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  1. I am having a problem with my 1997 V8 Esprit. It's that dreaded time again (safety and emission and of course the check engine light is on. I squeaked by last year, but not so lucky this time around. I had 3 codes: 501- vehicle speed sensor (i believe bogus from dead battery) 451- fuel tank pressure (found a vacuum line off of the vacuum canister) 411- secondary air injection (found vacuum relay was not being activated, no air injected into exhaust) Broken wire, had to rewire it from relay. Now working correctly. After some troubleshooting and repairs these are all cleared up. I reset everything and took it out for a drive. After about 30 minutes the MIL light came back on (Damn it!!!) Runs great BTW. Get home and look for codes and there are NONE???? It is the MIL1 light that is on, the MIL2 is off (according to the software). I can turn the MIL1 light off and shortly there after it comes back on. Car not running just in ACC mode. So what does this all mean? What is the difference between MIL1 and MIL2 lights? What can set the MIL1 light but not throw a code? I have a majority of the drive states set, but there are still a couple not set. Can this cause a MIL1 light? What a PITA!
  2. Peter, using your software for the first time. Kudos, nice job. Still trying to become familiar with it and had a question? I have emission tests where I live and I'm trying to figure out how to tell if all the checks/test are in a 'ready' state. I'm used to ODB scanners that just say ready. Here is a shot of the screen that I 'think' indicates what I am asking. All but the grayed out tests show 'complete'. Not sure what the grayed out ones are for. Anyway, thanks for the software, it's very useful.
  3. Thanks for the information. The remote is probably long gone. I seem to have found something that works now. When you lock the door, turn key clockwise 90 degree and leave lock in that position. Remove key and system is auto-armed. To un-arm the system put key into 90 degree lock and turn counter-clockwise back to 0. Wait for the arm light to go solid and then off. I could then open the door without the alarm sounding. Anything other than those steps ended with the alarm sounding with a scramble to turn it off (somehow!).
  4. I just purchased a 1997 Esprit and just learning my way around the car. I did not get an owners manual so I will need to find one of those. One of my issues currently is that the car alarm sounds and sometimes car gets immobilized when I unlock the door with the key. I don't know if I am supposed to have a remote for this car, I'm guessing I should but I don't. Is there a trick to using just the key? Is it possible to get a remote? Not sure what alarm the 1997 uses, but it sounds like a Cobra alarm. Is that right?
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