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  1. Very very good ... i like ... Excuse me ... I, in the end, don't understand who these vents are made from ? is there a link ? where are they bought ?
  2. Higher up you wrote, if I understand correctly, that you would like to change the engine cover into glass and put the carbon or fiber cover ... to do ... less weight, less heat inside and even more aggressive and closer to version R
  3. F A N T A S T I C Exaust could it be a 2bular ? Rear spoiler whose is it? Eltech ? See that there is a subject " Register Lotus Exige V6 CUP " where you can enter your construction number what you find on the plaque inside.
  4. NANO

    Bye bye V6

    + + + others PICS ... ( intern, rear ... )
  5. At this point for which brand and type did you decide and have you commanded ?
  6. Do you also make changes to the exterior bodywork and technical parts ? (forget whell, brake, nitron / Ohlins, rear wing, carbonskirts, etc.)
  7. From the photograph I see NOTHING silver ... so I would say go red (like your line and the external mirror) or black satin ...
  8. I can tell you that it is definitely less heavy, the reproduction is well done, quality material and, last but not least, lower heat in the engine compartment ...
  9. Nice ... Where ? Très beau ... ou c'était ?
  10. NANO


    Hi Mark PM for you. Cheers Nano
  11. Because on my V6 CUP I put the rear motor cover of the Eltech carbon fiber and I wanted to find a solution to keep it open (I currently use a wooden pole ). The 2 gas struts can not be fitted and do not go well because the cover is very light and the pressure they make is likely to do damage.
  12. P e r f e c t ... just what I wanted, very kind of you ... someone thought of me and helped me ! THANKS AGAIN Cheers and have a good day Nano
  13. Goodmorning everyone I beg to ask if anyone can kindly help me ... I am looking for some pictures and / or better still the page / drawing / plan (the one of the service parts list) of the metal support (rod, iron bar) of how it is made, where it is placed, where it sticks ... supports (which holds firm) the rear back (engine cover) hood of the Exige 380 CUP when it is open as I would like to try this solution for my (V6 CUP) ... I thank all those who can help me in advance Cheers Nano
  14. I tell you what I heard of what it could be: 1) You should do a test with a tester and see what kind of error you are reporting ... it could be something that has to do with "brake light" (difficult to explain using the translator) ... It is possible that the brake pedal is too sensitive and that at some moments it is read by the sensor as if you are holding back your left foot at the same time as the gas with your right foot ... It needs to be adjusted better and diminish that sensitivity. 2) it could also be the potentiometer of gas ... Maybe to change ... However with a tester you will definitely have an answer ...
  15. you are a bomb ... fantastic job ... B R A V O !!!
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