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  1. ***** Classic Saab 900......inspired by Saab Aircraft Company's ......."Saab J.37 Viggen jet fighter"........
  2. ***** Die cast RHD models.....scale 1/38........doors can be opened.........
  3. ***** I drove my 1990 Esprit Turbo SE .......from 1993 to 2020 .......on average 600 miles per year.......totaling 16.200 miles. Since new It now has 32.500 miles on the odometer.......... My 1975 Honda Goldwing GL1000 K1 has a total of 11.250 mls on the odometer........
  4. Modified LH '89 Turbo 215 hp on for € 39.950,-........... ......."Our copy is - to put it simply indiscriminately -; unique! The Esprit Turbo has only driven 8000 kilometers. This mileage is also confirmed by Lotus itself (letter present). The car was originally delivered in Germany and has always been in the hands of enthusiasts. The brakes and gearbox have recently been overhauled. In addition to all maintenance vouchers, we also have the original booklets and the aforementioned letter from Lotus. The car is in good condition and is ready to be included in a collection again!"....... ........."The Esprit Turbo has only driven 8000 kilometers. ..................The brakes and gearbox have recently been overhauled"........ That's pretty soon ?!?
  5. Mazda RX-8 Renesis HP.....with 1,3 ltr 2 disc rotary engine.......6 sp / 231hp.......engine located behind front axle....double wishbones.......kevlar drive shaft......fabulous driver's car.
  6. I have the battery of my LH 1990 Esprit Turbo SE permanently connected with a trickle charger . It is connected with a male plug and a female plug (with spring actuated dirt cap) which is mounted in the upper part of the left rear wheel arch (invisible) as well as an internal intermediate fuse; all directly connected to the battery by a separate wire. I use a cheap Chinese made autom. controlled trickle charger ( GBP 15,-). This way I always have the right tension on the car Never had any trouble during my 26 years of ownership. My maintenance free battery was replaced of course a couple of times during those 26 years; the average lifetime each battery (surprisingly) was generally 5 years and 8 months. After a (trickle charger connected) lay-off period of for instance a half or one year the Esprit starts within 0,5-1,5 seconds. I have 2 other cars, a Mazda Rotary RX-8 Renesis HP / 231 hp and a Mazda 2 1,5 GTM, as well as a Honda Goldwing GL1000 motorbike of 1975.........all 3 have their own trickle charger connection on the outside of the vehicle and all 3 are permanently connected and therefore I have never any fuzz with the electr. start tension.
  7. 1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE for sale...............Price:$39,900
  8. ***** GBP 32.100,-........'89 / 63.000 mls. / LHD GBP 32.000,-.......29.300 mls. / '88 / LHD
  9. Wow.........well done Lotus........congratulations!
  10. I have a 1990 Esprit Turbo SE with the battery permanently connected to a trickle charger.......... due to the permanent trickle charger connection my average battery life is only 5,5 to 6,0 years. Since 1993 I renewed my battery > 5 times . Every time I used the standard 62 Ah DIN type 562.19 (DIN = German Industrie Norm) which is perfectly fitting; has an excellent/sufficient starting power and is maintenance free This DIN type you will find at all major batt. manufacturers as Exide, Varta, Bosch etc. and also B-brand batteries which are always ok, since the manufacturing of lead-calcium batteries is not based on rocket science. I always strive for the cheapest one....for all my cars.......last time for the Esprit was a Hankook MF56077 from Accu Megastore .UK which has a branch in the Netherlands. Price free home € 51,32......... equivalent GBP 45,- Enclosed the relevant max. allowed battery dimensions and locations of (+) and (-), incl under tray dimensions of the Esprit.........the max allowed battery height is 200 mm; due to max length of both screw thread spindles of the fixing bar.
  11. ***** 1997 Lotus Esprit S4 GT3.........46.500 mls..........GBP 37.200,- gt3 wordt verwacht
  12. Rebuild of transmission at 370 bhp within 58.000 mls the capability of 500 is not easy for this poor French gearbox....
  13. Hi Mark, Thanks for your interesting reply. All the best.......... Best regards, Ruud
  14. Hi MarkL, Thanks for your reply. Nice, that your data and my observations seem to be is a small (Lotus)world actually. BTW: As far as I remember I never saw your SE advertised at or did you notice it? Long time ago however I noticed it to be offered for sale by Classic Park-Netherlands as part of their inventory. Note: my SE had 25.000 km on the odo in 1993 and now shows 52.000 km; the overall condition is still nearly as new; the interior is blue/grey leather with a burr elm dashboard; the same dashboard as you have. Note of interest: Did you purchase your High Wing for (mainly) driving; (mainly) investing or both? Best regards, Ruud
  15. Additional note:.............The side repeater indicators must have been removed afterwards because without these repeaters this Esprit would not have received 1992 Dutch license plates to allow driving in the Netherlands. It seems that the red highwing below is your car since it seems to have the flares already........(picture of unknown source) I also remember that your red high wing has been for sale by "Classic" in the years around 2000-2010.
  16. HiMarkL, Ref:....... According to the paperwork and other history files it is a real highwing delivered to Holland in February 1992. It would help the public to recognise this car.................. Nobody will ever have seen this one here around. Well, I did see it in 1993 (or 1994/1995)'s how... Sept. 27th 1993 I purchased my 1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE from Mr. de Kleer, salesmanager of Kroymans-Hilversum. It was one item of 4 Esprit's originally imported by Kr. in 1990. That time they had a red '90 SE and a steel blue '90 SE (mine) and possibly already the high wing in their 2nd hand stock. I still own my Esprit. Those days Kroymans was the official Lotus importer for the Netherlands by their sister company Lotus Import Netherlands-Huizen (Neth.) They stopped after a couple of years, as far as I know because a.o. sales lacked behind. No problem since they were very successful with their Ferrari and Jaguar branch. I have seen (absolutely/100% sure) this red high wing with those black rims in their showroom, either in 1993 during my purchase negotiations or in 1994 or 1995 when I visited Kroymans afterwards time by time pure by interest when making a trip with my SE. I have also opened it's drivers door and looked far as I remember that time the car had 15.000 km's on the odo.........I still remember that the high wing and black rims were not actually my taste. I am sure that it did not have the flares on the arches that time. Note: The Esprit SE stickers for Continental Esprit's were not attached to the small side windows but to the body (see my picture). If you would try to remove them for a repaint they will be damaged. Enclosed a picture of my Esprit.............. Best regards, Ruud
  17. Lotus Esprit Essex Commemorative Edition..........€ 120.000,- .....(GBP 102.240,-) From AutoScout:.............."Lotus Esprit Turbo Essex commemorative edition No. 100 This is a very rare opportunity to own the rarest and most sort after of all the Esprit models. The Essex Commemorative edition was launched to commemorate the launch of the new Turbo Esprit in collaboration with Essex petroleum who where the main Formula One sponsor at the time and was unveiled at a party hosted by Essex in London's Royal Albert Hall. However the planned 100 commemorative cars where cut short , meaning that only 34 production Essex commemorative cars have been recorded , 23 for the domestic UK market and 11 for the export market. This information has been provided by Lotus Cars. This is Essex Esprit no.100 chassis number 10949 which according to records was actually No.24 but renumbered to 100 when Lotus failed to make the 100 units planned . This Lotus is also famous for being previously owned by Mark Thatcher it was handed to him three days after it was registered as he had been appointed by Lotus to help operations in the USA. This Essex Esprit has only covered 77,000 miles and comes with a large history file and back in 2005 was subject to a restoration carried out by SJ Sports Cars. The car will come with a new full C service and MOT the cam covers and plenum chamber will also be repainted . If you are seriously interested in owning a piece of Lotus history please call Mark on 01245 248143 or 07732 339759 car is in Chelmsford Essex in the UK"...........
  18. Lotus Evora GT410 Sport IPS "Prices soaring" in the Netherlands........GBP 154.735,- (Lotus Imp. Neth.)
  19. I experience the same with my '90 Esprit Turbo SE....hardly over 60 degr. C.; even with outside temp in summer of 25 degr C it is never higher than 80 degr. C. It is a good idea to cover 1 oil cooler......even if the temp. goes up to 95 degr. C. If the temp. raises higher in a traffic jam (105 -110 degr. C.) I would take my Esprit aside and remove the cover. For my 231 hp Rotary Mazda RX-8 Renesis HP it is a widely adapted precaution for the winter because the oil keeps to long / to a black "mouse pad" can easily be folded in front of the oil cooler / and behind the body and can also easily be removed from the outside of the car. The extreme heat generating 1,3 liter 2 rotor Wankel engine needs the 2 OEM (larger) oil coolers absolutely because In summer 30 degr. still with those 2 coolers it will run at approx. 95 -97 degr.; sometimes quickly raising to 100 a traffic jam it can be even 110 degr. C. If possible I will try to do the same solution (mouse pad) with my Esprit.
  20. @ MrDangerUS That's very pity for you......... 1990 LH Esprit Turbo SE / 32.500 mls; I am the 2nd owner since 1993.........has no problem in that area... Regards, Ruud
  21. Front Engined......197 bhp...................? a 1991 SE refurbished for GBP 20.000,-........?
  22. I have the same experience.....26 years of ownership and 52.000 km on the odo......with my '90 Esprit Turbo SE I have all the invoices since purchase in 1993; total cost of maintenance during all those years € 6300,- = GBP 5.500.- (GBP 200,- per year) incl. 1 set of 4 new Good Years; 1 revised turbo (after too heavy duelling with another sportscar); a very tiny piece broke of a turbo fan blade.... Actually the total cost of ownership (incl depreciation) are equal to those of a small 2nd family-car like a Fiat Panda, etc.
  23. Within 2 months and immediately after a "Winterdiscount" of € 9.000,- sold for € 29.895,- = GBP 26.200,-
  24. *** Hi Karl, What a hell you went trough......nearly unbelievable.......I feel very sorry for you because of what happened to you and you had to deal with those years. I feel rather uncomfortable by simply posting below my motorbike history which is a huge contrast of what you told us.......I hope that you will understand that a new poster has to follow-up this thread. I wish you a good health for you and your relatives in the future. Best regards, Ruud Some information of one of the first Goldwing's...produced 44 years ago....1 liter flat four cyl. ohc engine , 82 hp, redlining at 9.000 rpm, top speed over 125 mls/h, 5 speed gear box located beyond the crankshaft for a low gravity point and eguipped with at double speed counter revving alternator to eliminate torque force of the engine during throttle acceleration (which was a typical BMW boxer problem), cardan shaft, weight 640 lbs, faux tank storing the air filter and electrics, real tank below the seat just in front of the rear wheel, all in all contributing to an extreme low point of the time of the introduction at the 1974 Cologne Motorbike Show this "ridiculous car-like monster" caused an earthquake in the motorcycle world press.....the engine was this/first time especially developed by the Honda Cars sister company...... My 1975 Honda Goldwing GL1000 K1........2nd owner since 1978 ........uninterrupted (dry) stored over 31 years from 1983 to 2014.........7.500 mls on the odo... Proud winner of the NGWClub-USA contest Bike of the Year 2016------ GL1000 K1 1975
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