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  1. Great morning thank you @ChrisJ. Good to meet a few members and look at some of the cars we see in the threads. Learnt a few things, thank you @top-plumber and @Hornsey Boy. And thanks to @neilread for confirming that I am throwing flames out the back when I put my foot down
  2. Thanks again Fabian. I have spoken with Andy Graham at the archive and he has confirmed that my build spec was Calypso Red with Lotus Gold interior. Unusual I know, but that's from the horses mouth and looks right against the less faded areas.
  3. Fabian, thank you for that. Can you please send me that colour code from Furniture clinic. What "chemicals" did you use to remove the finish? I was under the impression that there was no finish applied to the leathers until 1993, but having done the job you should know. I can't see a "finish remover" on FC or Gliptone websites. Would be great to get a Big Ears to Noddy guide from you on exactly what you used and how you did it as yours looks great. Thanks, Nigel
  4. Been doing some more hunting. Found a photo of a restored car with Lotus Gold interior: If I can get close to that I will be very happy. Gliptone will not try to match to the photo, they want a colour swatch to match and suggested I went to a DIY store and picked something from something like a Dulux card. Dulux don't have anything close enough but Farrow and Ball do, Sudbury Yellow: Has anyone out there got a Lotus Gold interior in good condition and can they confirm that I'm in the right ball park in terms of colour/shade?
  5. Thanks guys. Now talking to Gliptone. The next challenge is colour. Mine is badly faded and I want to get back to somewhere close to the original Lotus Gold. There appears to be nowhere that remains close to original, not even under the seats. Gliptone don't have a reference for it and Connolly are happy to sell me 5 hides for £2k but can't sent me a cutting to colour match. I have this photo which I found of a Gold interior on a red car. I think I might end up going to a DIY store and getting a Dulux colour that's close to the photo for Gliptone to match. Anyone got a better idea?
  6. Thanks @Hornsey Boy. Gliptone it is then. So in terms of process: 1. GT12 intensive cleaner. Lot's of scrubbing and make sure I get it really clean. 2. GT11 conditioner. several applications until the leather becomes soft again. 3. Scuffmaster leather dye, rubbed in thin coats and dried with hair dryer between coats. Do I need to use the GT23 Precoat as well? Anything else before I go and get my hands dirty?
  7. @CarBuff I can't see that we can get 409 over here. Not sure what the equivalent would be.
  8. Thank you @Hornsey Boy, so the Scuffmaster works without spraying?
  9. Thanks Bibs, looks fantastic. I was leaning towards the FC Reconditioning Balm as it's rub in rather than spray on. I don't have a spray gun or compressor so was hoping not to have to go down that road.
  10. Thanks very much for the recommendations guys. So we have recommendations for Leatherique, Gliptone and the Furniture Clinic. Would be nice to get to some sort on consensus if anyone else can chip in with their experiences.
  11. Starting to turn my mind to the interior as the exterior job list is starting to dry up a bit. Interior is "Lotus Gold" half leather. The carpet I was going to attack with Chemical Guys Lightening Fast cleaner & stain remover. The reviews I have read all say it's very good and I will probably finish with SWMBO's carpet cleaner. Hopefully that will take care of the carpet, door inserts and seat centres. The leather has faded and gone a little hard. I'm still scratching my head over this one. Is the leather coated? I have tried the absorbtion test and I think it's absorbant, water isn't instantly soaked up but if rubbed it works in. From what I've read our seats were coated after 1993 so my '84 car shouldn't be. If it's not coated can I use Furniture Clinics Leather Recolouring Balm which I'm quite confident in being able to do as it's just a rub in product. A good clean, use of their Leather Revive to soften, the Recolouring Balm and finishing with their Protector I hope should give a good reslult. Has anyone got any experience of DIY restoration of their interior? Am I on the right track or would you recommend anything else? Thanks for the help, NigelM
  12. You were right the first time @ramjet, you need to get out more often. I will give them a good clean and then resubmit. it will be very interesting to know who they look like and what they're saying then.
  13. Your's is far more boingy than mine is. I'm hoping the new springs will restore the boingyness required. Thanks @ChrisJ
  14. Needs a deep clean and leather treatment. I will get there eventually but there are plenty of other jobs on the list before that.
  15. Hadn't spotted that @ChrisJ. He's got that joy yet to come then.
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