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  1. sounds like a plan @Foggy see if you can round up some of the Midlands lot
  2. Right here goes! A few have shown interest in meeting up despite Duxford not taking place this year. I have managed to confirm that Saturday 4th May we can meet at Soda (now known as Deli End Deli) for breakfast / coffee: Address as follows: Denny end Deli: Cambridge Innovation Park, Denny End Rd, Waterbeach CB25 9QE. After this we will go for a convoy run up towards the coast (maybe Hunstanton) and perhaps stay for lunch / ice creams weather dependent. If you want to get involved please put your name down: 1. Charlie - Lotus Evora / Esprit S4 TBC. Decisions Decisions
  3. Hi all does Saturday 4th May or Sunday 5th May work best for most??
  4. Hi, after running Michelin Alpin 4 tyres all winter in the Evora 400 I put the Pilot sports back on for summer and the car started playing up. Wondering if the sudden reduced traction had something to do with it, does the Evora learn grip levels?? It runs fine now just ran like a dog for a couple of drives shortly after changing. Anyone else had a similar experience?
  5. Shall we start putting down names? then see if we can come up with a date that works for all? 1. Charlie - Lotus Esprit or Evora 400 (TBC)
  6. i'll check with the owner of Soda and throw some dates out there!
  7. Name: Lotus Evora 400 Click to view: Lotus Evora 400
  8. @esprit22 this is what I did last year at the same location: Location is just outside of Cambridge place called Soda bar at a business park at Waterbeach. If we have enough interest we can go for a date and i'll get it arranged!
  9. Loved it last year, here's the promotional video I made for MLOC!!
  10. If anyone is interested in still doing something instead maybe we can get a bunch of people together for a bit of a drive and / or a park up. I have a good location in Waterbeach (not too far from Duxford) where we can get breakfast / lunch?
  11. Hi all, I've recently had my car re-painted (front end) and seriously considering having the new paint protected from future stone chips. If anyone else is thinking of having their Esprit done, please get in touch as we could collectively make a significant saving on the templates.
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