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  1. ***** NEWS Lotus completes agency sales restructure of UK dealership network Full agency agreement now in place at all 13 of Lotus’s UK sites Lotus is first OEM to have agency agreement across whole of UK network Restructure is part of ongoing transformation New retail agencies are poised to open in 10 locations
  2. ***** AMSTERDAM - According to former Formula 1 driver and analyst David Coulthard (see picture), Max Verstappen's driving style helped him win the mental battle with Lewis Hamilton, and ultimately the world title. From the start of the season, there were intense duels between Hamilton and Verstappen on the track. Verstappen did not shy away from the risk and Hamilton even stopped a few times to avoid a collision or crash. Gradually, Verstappen got into Hamilton's head, Coulthard claims. "Verstappen is not afraid of anyone, that is not part of his psyche," the Scot told Channel 4. He continues: „That is what I find most impressive about him, if there is a gap, he goes for it. There's no doubt about that. That's also how Verstappen mentally beat Hamilton, he got into Lewis' head."
  3. ***** Hi, it think you are one of the approx. five persons mentioned in my last post............ Your words:..........The first guy to ride a bull for fun, was a true hero. The second man to follow him was truly nuts!".........
  4. ***** I am certainly not embarressed, only surprised about the morbid doggedness among approx. 5 same posters that have a day's job to post here day after day and post after post. It is my only intention to show the other side of the story, which certainly is there and to show my affection to my Dutch fellow Max Verstappen.......
  5. * * * * * Today, 15:30 Hamilton's behavior in Abu Dhabi is a violation of sporting regulations Formula 1 journalist Dieter Rencken is disappointed in how Mercedes is behaving after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The team filed multiple protests and now, a few days after the race, still seems to want to protest. Max Verstappen won the world championship in Abu Dhabi, but the team of title rival Lewis Hamilton disagreed. Mercedes filed two protests with the FIA after the race. Both protests were rejected by the stewards, but Mercedes has indicated that it wants to challenge the stewards' decision. "I think it goes beyond unsportsmanlike behaviour," says Formula 1 journalist Dieter Rencken in the English version of the RacingNews365 podcast. "Maybe Toto Wolff doesn't know how to lose, but in the end that's no excuse. "We are talking about what a global top sport should be and you have to behave according to that. I am very, very disappointed in the behavior of Mercedes," said the F1 journalist. Hamilton is also unsportsmanlike Hamilton showed himself very sporty after the race. The Briton shook Verstappen's hand and congratulated him, but according to Rencken this was all for the stage. The Mercedes driver was not at the press conference and did not give any interviews later. "As for Lewis's behaviour, it's all well and good to congratulate someone on the podium and give the occasional TV interview on track. But in the end the tough questions are being asked by the media and he wasn't there That is a violation of the sports regulations," the F1 journalist knows. The Mercedes team also failed to show up for an FIA photo opportunity just before the year-end gala. It therefore seems as if the German racing stable wants to boycott the entire gala, where the World Cup will also be handed over. According to Rencken, that is also not allowed. "The sports regulations state that they must be there and also attend the press conferences." Is Mercedes waiting to file a protest? Mercedes has indicated on Sunday after the race that it wants to protest against the decision of the stewards. However, there has not been an official protest yet, but the German team does not have much time for that either. If Mercedes has not filed a protest before Thursday evening, December 16, it will be too late. Let the official prize gala be on that very evening. Rencken expects Mercedes to wait with the announcement with their protest until just before the gala. "The sporting regulations state very clearly that the recipient of the trophy during the FIA prize gala is the champion, period. Then it will be too late to change it," the F1 journalist said. Big boss Mercedes is also silent Rencken also finds it striking that no sign of life has been given from the umbrella organization of Mercedes. "Most telling is that there has been no response from Mercedes CEO Ola Kallenius. He is ultimately the boss of Toto Wolff." "The exact structure is a bit complicated, but there is a three-pointed star on the front of the car. Kallenius didn't say a word, but was in Abu Dhabi," Rencken said. "He has not condemned the FIA and has not praised the champion , not a single word. I find that very strange."
  6. ***** Very, very sad....RIP Hazel....... My condolences to the family
  7. ***** I believe that if his F1 car can keep the present level next year will become Max Verstappen's best year so far as his racing experience is growing year after year......... Of course he will be agressively racing as Lewis did, however gaining more points......... There is a fair chance that the LH area is over since his motivation will decrease after so many years of leadership. There is a time from coming and leaving, even for LH............(who in the last years had the luck of driving a superior Mercedes)
  8. ***** Former Formula 1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone has said Max Verstappen is the deserved world champion. “At a very young age, he has already been able to compete with Lewis Hamilton, one of the best drivers ever. Not just on the track, but also off it.” That said the 91-year-old Briton in an interview with a media group from Munich. Verstappen decided in his favor on the last lap of the last Grand Prix. Ecclestone: „And that while the Mercedes team has gone out of its way to bully him, to upset him. Mercedes also has the best car at its disposal. That makes Verstappen's performance even more valuable. He makes the difference in the race.” Ecclestone considers it incomprehensible that Mercedes does not seem to accept the defeat for the time being. “They probably build the best cars in the world. But with this attitude, they put scratches on their own star. That is very unwise.” Ecclestone therefore calls Mercedes' behavior a joke. “Their team bosses try to influence race management decisions even during the race. The sport suffers as a result. Pure competition should come first. The drivers have provided great sport. It's a shame it's overshadowed in this way."
  9. ***** Some thoughts: Lewis Hamilton is a very, very nice and respective gentleman's champion imo.......... Max races "on the edge"......also forced to that because Mercedes has the better car. Toto Wolff and Mercedes imo are "on the edge" regarding protests etc. etc, nearly every race. German generally do not like / find it terrible to loose from a "Dutch Cheese Head" The "Merry Christmas Max Greetings" from the UK SKY TV imo were far from the traditional UK sportsmanship behavior and unwise versus an eager fighter as Max. Ultimately he has won......I do not feel sorry for him as I never did with the most respected Lewis........
  10. ***** As a Dutch race-enthousiast I am very happy with the championship of Max Verstappen.
  11. ***** Hi Roy, Very nice 3-eleven....... I saw your LOtus during the introduction of the Emira at v.d. Kooi- Houten........ I assume that Willem imported it from some European country ....? Congratulations with this special Lotus!
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