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  1. Observations on the a/c hose replacement. Brake cleaner will soften the carpet adhesive enough that it will pull back instead of just tearing. The sill has 2 "windows" cut into it: one for the seat belt attachment and another for no reason that I could see. I had to cut 2 more windows in it to drill out pop rivets holding the straps after locating them with a borescope. I cut the old high-pressure hose in the headlight well and the vertical section where it exits the sill in the cockpit, and attached the new hose to the old one in the headlight well with a hose barb connector. It is possible to pull on the old hose and push the new hose over the inner fender into the cockpit, but must be done about 2" at a time with one person pushing and the other pulling. And hoping the connector doesn't pull loose... I discovered the leak on the high-side hose just under the right fuel tank. The low-side hoses don't leak. The old hoses are stiff and crispy and do not want to bend. Or pull. This was way up there on the "No Fun" scale. My poor old knees are all beat up from kneeling on a foam pad for the 8+ hours it took to do this job. Operational a/c is wonderful! Rich 83 Turbo Esprit #33
  2. The hose replacement project continues. After removing the seat and pulling back the carpet I can see where the hoses enter the sill from the engine compartment and can follow them all the way to termination. In a perfect world, you'd be able to connect the new hose to the old hose and pull it through. On planet Lotus the old hose has to come out in bite-size pieces because it's about as flexible as a hardened steel rod.
  3. Thanks for the advice. The leak is in the right hand sill (LHD car) which I discovered by using an electronic leak detector stuck down the seat belt slot. I'll remove the seat & pull back the carpet. Did you have to remove the sill itself or is there a way to change the hoses without removing it entirely? Thanks for your help!
  4. That's very good news--the slots in the sill. I was thinking they were just a casting & I'd have to drill holes to see. The seat comes out with 4 nuts, no sweat. Thanks, Atwell! Rich
  5. The car has functional 2-60 a/c: 2 windows down at 60mph... I'd rather find the actual leak. But if it's leaking in the right side door sill I might as well replace the hoses from the compressor all the way into the headlight well. If it's leaking at the condenser I might as well replace the hoses from the headlight well into the condenser & evaporator. I checked the evaporator hoses, by the way, and they're intact with no leaks at the fittings, at least as near as I can tell. I'm an HVAC contractor by trade (mostly retired now) and have lots of tools to check for refrigerant leaks and none of them have guided me towards a leak location--which leads me to believe it's either in the sill or the radiator duct assembly. Neither of which is an easy fix.
  6. 83 Turbo Esprit #33. I just finished replacing the gearbox input shaft circlip, thrust washer & pilot bearing which, by the way, made a big difference in the way the gearbox works and my peace of mind. But the a/c was feeling left out: "Hey! you're paying attention to the gearbox instead of me!" So it decided "I'll show you!" and started to dump its charge every day. I've searched for leaks everywhere I can access but have come to the sad conclusion that all the a/c hoses must be replaced. It looks like the hoses exit the engine compartment into the right side door sill, up over the inner right fender to the headlight well (where the receiver/dryer is located), then down into the condenser. So it looks like I have to remove the seat, carpet and door sill on the right side then drop the whole radiator duct/frame to gain access to the a/c hoses and fittings. Which also includes draining the cooling system and assorted other frivolities. Any advice? Rich #33 Investors Edition, 83 Turbo Esprit.
  7. 83 Turbo Esprit. The waste-gate diaphragm split so, as expected, it wasn't regulating the turbo pressure. I have a new diaphragm from JAE but can't figure out how to get the old out of the "cup",washer, diaphragm sandwich. Do the two aluminum parts just separate or are they threaded together? Thanks for your help! Rich
  8. I'll try Lotus Bits & SJ tomorrow. I hadn't considered 3D printing but that sounds like the best answer. Thanks for the idea!
  9. Some lowlife decided he needed one of the center wheel covers off my 83 Turbo Esprit more than I did. Photo attached. Does anyone know of a source for a replacement? Thanks in advance. Rich #33 Investors Edition Turbo Esprit
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