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  1. No worries Doug. There are a few variants on some cars, touring/performance etc on the S2 cars so just bear that in mind. Could only see one lot of 350 sports though. Looking at the numbers though, it’s amazing how rare our cars are eh!
  2. This should help you, look on the new reg section:
  3. Sorry Bibs, always thought this was the classified ads bit! Just seen on the menu drop down, I’ll add it now but feel free to get @JB to contact me. Location Surrey btw.
  4. Have a pair of the awesome looking Hell Slo mirrors off the car and ready for their new owner. These have been on the car for very few miles and so are in perfect condition, I’m putting the car back to the original fittings so will shortly have a few other carbon goodies for sale too. Prefer collection if possible OR I’ll be at Lotus in the Peak at the end of this month OR can post at cost. Usually post on the other Lotus forum so if you want references etc, feel free to check on there (same username). £750 if collected
  5. Or paint name! As the title suggests, I’m looking for the name or paint code of the yellow callipers on our V6 cars. I’m highly tempted to get the engine cover painted in yellow and would prefer to match the callipers if possible. Thought it was Hethel yellow but can’t seem to find that paint code anywhere, the signal yellow is also quite nice but prefer not to have different yellows all over the shop!
  6. The sill is off. I just wasn’t sure how much force to pull the A pillar trim with for fear of breaking it. I’ve had one clip drop out, is there another one on the other side then?
  7. Anyone have any links on this part (left or right hand side) as to what’s holding it in place? Don’t want to force it off. changing the sill covers back to OEM Thanks in advance
  8. Absolutely stunning car Mitch! 😍😍😍 If I hadn’t just got one, I’d be seriously considering yours!
  9. This is driving me mad, have tried Googling for the past hour but then it may not search forums or past cars that have sold. Now I’m massively convinced I wasn’t dreaming it, I’m sure it was on an S3 engine I.e. the big square cover rather than the S2 cam covers, the photo was in a dealership forecourt and I’m sure it was painted and not a wrap. It looked much classier than this Vauxhall job, though not a bad effort if that’s been done at home tbf! If I can’t find it, I might just go down the route of painting it yellow to match my callipers.
  10. Did I dream this or was there an official Union Jack engine cover design? If so, is this still available or are there any other decent painted versions out there? Saw a guy’s 430 Cup today and that painted cover looked so nice.
  11. Buyer wanted four for an S2 so still available!
  12. V3 lights for sale - £300 + postage or happy for them to be collected. These are in perfect condition, easy install and currently sold out on Greg’s Racing Parts plus the benefit of no US postage or customs charges!
  13. So Tom E and the others that have put an order in, are you happy???
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