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  1. So Tom E and the others that have put an order in, are you happy???
  2. Thank you for organising Bibs, struggling to contain my excitement - good thing is the whole family are looking forward to seeing it too!
  3. I might try and get tickets, never been before but the Lotus spotlight is drawing me in! Excuse my ignorance but will the Emira be there everyday? Will it have a run up the hill everyday? Is the normal parking okay? Presume car enthusiasts will be more careful with regards door prangs etc Interested in a meet-up if I come along too 👍
  4. That’s a cracking photo tbh Tex!
  5. Thank you all.... seen the optimists one which people seem to have purchased retrospectively. Interesting to hear that a lot of cars came with one so I’ll ask about that as my enquiries progress. I meant Optimate! Optimist is what you need to be a Lotus owner.... Will it start, what will go wrong today, will other road users see me 🙈
  6. Couldn’t find many topics on these so which battery charger is everyone using? Do you just plug in and set to a recondition type charge like normal acid batteries or do you have to set a tolerance (I’ve heard that Li-ion batteries have a smaller charge range ). Do you get a battery charge supplied with the cars that have Li-ion batteries? Thanks in advance
  7. Looks every bit as good as expected Mart, congrats on the purchase! 👍 Have you had the AIM dashboard before? Thoughts on it? Bet it adds to the occasion given the car / price point. Safe travels.
  8. Even I’m excited and I’m not getting it! 🤣 Take lots of pics and be the first owner to put some up please! Whereabouts in the country are you Mart?
  9. Thanks for all the feedback so far, especially those suffering with various degrees of tinnitus etc Interesting observation from Cuprapw regarding the noise levels inside the cab, thank you. My own ears certainly do ‘ring a little’ after extended drives in the S2 so if it’s any easier than that, I can live with that.
  10. Wow, I cannot believe they are the same colour blues! Looks a lot darker in the links you sent on.
  11. Left the factory last week??! Surely it’s not that slow coming all from Norwich! 😆 —————— Those photos are lovely, thanks for sharing! Did you get any interior shots? Can you spec yellow callipers instead of red? I think the blue one is crying out for yellow callipers.
  12. Thanks for your replies guys and interesting that there’s a high number of ear problems but possibly selective due to the choice of subject heading. I too found the newer cars I.e. V6 onwards to be a lot more refined than the S2 cars and the noise is phenomenal but I do want a level of getting in the car and doing my commute without having to get earplugs - and obvious risk anymore damage to my ears too! Almost 99% will make the move into one soon, just need to find the right one for me. Okay, who am I kidding, it’s 100% but for now I’ll enjoy the hunt.
  13. I too have tinnitus in one of my ears, which is reason for my question. Doesn't stop me enjoying the cars but was trying to gauge the noise levels, something you don’t quite get / take in on a test drive until you live with the car.
  14. Exige S2 owner here getting more and more tempted to change for a V6. I use ear buds for my commute of approx an hour, so for those that do, what are the noise levels like on general motorway driving in the respective S/350/380/410 models? Do you use ear plugs? Do you find it a comfortable noise? Would also be interested in whether you feel the soft/hard top makes a difference or not? P.S. I know they aren’t the commuter’s choice of car but I do like to actually use my cars rather than simply save them for weekends when I often have other commitments like pesky kids and household chores etc.
  15. Weirdly, that’s what the missus said to me when I showed her! 😆 Is it wrong to like the multi-coloured one above or shall I hand in my man-card now?
  16. Are you just teasing me??! 😂 Looks lovely - let me know if selling, not in any rush but have seen one that I like.
  17. Hi Mike I’m hoping to get a private buy if anyone is looking to sell up, that way we can both avoid the trader’s mark-ups. I’ve just seen your thread, think you did similar to me! Serious buyer, so please PM me if you’re looking to sell.
  18. Just in case any of your guys are looking to sell / part-ex your Military Grey cars in the near future, please let me know as I’m on the look-out.... Preferably 350 Sport / possibly 380 dependent upon price. Thanks Jim
  19. Just in case anyone is thinking of part-ex’ing their car in soon.... Looking for an Exige 350 Sport, 2017 onwards. Might consider a 380 dependent upon price. Preferably in grey, but would be open to other colours. PM me with details. Thanks Jim Jim
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