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    Jukka Ollikainen
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    Lotus Esprit V8 1996, Range Rover Sport, Elise S2, Evora IPS
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  1. Got Evora wing today. So I'am wingman now. Old n/a is much faster now.😄
  2. Player switching to Evora completed. The reversing camera also works as it should. New is the Alpine iLX-702D which is much more modern than the old IVA-W520R.
  3. I upgraded my cars (2011 N/A) oem Alpine IVA-W520R to more modern Alpine ILX-702d. Installed camera adapter from RCA to Alpine direct connection. Everything went well otherwise, but the new ILX-702d does not get information about the reversing gear. The reversing camera image does not appear when I engage reverse gear. I have to press the players 'Menu' button and select the camera as input. After that the camera view appears. Must be that my connection is not correct. Has anyone encountered this same problem? And what could be the solution?
  4. Interested in this, but we are going there with Swedish on 11.-21 September. Only issue is that Swedish are in quarantine.
  5. My Esprit is like garage queen after I bought Evora. Last 5 years only 5000 km. Esprit came 2006, after that I have got about 55 000 km.
  6. Jukka

    Happy 2020!

    Happy New Year 2020 to All 🙂
  7. Something like that, probably. So #20 is not for me, unfortunately. #11 is in German reg. So if I want GTE, it should be earlier than #11. I'll ask from Lotus about CoC.
  8. Yes, I'am looking for LHD. We have RHD Elise (Wifes car), it's not best solution here. And Evora is much wider, so more complex to use. So, #20 is interesting. I have spent some hours to read this thread, mainly I tried to understand what GTE is. Of course I have seen all comments before. To get car registered here in Finland the CoC is mandatory and also EU-level type approval is needed. Is it so that GTE is officially Evora S? If so, then registration should be easy. I have bought N/A Evora from Italy, so I should know the prosedure. My current Evora, N/A IPS 2011, is like 'semi-daily' driver. I mean it is used all year round when needed. Not sure if I can do this with GTE. My countrys stubid car tax is something I have to take into consideration. This tax will be about 40%!! calculated from cars average value.
  9. I just found that #20 is for sale. Some calculations and discussions with better half is needed now.
  10. Jukka

    V8 1996 anyone here

    My Esprit is 046, and should be on registry.
  11. I had the honour to meet Roger. What a nice person and what a career. Rip Roger
  12. Not so much snow over here.
  13. We were in same place. My Esprits spoiler is next to silver one.
  14. Happy Birthday, have a good day!
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