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  1. Anyone can tell me if the seats of the 430 CUP are also so rocking ? that move ?
  2. The "girl" in red ... Fantastic ... Congrat ...
  3. personally I miss not to see in the 430 CUP the package ( external and internal ) fire extinguisher and battery pack / disconnection ... very few until now.
  4. Exige V6 Cup - Register

    Thank's Jonny ... interesting to know that we have more or less a quantity of cars built ... 80 pieces ... this will certainly give a real "value" to a car trought and built for racing but also for road use.
  5. + 10 for Black mats ... very great as you did
  6. Nice I really like ... more aggressive ...
  7. Big Wing V6 - Register

    @Imran: maybe they are the fins or lateral bulkheads that give that impression ...
  8. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    The impression is good ... do you also have a good view on the dashboard ? Does not the steering wheel cover you anything visual ?
  9. A journey into track days

    Nice to be able to read your impression of your day ... congratulations ...
  10. congrat ... beautiful ... beautiful car
  11. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    me too ... me too ... photos, photos
  12. what a pity ... it would have been interesting to hear and read your personal judgment ...
  13. Nicolas, did you even take a test drive? I see the 7000 rpm limiter already red ... (therefore 6800 rpm) ... or am I wrong?
  14. New Toy

    W O N D E R F U L
  15. New owner saying hello

    Hello Mark ... congratulations great machine ... congratulations on the purchase ... I'm sure you'll have fun a lot ...