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  1. Thanks ... I don't think Evora's is the same as Exige ... I meant like this ...
  2. Please ... ... can any of you tell me the exact model or type or abbreviation or any identification number of the Alcantara ( gray type ?? ) that is used for the interior of the Exige V6 passenger compartment ? Thanks for the help, cheers
  3. 1) 2) I've seen these ... I don't know how to get and where to find a contact ... let me ask if any of you know them or have already seen them and can you tell me where they can be found and / or who sells them ? Thanks for your help, cheers
  4. @stephenwhyte If you keep the original exterior mirrors it would not be bad to replace the 2 external covers with carbon ones.
  5. @Kristof Thys Thank you very much for the reply / information.
  6. Hallo Dave, sorry ... I take this subject again (stopped for a while ...) to ask if, after a few years, there are any news regarding the commercial availability ( for sale ) of these black bolts (moving washers ...) for Exige V6 ? cheers
  7. If there isn't ... try opening a new EX490 subject ... 😉 if it's right for you ... eventually I found:
  8. I removed the grill ... what do you recommend as a blanking cover for the 2 front speakers ? Is there something already on the market that you know ?
  9. Who knows maybe they will also homologate ( 'Street approved' ) the MX2E for the road ...
  10. +1 The same thing for me too ... personally I didn't understand too ...
  11. Maybe @Seriouslylotus can you give us some more information ... maybe you can update ...🤔
  12. Hi Mark great job, I really like the binnacle like this and it's true you will certainly not have any shiny reflections on the glass. Excellent idea of moving the keys so that the binnacle remains "cleaner" and beautiful to look at. Congratulations, cheers
  13. ... so this is your ultimate fix and the best of all you've tried ? cheers
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