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  1. Well, it was generally observed some time ago that it's in the air that the Esprit's price backlog versus classic Ferrarri's, Porsche's etc gradually would be deminished..........
  2. Lotus Esprit 3.5i V8 turbo cat GT / 2002.........55.000 km........€ 139.990,- 12 Lotus Esprit V8 - GT.......1998............30.000 km ........€ 150.000,- Lotus Esprit 3.5i V8 turbo cat.......1998.......32.000 km.........€ 150.000,-
  3. Dutch Lotus importer van der Kooi........ LH Lotus Esprit 3.5 V8 GT 66.961 km € 68.875,-
  4. Lotus Munich-Germany offering........ 1985 Lotus Turbo Esprit ......orig. 30.073 km / Sammlerzustand...............€ 69.000,-
  5. Beautiful Lotus.........imo it will be sold for a price around the asking price......... Of course, a bit different stuff.......but imagine ....that some super and personal car used/driven by Enzo Ferrari before he died is offered for sale........price would be auctioned sky-high.......most probabely bought by American or Asian car collectors.... It is a pity: even a little shame that in the UK people obviously do not value this fantastic low-mileage car of both an iconic person, manufacturer as well as a famous Formula 1 team owner......driven just before his untimely offer with a respectfull heritage .......Iimo it will be sold to the USA or Far East.
  6. *** .......just only light Elm far as I kow......(as my LHD 1990 Esprit Turbo SE) Ruud
  7. Thank you all, For your is much appreciated! Regards, Ruud
  8. Hello this is new to me..........I am asking for advise...... Somebody {a middle aged women (Clinical Social Worker, Counsellor) of which I could verify the personal data} that seems to be interested to purchase my Esprit asked for the VIN number to check the car history...... I live in the Netherlands and the potential buyer lives in the USA Is it strange that someone is asking this and are there "any dangers" to provide someone else with this information? Can it harm my car or me when I give this information.........(sorry for the silly question) Any reply is appreciated very much....... Regards, Ruud
  9. Lotus Esprit V8 - GT / 1998 / € 150.000,-
  10. Not so bad more problems with headlight lifters........ @ Barrykearle I've just been sick - a lot - and will now struggle to get an erection for a while. @swindon_alan - get some pictures of girls up quick ........
  11. Lotus Esprit 2.2i turbo cat SE........ 1994 / 110.000 km .............€ 49.900,-
  12. @ Konrad, Thanks and thumbs up for your reaction and explanation...... Good luck, Ruud
  13. Another 6 x (now total 10 x) from the German Lotus Forum..........
  14. Actually a bargain for such a beautifull competitor of Ferrarri etc....... This is the price almost for a new well equipped Vauxhall Insigna......
  15. Plus 4 x (incl. Pau lito) from the German Lotus Forum.....
  16. Request also pubished on the German Lotusforum Lotus Drivers Survey on behalf of UEA.........…-survey-on-behalf-of-uea/ Teilnahme…
  17. There is a way to enjoy rising oil prices......really ! Brent (and WTI) crude oil price went down from $ 100,- per barrel in 2014 to $30,- in the course of 2016...... After a steady $ 40,- per barrel in 2016 at the last quarter it went up to nearly $ 60,- early 2017...... It tumbled to $ 50-, to $ 53,- last week........ It is expected that crude oil prices in 5 to10 years will reach levels towards of $ 80,- to $ 100,- per barrel again spite of massive world wide investments in wind, solar and other sources of energy now and in the next future...............a.o. due to a strong world wide grow in energy demand the transition will take decades before the impact is a real factor in large parts of the world and in the several energy consumption doubt imo and that of the International Energy Agency. Somtime ago I invested heavily in (at that time, and still now) low priced Petrobras oil stocks ( NYSE:PBR...a Brazilian Oil Company )......... with a very confident result up till personal experience of day to day rising crude oil prices is not a negative one........while filling up the petrol tank of my car the next day I am happy to pay the higher gasoline prices.....
  18. My actual situation........ Worked a full year from 2014-2015 (800 + 400 hrs.) to restore my 1975 Honda GoldWing GL1000 K1 as shown in a 7 x 10 ft space in front of the Esprit....... I have to use an electric winch to pull my 660 lbs Honda backwards, sitting on the bike, against a sloped entrance to position it next to the Esprit..... This was the final result after restoration......... After the restoration it was elected in the USA at "" (over 14.000 members) as --- "Bike of the Year 2016" --- amongst 12 nominees with an overwhelming 29% of the votes ......... More info with many pictures about the restoration:
  19. This supercar was being driven by a young mechanic as part of its annual check up. He lost control on a slippery road and crashed into a pole. The owner of the car is a famous "feel good" guru named Emile Ratelband. Showing the owner that was called and arrived asap as you can see......... Those were the better days........the same Bugatti show chic surroundings of the Netherlands.........
  20. From PistonHeads A thread started in 2014 Why is the Lotus Esprit not appreciating in value?? Thursday 22nd September 2016 This thread has become irrelevant. I decided to buy an Esprit and started looking. Can't find anything bellow 20K at the moment. Maybe in the U.S. But not anywhere in Europe. And I have also seen Esprits for around 100K give or take. Maybe if somebody knows somebody who knows somebody who is selling. But online it seems the bargains are over! Maybe you could get very luck and find an early Stevens car for under 20K. But a Giugiaro? Forget it! Not very long ago you could have them for sub-10K easily. Quite a bit sub-10K actually. Now you can't even find beat up ones. Normally if you can't find them beat up it is a sure sign of them growing in importance. Because either owners are investing money to fix them up before selling because they know they will be worth more, or the beat up ones are getting snapped away so fast by people who want to restore to sell for more that you can barely see the beat up ones up for sale. Regardless, I think we can close this thread. The market seems to be finally waking up to the Esprit. Maybe this thread did it's job. Monday 19th September 2016 Le TVR said: You also have to recognise that the situation is totally different elsewhere in Europe. Countries where there is no previous culture of comedians making jokes likes " LotsOf Trouble Usually Serious loads" of...... The trend on Autoscout has shown prices double in the last 12 months and more and more UK cars are being shipped abroad: Exactly! As I said before, in mainland Europe the Esprit is very respected. It doesn't have the cheap aura it does in the UK. LHD Esprits are much more expensive than RHD ones for a reason.;)
  21. I noticed some interesting article at / Other cars / British / / Lotus Esprit......... from a Ferrari-owner which owned 6 Esprits, still has a 1985 turbo Esprit, about Esprit values etc........... 06-09-2015, 10:52 AM ..... JasonMiller F1 Rookie Silver Subscribed I have owned 6 Esprits, I still own a 1985 turbo Esprit. Bang for the buck, they are incredible cars. But you must be able to turn a wrench or you will go broke quick! On the road they are a blast to drive and look like a 100k car to the average joe, most people are shocked you can buy them for under 15k. And why can you buy one so cheap?Simple, Lotus owners are the worst :-) They bash their own marque constantly. If a newb posts on Lotus Talk about an esprit he found and wants to restore everyone gangs up on him telling him horror stories about the car and its maintenance. Instead of working together to keep these cars on the road, everyone bashing everyone elses car for not being "stock" or not "correct" It gets old.Lotus owners are notoriously cheap! I parted out a 1985 and even the rarest parts I was nitpicked to death over price by people who needed them. I finally boxed them up and will save them for my car. Many of them are in disrepair because it costs more to fix them than they are worth.If the owners would value these cars like they should there is no reason a early S1 and S2 esprit should not be 50k plus, they are rare, exotic and amazing handling cars.My 1985 Esprit is beautiful, its a keeper to me, It is worth probably 15k max. and has not appreciated since I have purchased it. My 308 is probably worth double for what I paid for it and my Merak, (bought cheap a few years back) is probably worth 4 times what I paid for it. But I dont plan to sell anything so it doesnt matter.Until owners appreciate the esprit and encourage others to join the marque they will continue to be the low hanging fruit in the exotic world, in the meantime, I buy every one I can find.
  22. Indeed, a very strange comparison etc.
  23. Very, very sad to read this......... Thank you Roger for what you meant for the Lotus marque and my Esprit...... Rest in peace, Roger
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