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    Jukka Ollikainen
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    Lotus Esprit V8 1996, Range Rover Sport, Elise S2, Evora IPS
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    Minor. Steering wheel, sport cats, central exit exhaust
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  1. Jukka

    V8 1996 anyone here

    My Esprit is 046, and should be on registry.
  2. I had the honour to meet Roger. What a nice person and what a career. Rip Roger
  3. Jukka

    Evora snow photos

    Not so much snow over here.
  4. We were in same place. My Esprits spoiler is next to silver one.
  5. Happy Birthday, have a good day!
  6. Jukka


  7. Bibs JayEmm Elite Arregueti tim_marra gt111 Bjonols Dan E Numanoid TBD NW76 Choppa TomE John Walsh. The Lotus Position Kim Poulsen delands Andmac Jan Blom Jukka
  8. I found this same days ago. Not sure is the price in correct level. I have seen this car and it's in good condition. It was for sale two years ago, asked 34000€ from memory.
  9. Sorry for delay, I have been too lazy with this forum. Yes, my car was in Vanajanlinna. Very easy to take part this meeting. Only 5 kilometers from home. Never seen other V8 Esprit with finnish reg. plates. I have discussed with the new dealer. They sell parts also to older cars also. But no experience yet. They have also service, a company called huolto-rep.
  10. Some pics from finnish dealers showroom. Evoras rear was worse than I have excepted. Black car inside the bilding was not the best place to look it. Must see it again on sun. Evora starts from 167000€, with extras and IPS it will be 175000. :(
  11. Just now new Evora 400 will be too expensive for me. Because of stupid car tax system, it's priced over 160.000€. But I'll ask quote of course.
  12. Finally official Lotus Dealer to Finland. Bassadone / start the Lotus sales in Finland. The announcement is 29.10. Hope they can sell some cars. Service will be available too. I'am going to annoucement, want to see Evora 400. The last time Finland was the Lotus dealer in 1984. Then company called Korpivaara (Toyota dealer) sold 3 Esprits.
  13. Bassadone / aloittaa Lotuksen myynnin Suomessa. Asian virallinen julkistus on 29.10. Autoverkkokaupan tiloissa Konalassa. Demo-autoina sininen Elise, oranssi Exige ja musta Evora 400. Huolto on ilmeisesti myös Konalassa, Huolto-Rep niminen firma. näkyy jo tämä. Tarkoitus olisi olla paikalla. Jukka
  14. Thank's for info. I only want better user interface and navication.
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