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  1. Thanks,......... mayesprit, Vulcan Grey, superdavelotus and Dodgy for your quick replies and additional is appreciated. Superdavelotus; the car has no rear wing................. Best regards, Ruud
  2. This Lotus is offered for sale as an Esprit Turbo SE. As far as I can see it is not the execution with an Eagle chassis; it therefore could not be a Turbo SE but only a Turbo (as far as I am informed)? The exhaust is located on the left side at the rear end and not on the right side as with the Turbo SE's I know. The car was first registered Febr. 1990. I am just interested to know whether my assumption is correct or not. Thanks for any opinion........... Best regards, Ruud
  3. Well done Bibs & Kato !!! Wonderfull.........a great contribution to Esprit-owners. Best Regards, Ruud
  4. Conform the manual "Lotus Service Notes" (1988-1992 model years/Esprit+Esprit Turbo): ................"the system is charged with 1.4 kg (3 lbs) of Refrigerant 12"................... Best regards, Ruud
  5. Hi Paul, ref:.........."He has been willing to pay a deposit etc "....................... This could be the first step in a kind of fraud for which (at least in the Netherlands) Nigerian criminals are famous in off-handing you at least money (but not limited to that / evt. incl. your car) in a very clever and simple way..... Unfortunately I do not know the details any more................ As far as I remember............... also for instance............could be that they ask you to return the deposit whereas it turns out in the end that you did not posess their deposit at all, so you are the fool.............. Evt. ask the policedepartment in a big(ger) city. Best regards, Ruud
  6. Best regards, Ruud
  7. Dear RobB, A STRONG WARNING from my side for "GUYS WITH CONNECTIONS IN NIGERIA" that are interested to purchase your car etc....................... These criminal organisations are famous (at least in the Netherlands) for very clever financial constructions (not only limited to cars and motorcycles) of which you mean to be absolutely sure that you own the purchasesum on your bankaccount; but in the end they have ripped your car free of charge. Be very carefull; the US, UK and the Netherlands work together to fight these criminal gangs........... Best regards, Ruud
  8. Thanks for reply...... Good luck and much pleasure with your Esprit....... Regards, Ruud
  9. I am not 100% sure; I said "a fair chance"................ It is an official RDW could only be the homologation nr, so try it at least; if not ok you will probably get more hints from the relevant parties.......... By the way, what did you pay for your Esprit Turbo SE; I remain interested in current prices in the Netherlands......... If you do not want to say it publicly, sent me a private message on this forum. Best regards, Ruud
  10. Hi Sky, My Turbo SE '90 was in 1990 (in one lot with 3 other brand new cars) imported and sold by the Lotus importer that time Krooymans / Hilversum. The RDW code in my corresponding car/numberplate papers is: 00LOTU - 90055537 There is a fair chance that this is the code you need. Best Regards, Ruud (Netherlands)
  11. Founder of Spyker, Victor Muller resigns; rumours of critical financial position increased last weeks, incl. dispute with Karmann Gmbh (sub-supplier) about Euro 3 million unpaid invoices. Imbalance in production; 243 orders in portfolio, however only 10 cars delivered 1st quarter of 2007 (versus 24 units in 1st quarter of 2006). Shareprice halved in last months. My personal opinion is that Spyker / its F1 team will fall apart / file for bankruptcy most likely before the end of this year; very pity. (See official press release) ______________________________________________________________________________ Persbericht Spyker - benoeming nieuwe CEO 16-05-2007 17:43:46 Amsterdam (BETTEN BEURSMEDIA NEWS) - Hier volgt de tekst van het persbericht van Spyker ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spyker Cars N.V., Formula One constructor and manufacturer of exclusive premium sports cars, announces the appointment of Michiel Mol (37) as interim CEO of the company, succeeding Victor Muller (47) who will focus on design and brand development, effective May 21, 2007. After seven and a half years at the helm of Spyker since its foundation in 2000, Victor Muller has requested the Supervisory Board to agree to him reducing his general management tasks as CEO and to focus on design and branding exclusively. Michiel Mol, until now Director of Formula One Racing within the Management Board, will assume the role of interim CEO in addition thereto. Victor Muller explains his decision: "It has been such a privilege to lead the (re)creation of Spyker since Maarten de Bruijn and I founded the company on January 1, 2000. No one could have anticipated then the exceptional growth that would materialize in the years to come. With 450 employees worldwide, the company has now entered a phase where different management skills are required than those that were instrumental to create the company and build the brand until this point. Michiel Mol has those skills and I am proud to hand over the reins to such a competent and energetic partner. It allows me to do what I am best at: brand building.
  12. Hi Bibs, E-mailed Aidan Coughlan today for availability of certain parts, both from Surplus Parts List and Standard Stock. Used your 3 links and referred to your name/link. Received adequate response from Aidan within a couple of hours. Ordered and received order-confirmation this same day for supply of 3 pcs. Switch-Window Lift; 1 pc. Interior Lamp and 2 pcs. Badges (Esprit- and Se-). Furthermore I found very usefull and relevant/important information about problems and availability with the Window Switches in the Stevens Technical Room / Forum topic: "Door Glass Motor Switch". That's the value of a good forum once again! I herewith want to thank you for all your efforts to this specific topic; it was a great help to me. Best Regards, Ruud
  13. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ QUOTE(GKP @ Mar 23 2007, 08:52 AM) The current Elise, Exige and Europa will stay in production but more and faster variants will be launched over the next two or three years. An entirely new model, to be called the Eagle, is slated for launch at the end of next year. It would have a likely price of about
  14. Dear Anthony Kimberley, It is only since short that I noticed your personal stories about your famous father and Lotus in this Esprit Fact File. I did read them all and it impressed me deeply. The information you allow us to share is wonderful, not only in respect with the very interesting historical background but (for me) also in respect with the relation to your father, which obviously was not easy for you, since your father was totally commited to Colin and Lotus and therefore had little time left to spent for family-life. You first steps in life as a teenager and an adult, probably were not as easy for you as it was for your friends since you missed his guidance and retroperspective for such a long time. However I can read that you are dealing with it in an impressive way and it is my personal believe that this will lead for you to a deeper love and understanding for the way he lived his live and the man he used to be. I am a father (age 64 years) myself, with a son of 36 and a daughter of 33 years old. With my son I do not only share a.o. our mutual passion for sports cars but we also talk with each other more and more about the things that really are/were important for us as our careers and the things that really moves us and are deep inside us. This is a wonderful experience; sorting out what he missed and what I was not able (that time) to see and give. It makes our relation and the love for each other richer and more intense. Dear Anthony, I hope that in the next future I can read now and then more of your untold stories in this file and I whish you all the best. Best regards, Ruud
  15. This morning released in the leading Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf". Recently Spyker CEO Victor Muller had a ("secret") meeting with Lotus (source: Spyker-employees) in order to buy Lotus and to shift the Spyker production to the Lotus plant. Lotus furthermore should re-engineer their D12 "Peking-to-Paris" SSUV, a new model that raised lots of comments with the presentation ("beautifull / terrible"). CEO Victor Muller confirms the talkings; denies the agreement. The present financial situation of Spyker however is far from healthy; earlier this month they had to close a new financial deal with a Luxemburg financial group. Their (first/main) C8 model seems to sell badly; in the US 14 units are unsold whereas Spyker said that they could hardly cover the potential interest in this model. Furthermore in financial markets rumours exist that Spyker's turnover-figures are blowed up. These rumours were accelerated last week by a sub-supplier in the Dutch newspaper "De Volkskrant". Last Friday a major shareholder Go Capital had to inform the financial authorities that they decreased their capital share below the 5 % line. A (more) positive point could be that they succeeded to find sufficient major sponsors for their Formel 1 team, which was purchased from Midland F1. Best regards, Ruud
  16. Hi, In live in a traffic-crowded area in the Centre of the Netherlands (Netherland has 16.5 million inhabitants and it is occupied with (a terrible high number of) approx. 385 inhabitants per square kilometer!!!. I bought my '90 Turbo SE 13 years ago. Driving on the road since then in either my regular company car, regular own car (Saab) or in my Lotus, the total number of Esprits (any Esprit type / S1 thru V8) I have seen, is a merily number of 3-5 (honestly)!!! Elise's I have seen 10-15 times since the Elise's are manufactured. Best regards, Ruud
  17. 50 years was my age when I did buy my SE; now I am 63 and did not regret the purchase since then even a minute; I drove it (once) in the early evening with 255 kmh. on a 120 kmh. limited motorway (first checking in both directions if there was no mobile radar-speedcontrol );...................... still in love with this car........................ Here my story from the Netherlands: Together with 3 other new LH-driven units (red, black and grey) my steel-blue Turbo SE was imported to the Netherlands 1990 in one lot by the official distributor those days; "Lotus Import Nederland BV", a subsidiary of the famous Dutch automotive distributor "Kroymans" (Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Saab, etc.) The official listprice (incl. taxes) in 1990 was Hfl 257.000,- (excl. delivery cost), beeing an equivalent (with the 1990 exchange rate of the GBP) of 79.300,- pounds. (due to very high tax-level) After 3 years driving with a total of 25.000 km's it was traded in at "Kroymans" by the first owner. I became the second owner after a couple of weeks of negotiation and payed in 1993 Hfl 90.000,- (Euro 40.900,-) for this car (35% of the original list price). The 3 years of ownership of the first owner were very costly for him; approx. 52.000,- pounds (solely for the depreciation costs). Compared to the distance of 25.000 km (15.625 miles) it is over 3 pounds per mile !!! With this example you can see again how expensive it is to own an exotic car in the Netherlands. Since my purchase in 1993 I have driven only 21.000 km's, which is 1.600 km's per year; this is not much. However since 2 years I am redundant and have the time now to drive this fantastic car more frequently. The running costs so far only consist of gasoline, insurance, road tax, the (few) regular service costs, etc. and one set of new tires. The only major repair (by the present importer/distributor "Van der Kooi") was a new turbo after I blowed it up during "duelling" with some other exotic car (shame). It is parked in my garage and permanently connected with a batterycharger/conditioner. It was a heavy decision for me 13 years ago to spent so much money for a single car, however (as expected) I did not regret it since then even a minute. The car is still in its original condition and looks "nearly new". Not any modification was made and I intend to maintain this. Best regards, Ruud
  18. Hi Bibs, For verification;.........can you confirm receipt of donation? Best regards, Ruud
  19. Hi Bibs, I intend to transmit a donation and have a PayPal-account, however every trial yesterday and today to transfer money via your "PayPal-donate-button" ends with the remark that a "time-out error has occured" and that I should try it again. If you give me your relevant e-mail adress and submit/confirm me your "Payment for"-description, which is as I learned "LEF Item Number002", I can make a trial by entering my PayPal-account in the traditional way. Best regards, Ruud (Netherlands)
  20. My 1990 Turbo SE.............(Netherlands)................................
  21. Ref: Nov 3rd - 7th, Amsterdam, Netherland **I need to travel to Udens to meet a business client. Anyone can tell me how to get to Uden by train or by bus?? (I already choose a hotel that's near train station or subway station so I can go to places easily) REPLY: Depending on time of departure in Amsterdam there are several schedules in the course of the day with several cange-overs in several cities (travelling by Intercity-train; change over to stoptrain; change over to bus or........ only Intercity plus bus); however most common and most easy is: From Central Station Amsterdam to Nijmegen by Intercity-train; from Nijmegen with bus nr. 99 to Uden. This is the most simple way with travelling time of 2.48 hrs (alternatives at other departure times may vary from 2.33 - 3.00 hrs) There is an excellent official public web-site in which you can check any possible transport in the Netherlands. If you manage to fill in your city (and location/station) of departure and arrival in this Dutch-texted site yourself you can easily check all alternatives: Nomenclature for use/fill-in of the "OVplanner": Van = From Naar = To Datum = Date Tijd = Time Vertrek = Departure time Aankomst = desired Arrival Time geef reisadvies = submit travel advice Good luck, best regards, Ruud Eventually search for : via Google !!! (in case Mozilla Firefox will not function) Best regards, Ruud
  22. Thanks,..................... Tony K, esprit 350, Troy halliday, Bibs, The Saint, Kimbers, nicksoldies, Jussi, TSD and the unknown person (moderator?) that rearranged my topic perfectly............ Thank you all for the unexpectedly warm welcome with the different reactions as well as the nice comments I received on my Esprit. Really, this I had not expected at all............. I will do my best to take part on this forum regularly and react/comment where applicable. For the time beeing, best regards, Ruud
  23. Hello everybody, It is a pleasure to me to visit this forum and to be a member from this day. I am redundant (63) since 2 years and living in the centre of the Netherlands, a country where Esprits are very rare. May be you see one on the road every two years; I estimate that the total number of all types of Esprits (S1-V8) in the Netherlands is approx. 30 units. Mine is from 1990; I purchased it in 1993 with 25.000 km; since my 13-years marriage with my Esprit Turbo SE I travelled 21.000 km; a total now of 46.000 km. It is in a pefect/as new condition and gives me a great deal of fun. My regular car is a classic Saab 900c from 1989, with 91.000 km on the tachometer, which is very low since most classic Saab's of this age have run 200.000-300.000 km's without any major problem. As the Esprit it is a car with character and a great fun to drive; they can reach very high mileages. (up to 600.000 km. and more). Enclosed you find a picture of my Esprit-darling................ Kind regards, Ruud .........and here a picture from my Saab-darling......... By the way, I am fond of smoking good cigars; plenty of time these days......... Kind regards, Ruud
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