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  1. what do you mean ? did you have any problem ? cheers / ciao
  2. will he always stop straight at 12 o clock position ? will it always be in the center ? or sometimes it will remain a few centimeters further to the right or left ?
  3. Here you have a description of the 350 V6 CUP
  4. great job ... congratulations to those who did it ... TOP Please have a two rocker switches photo of how you positioned them ? Thank You, cheers Nano
  5. Welcome Reto, Hoi Reto ... Herzlich willkommen ... beautiful your 410 in CUP version ( it seems to me that there aren't many in CUP version ) ... congratulations. If you like, tell us about your experiences in the Lotus V6 CUP Suisse.
  6. BRAVO ... congratulations great job ... you are doing very well ... rear camera seems perfect ...
  7. it's a whole different sight, I personally like it ... much more ... good evening, cheers
  8. the 2 bolts in black ( or anthracite ) is not better ?
  9. nice job ... well done ... congratulations
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