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  1. for road legal circulation ... yes clear ... obvious ... "for it to be road legal you have to implement all the correct lamps/indicators"
  2. But can they be found on the market for lacquered adhesive tapes ? ... to be similar to that of the front access panel of 380 or 430 (red maybe a little dark) Do you know any brand?
  3. @ GFWilliams & steveoexige : But have you probably missed the familiar " pops and bangs " about releasing the gas (so "good & bad" form me ) ?
  4. If I understand correctly you no longer have the central part, go with the direct pipe ("Catless") ... towards the (new) final muffler of the 410 ?
  5. First of all, thank you ... anyway my friend has more than 8'000 km and nothing has changed and ... it doesn't matter pops / bangs. It would be necessary with a modification "to provoke it", but how ?
  6. hi I would like to ask you a question for a friend (who has a 430): the exhaust of the 430 Cup is known and known that when the gas is released it does not make the sound of a pop ( " bang bang ... " ) as on the 380. Do you happen to know if there is a solution, a change to make him do this at 430 ? or is it impossible ? Thanks, cheers
  7. Hi GF if possible (but I don't want to create work for you ... ) it would be interesting to have a description from you, a detailed explanation of the pieces you have changed / replaced and the changes you have made with some videos (also on your YouTube channel, as you already made for other details and / or pieces) from under the car. Thanks, cheers
  8. what do you mean ? did you have any problem ? cheers / ciao
  9. will he always stop straight at 12 o clock position ? will it always be in the center ? or sometimes it will remain a few centimeters further to the right or left ?
  10. Here you have a description of the 350 V6 CUP
  11. great job ... congratulations to those who did it ... TOP Please have a two rocker switches photo of how you positioned them ? Thank You, cheers Nano
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