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  1. exactly what I thought 😉 On most Elite you see the edges a bit loose because they were not capable of fitting perfectly What a beauty this car is already 👍
  2. well done, brilliant, thanks for posting! And congrats for your new job, what an achievment 🙂
  3. can't make it to Oulton Park 😞 but please send me some details about the 'Evo Triangle' as we'll do the Snowdonia, thanks 🙂 Many, many thanks for all your ideas. I guess 3 weeks is too short 😉 I've sold my Elite 3 weeks ago, a very sad day, but sometimes you have to let go 😞 That guy came along, looked at the cracked paint, I've tried to talk him out buying the car pointing out all the bits that are broken or don't work. He still wanted to buy. I thought ok the test drive will definitely will put him off. Au contraire, he came back after 30 minutes and was very excited... He even di
  4. plus, if you install an open air intake the engine might get hot air instead of cold air which does not help. I thought you had the orginial box installed, sorry...
  5. Interesting idea, I', sure this will get a lot of attention!
  6. again - your attention to details is just amazing 🙂
  7. funny thing is that on the 5th pix you can see the center console falling apart already 😆
  8. supercool 😍 why the trailer? donhasi - nice one! I see in your profile vx220 instead of the Elan - switched cars?
  9. Thanks @johnpwalsh, Glamis in July is a bit too early for me, and I have already plans for this September. Will PM you regarding 2019
  10. @johnpwalsh is this each year the first sunday in September? If so, I might join in 2019 🙂
  11. good choice installing a 'modern' fuse box 👍 and well done for the first start! 🙂
  12. please post photos 🙂 504 means auto box and A/C?
  13. 🤕 outch ok thanks for sharing I'll keep mine until I find a perfect one 😉 The red auto is just too much work - again...
  14. the LED lights are terrible... yes, I think 4-6k Euro would be the maximum Let's wait and see 😉
  15. @dunc maybe a rear-ended car, that's why the rear was poorly repainted and a S2 rear bumper...?
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