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  1. + 1 ( at the limit change the chargecooler of the 380 CUP )
  2. for your greater safety, for your best braking and for not having balance problems at the front and / or at the rear in case of strong braking (trackday) ... I, personally, would change all four of them at the beginning of the next season ... so you are "cool" and you can afford braking to the limit without thoughts ...
  3. yes I thought ... well ... thanks again ...
  4. While you Mark, with cat, I believe that this "problem" of the spy that comes on doesn't have it, it doesn't happen to you ... right ? Cheers & Thanks
  5. Steve, have you had problems with the engine light ( the yellow ) that detects you ( the probe ) that you don't have the cat ? if so, what did you do?
  6. Hi Steve ... first of all thank you so much for your 2 clips / videos. For me: ... “ F A N T A S T I C / F A B U L O U S “ this is a pleasure ... this is for a car like Lotus ... this is from Hyper Car ... (it is clear that for a trackday there can be problems ... I can understand) To understand what you mounted exactly - 2bular "Protection catless" ... manifold without cat and finally OEM 380 ?
  7. Thanks anyway Kristof ... but I really wanted to hear his 2bular without cat ...
  8. CUP is always CUP ... if you wont a "RACE - car" buy it ... if you wont a "NORMAL CITY or TRAVEL - car" buy it ... cheers
  9. OK ... but does anyone know anything more or knows it ?
  10. Perfect Steve ... Tks ... I really want to hear how "without" your cat ... it must be really special ... we are waiting for your CLIP
  11. Fantastic Job @Mattmahope ... interesting and appreciated reading, Tks
  12. Good morning I opened this subject because I remember that someone ( Exige V6 maybe a 380 ) tried and maybe mounted or commanded or wanted to command an HRT Exhaust ... I searched for information on the Internet and the link but I found nothing at all ... Does anyone know more ? He knows him ? Do you have experiences ? References ? Thanks & cheers
  13. Hi Steve, sorry ... it would be interesting to see and hear the sound of yours in a video ... so you can better understand the difference with that of Mark030358. Do you think you can do it?
  14. @Mark030358 ... its very very AMAZING
  15. Many thanks to you and Bibs ... I'm happy to find you and reread you in the "Exige area"
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