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  1. Bonjour Bruno congratulation pour ton prochaine achat ... tu auras surement beaucoup de plaisir et en même temps elle sera une pièce rare ... Tu nous tiens au courent si elle arrive definitivement et on l'ajoutera ... Pour poster des photos il te faut appuyer ... en bas à gauche ou il y a l'agrafe " Drag files here to attach, or choose files ..." et puis tu cherche dans tes files les photos ... * * * Hello Bruno congratulation for your next purchase ... you will surely have a lot of fun and at the same time it will be a rare piece ... You keep us running if it finally arrives and we will add it ... To post photos you have to press ... in the bottom left there is the clip "Drag files here to attach, or choose files ..." and then you search in your files the photos ...
  2. Nice, well done, congratulations ... 👍 You have not thought about doing it / painting it in mat black (special paint for hot heat) ?
  3. NANO

    Newb dilemma

    @Mark: with this color, if you can, do a test with photoshop of the different colors (silver, black, matt black and possibly anthracite or other)
  4. NANO

    Newb dilemma

    what color is the car ?
  5. @GFWilliams you still have good work ahead of you to program and I'm sure they'll make your baby look even better, already beautiful ... - have you ever thought, at this point, of making a sequential gear that you can also use on the road ? - and make a motor cover ( CUP R fiberglass ) and rear wing from eltech with supports of the 380 CUP anodized in black ? - and make a new roof with a superior air intake ?
  6. so if I understood correctly, are you, however, without watercooled ?
  7. @mark248am + Dan.G + BAS ... perfect guys ... tranks ... ( little update ) A) LOTUS EXIGE 380 CUP with original exhaust = 1 B) LOTUS EXIGE 380 CUP with titanium exhaust = 3 C) LOTUS EXIGE 430 CUP with original exhaust = 0 D) LOTUS EXIGE 430 CUP with titanium exhaust = 1
  8. Hi Mark030358 ( + RoflOnMyWaffle ) yes OK thanks ... but forget for a moment the engine preparation and everything else and think only of the original / road version ... which of the 4 ?
  9. Hi guys, sometimes you find yourself and you start to make comparisons ... now ... as I said in the title I allow myself to ask you a very fast and dry question with the same answer of choice on these 4 types of cars with these premises: - forget the track days (as in some difficult tracks to pass) calculated only normal road use - gurgling, crackling (which for the lover of sound is the maximum) - we all know that 430 CUP no longer has the open / closed valve - we know that the 380 CUP mounts that of the Evora At this point, the choice is yours ... which one ? A) LOTUS EXIGE 380 CUP with original exhaust ? B) LOTUS EXIGE 380 CUP with titanium exhaust ? C) LOTUS EXIGE 430 CUP with original exhaust ? D) LOTUS EXIGE 380 CUP with titanium exhaust ? PS:
  10. @ mark248am: watching your video, by the way compliments ... well it is clear 50 PS there are ..., I told myself that I wanted, for some time, to ask a question about the difference of the 2 sounds of the exaust : I open a "fast" subject in the "Engine & Ancillaies ..." chapter
  11. Very very good ... i like ... Excuse me ... I, in the end, don't understand who these vents are made from ? is there a link ? where are they bought ?
  12. Higher up you wrote, if I understand correctly, that you would like to change the engine cover into glass and put the carbon or fiber cover ... to do ... less weight, less heat inside and even more aggressive and closer to version R
  13. F A N T A S T I C ❤️ Exaust could it be a 2bular ? Rear spoiler whose is it? Eltech ? See that there is a subject " Register Lotus Exige V6 CUP " where you can enter your construction number what you find on the plaque inside.
  14. NANO

    Bye bye V6

    + + + others PICS ... ( intern, rear ... ) 😍
  15. At this point for which brand and type did you decide and have you commanded ?
  16. Do you also make changes to the exterior bodywork and technical parts ? (forget whell, brake, nitron / Ohlins, rear wing, carbonskirts, etc.)
  17. From the photograph I see NOTHING silver ... so I would say go red (like your line and the external mirror) or black satin ...
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