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  1. exactly what I thought 😉 On most Elite you see the edges a bit loose because they were not capable of fitting perfectly What a beauty this car is already 👍
  2. well done, brilliant, thanks for posting! And congrats for your new job, what an achievment 🙂
  3. can't make it to Oulton Park 😞 but please send me some details about the 'Evo Triangle' as we'll do the Snowdonia, thanks 🙂 Many, many thanks for all your ideas. I guess 3 weeks is too short 😉 I've sold my Elite 3 weeks ago, a very sad day, but sometimes you have to let go 😞 That guy came along, looked at the cracked paint, I've tried to talk him out buying the car pointing out all the bits that are broken or don't work. He still wanted to buy. I thought ok the test drive will definitely will put him off. Au contraire, he came back after 30 minutes and was very excited... He even did not try to negotiate the price. Maybe, I'll buy the car back in a couple of years, as he wanted a 1975 car (his year of birth) which was on his 'bucket list'. What an idea... Anyway, now Lotus-less, I'll be driving a 1969 (my year of birth 😉 ) Jaguar XJ and would still be more than happy to meet up with some of you! Our tour will start in Folkstone on Monday, 20. August and we will travel anti-clockwise along the coast, also visiting New Forest, Dartmoor, Haynes motor museum, Costwolds, Anglesey, Lotusbits, sjsportscars, Liverpool, Oxford, and maybe Brands Hatch (not in that order of course). @pompey ice Ian, thanks! @The Pits will be in New Forest on Wednesday 22. August, staying at THE PIG-in the wall Western Esplanade Southampton, would be great to see some Lotus around and chat with you and your friends! will arrive in the late afternoon and hang around the pub I guess 🥂
  4. plus, if you install an open air intake the engine might get hot air instead of cold air which does not help. I thought you had the orginial box installed, sorry...
  5. Interesting idea, I', sure this will get a lot of attention!
  6. again - your attention to details is just amazing 🙂
  7. funny thing is that on the 5th pix you can see the center console falling apart already 😆
  8. supercool 😍 why the trailer? donhasi - nice one! I see in your profile vx220 instead of the Elan - switched cars?
  9. Thanks @johnpwalsh, Glamis in July is a bit too early for me, and I have already plans for this September. Will PM you regarding 2019
  10. @johnpwalsh is this each year the first sunday in September? If so, I might join in 2019 🙂
  11. good choice installing a 'modern' fuse box 👍 and well done for the first start! 🙂
  12. please post photos 🙂 504 means auto box and A/C?
  13. 🤕 outch ok thanks for sharing I'll keep mine until I find a perfect one 😉 The red auto is just too much work - again...
  14. the LED lights are terrible... yes, I think 4-6k Euro would be the maximum Let's wait and see 😉
  15. @dunc maybe a rear-ended car, that's why the rear was poorly repainted and a S2 rear bumper...?
  16. ok after a test drive I can say the car is not too bad, exept: rear wiper is missing right headlight would not open chrom trims around the windows are painted mat black (not the rear hatch) front axle makes some funny noises electric side mirror adjustments do not work has been partly repainted in the rear: there's some red color on the exhaust and around the 'automatic' letters on the back, so the paint was most probably not done very good some interior parts come loose (above the head on the drivers side) car was sitting around for years, but has a recent service with cambelt on the plus side: engine and gearbox do not feel too bad paint over all seems to be ok front wiper works all gauges seem to work the car is 1979 (guess it's the 907 engine then, not an S2?) and has a recent swiss 'MOT' for 6 years. Disadvantage of this is, it's only allowed to be driven 3000KM/year. Otherwise, MOT will be due every 2 years without KM limitation. Has to pass pollution test every 12 month as it's after 1975... Owner wants 28000 CHF/24000 EUR/21000 GBP which is far too much. I'd rate the car rather 1/3 of that. What do you think?
  17. I'm particularly interested in: side mirrors left/right (eliectrical, how do the original ones look like?) where the chrome trims around the screen and side windows black? how were the headlights operated? Electrical I guess? What's the motor? Rear wiper: was it attached to the top of the screen, or have there been models where it was attached at the bottom end? any other significant differences? Thanks a lot 🙂
  18. Dear all I have found a for sale very nice 2.2 Elite with auto gearbox. Is the swap for a manual gear box plug-and-play or rather plug-and-pray? Which manual would fit - I guess the 1975 manual will not fit to the newer cars? Thanks for any advice 😎
  19. Looks superb - inspiration for me to improve my Elite 😎
  20. looks totally different in my '75 - mine is not stock, but diy, will post a photo as soon as I'm back home On that image, it looks much nicer!
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