, which I did some digging into. Using the link posted at the bottom of the screenshots I’ve seen, I followed it back to the California Bureau of Automotive Repair’s smog FAQ page, where the confirmation was clear as day: California is indeed going to start sniffing for tunes during smog checks.
  9. ***** Total amount new sales / sold Porsche and Lotus units In the Netherlands.......... TOTAL PORSCHE Porsche 911 5.724 Porsche Boxster 1.014 Porsche 718 373 Porsche Cayman 327 Porsche 918 8 LOTUS EVORA | NEW SALES TOTAL 20212019201120101236 JAAR AANTAL 2021 1 2019 2 2011 3 2010 6 NEW SALES SINCE 1983 Merk Totaal Lotus Elise 87 Lotus Exige 24 Lotus Evora 12
  10. ***** Moreover the GT / 410 / 430's are the final results after intensive modifications on the 1st Evora ref. specification, performance, handling and especially reliability. Several road tests of the last years are all very, very positive. It now already is recognized as the last true Lotus. Imo it will take years for the new Emira to reach the same level as the Evora finally has. We all know that new Lotus models have their issues / problems to be eliminated in the following years. I find the Emira a nice car from the outside, especially the back however a little "Caymannish" which I absolutely dislike. The interior for me is to fancy, the added 2nd display looks as it is glued to the dashboard and can fall of. You can expect that in later versions it will become embedded very nicely as with the Evora. I just recently did purchase a new (the last Dutch imported) GT 410 Sport and this is the 3rd GT 410 in the Netherlands. There are only 20 officially Lotus imported and 15 side imported (2nd hand) in the Netherlands now. In the next years this will remain a very exclusive car amongst many, many Emira's That's the way I like it........
  11. No, no, no.........! But you can have chrome cupholders....... And last but not least..........a true "lane-assist"...,,,,,
  12. AMG 45 4 cylinder.........
  13. **** Was suddenly on You Tube about +1 hour ago and immediately frozen and indicated as "private" .............picture location Goodwood.......
  14. ***** Was this picture already posted? If yes, please eliminate....... Lotus Live Stream...........
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